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Timeline: Harry Potter and the Half Blood, Chapter

Summary: Ginny provides Harry with a comfort he doesn't know his needs. Kinda sad. Reviews welcomed. eNJOY!


Sometimes she would wake up in his bed and not remember how she got there. She would be wet when she woke, knowing they were his tears. That was sometimes why she woke up in his bed.She would hear him crying in his sleep, she would creep out of her room into his, crawl into his bed and hold him against herself. Sometimes he would reach out for her, other times he would back her away his face twisted in pain and fear. She sometimes woke with bruises on her arms and chest. In the end she always soothed him, helped him out of his dreams back safely in her embrace.

He never questioned her presence, why she would br there, never said he didn't want her there with him like that, but never said "thank you," either.

She continued to lie with him on those horrible nights. She often fell asleep dreaming of his demons. She saw people with their hearts cut out walking the streets like silent zombies. The holes could be seen straight through; clear, bloodless and pulsing in their chests. People she'd never seen before but knew that they were once close to him, had loved him, had lied to him, had hurt him.

He doesn't know that he sometimes cries in his sleep. He never knew that he was tired all the time because he cried his body exhaustion.

One night he didn't go to sleep at all. He forced himself to stay up all night long, waiting for her. Tonight he was going to tell her what he neglected to tell her during the hours of light. When she hadn't come, he fell asleep and dreamt of her never being by his side again. She would become one of his heartless zombies who left him because he had shut her out.

When he woke, she was there in his arms crying softly. He held her to his chest and kissed her head before he fell asleep again. She doesn't know that she sometimes cries in her sleep.