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Joanne sighed as she looked at Roger. He sat stewing on the fire escape. He'd taken the news of Mark's abuse horribly. First raging, threating to kill Sam. Then guilt, saying he knew something wasn't right and should've protected Mark better. Joanne had tried to pacify Roger saying that they all were to blame but nothing worked. Collins sat in Mark's room now watching over the filmmaker. Joanne knew Collins was dealing with his own guilt. Collins had seen Mark 3 days ago at the Life Café.

Collins watches as Mark flinched in his sleep as he moved. He remembered back to 3 days ago:


Collins entered Life, he was hungry and tired. The days seemed to be growing longer lately. Maybe it was the fact they were so close to the end of the term. The students of New York University seemed to be growing lazier as the closer the end of term came.

Collins looked around his eyes falling on the back corner. A smile broke on his face. There sat Mark, he sat staring into the cup of coffee sitting in front of him as if it had the answers to the all the questions in the world. Mark's young face was drawn tight in concentration. Walking over to Mark Collins observed the filmmaker sigh.

"Tell me if the coffee does any tricks." Collins said breaking into Mark's solitude. Mark looked up; Collins was taken back by the desperation in Mark's eyes. The look was quickly hidden and Mark smiled.

"If it does I'm going to kick myself for leaving my camera at Sam's." Mark said leaning back as Collins sat. "What brings you to the Life Café this fine evening?" Mark asked. "Avoidance, those papers that need to be graded are mocking me." Collins grinned. "Mocking you?" Mark asked his eyebrow rose. "Fuck you." Collins said with a grin. "And what brings you?" Collins asked ordering a coffee and a sweet. Collins looked at Mark when he didn't answer. "Sam's in a mood." Mark muttered. "He's been drinking and I don't want to go home."

Collins looked at his friend in concern. "Does he usually drink this early?" Collins asked. Mark looked down muttering, "He thinks I'm sleeping with Roger." Collins laughed, "Roger?" Collins' laughter died as he looked at Mark. "You're serious! He thinks you and Roger have a thing? I mean, come on," Collins started. "He found out Roger's bi." Mark said. "Yeah so: I'm gay, what does it matter?" Collins asked. "He is convinced we had a thing before Roger and Mims." Mark said.

There was a commotion at the door. Collins and mark turned to see Sam. He was tall with shaggy brown hair and dark eyes. "I'm just here to get my boyfriend." Sam said loudly as he pushed the Marta D aside walking towards Mark. "So this is where you ran to. It's not enough you and Roger are fucking; now you're seeing HIM!" Same yelled.

Collins looked disgusted at Sam. He was obviously drunk and to accuse Mark of all people of cheating. "He's a good lay isn't he? Bet he doesn't even make you wear a rubber." Same snarled. "Makes me wear one every time though."

Mark's face was red with embarrassment; Mark stood trying to pull Sam to the door muttering, "Let's go home." "No, you listen here nigger." Same slurred. Collins could handle being called a lot of things but, at the derogatory term he stood up.

"What the fuck is your problem man?" Collins said. Collins was usually a peaceful person but when riled he was intimidating. "Keep your damn poisoned cock away from my boyfriend." Sam said grabbing Mark's arm. "We're leaving." Sam said. "Mark…" Collins started extremely worried about his friend. "I'll be fine Tom." Mark said following Sam.


Collins rubbed his face, ha had known Sam was drunk. Had he beaten Mark because of him? "I've been threw worse Collins, don't blame yourself." Mark whispered taking Collins' hand in his. "I'm sorry Mark, I should've known." Collins whispered kissing his friend's hand. "Hey, weren't you the one always telling people that if I don't want you to know something I will hide it. And who is better then me at hiding things?" Mark smiled.

Collins held Mark's hand close, smiling at he felt Mark's thumb absently stroke Collins'. Mark had never shied away from Collins' touching. Mark seemed to understand with out Collins saying a word. Since Angel died, Collins needed to be touched, hugged, held, it fulfilled a void in Collins' life on Mark understood and was more then happy to help ease. Collins could remember several nights that Mark and he would sit on the couch reading or talking with Collins head on Mark's lap, their fingers intertwined. "I'm so sorry Marky; I promise he'll never hurt you again." Collins kissed Mark's hand and bowed his head.

Roger stood on the fire escape when he heard the loft door open and Joanne's voice, "YOU GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!" Roger quickly retreated into the loft. There stood Joanne between Mark's bedroom and Sam. "Move dyke." Sam snapped reaching to grab Joanne. "Touch her and they won't find the body." Roger growled. "Well if it isn't the wanna be rock star. I'm here for Mark." Sam yelled. "Over my dead body." Roger said looking that Sam. "That can be arranged." Sam said stepping toward Roger. "Sam?" a quiet voice said from Mark's door. Mark stood leaning heavily on the door.

"Baby..." Sam said his demeanor completely changing. "Baby I'm sorry. I was crazed." Sam started. "You were high Sam. You're always high anymore." Mark said tiredly. "Mark." Roger started. Mark simply held up his hand for Roger to stop. "Baby you're right. I'll get help. I swear, I'll get clean but you have to help me baby. I can't do it on my own. I'm not strong enough." Sam said. "I don't know if I can Sam. I'm tired. I've already gotten one person threw withdraw. I don't know if I can do it again." Mark sighed. "HIM! You'll get him threw withdraw but when it comes to me you don't think you can help me. YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME!" Sam yelled anger in his eyes as he stepped towards Mark.

All it took was seeing Mark flinch and Roger knew he'd seen enough. "That's enough Sam." Roger said stepping between Mark and Sam. "Get the fuck out of my way closet case." Sam growled. "Get out of my loft. Mark needs rest and you need to crash before you come back here. You're high right now." Roger said. "Fuck off pretty boy. I'll be back. I don't like other people keeping my property from me." Sam snarled heading towards the door. "We don't have any of your property." Roger snapped back slamming the door behind Sam locking it.

"MARK!" Joanne cried out as he crumpled. Roger was grateful that Collins had been apparently standing behind Mark the entire time as Collins grabbed Mark to keep him from collapsing. "Let's get him to bed Thomas." Joanne said quietly.

The moon shown threw the large windows in the common room as Roger made his way across the room to Mark's door. On the couch Maureen, who had come over early that evening and Joanne sleep soundly on the couch. Thomas had opted to share Mimi's bed downstairs with her on the agreement that if he was needed that one of them would come get him.

Roger slipped into the room. "Roger?" Mark said quietly. "Yeah, it's me." Roger answered. There was a silent question between the two Boho Boys. Mark simply lifted the sheets and comforter up so Roger could get in.

Roger and Mark lay on Mark's bed staring into each other's eyes. Here they could be honest. Here they knew anything that was said was between them and them alone. Here, their heads covered by the sheets and comforter they knew it was just Mark and Roger. There was no A.I.D.S.; there was no rent to be paid, no anger, just love and caring. Here they were themselves.

Roger looked at Mark's soft Chocolates and spoke, "He's hurting you." "I know, but I love him Roger. He's hurting me out of fear I'll leave. You used to do it all the time." Mark admitted. "I never meant to." Roger whispered. "I know. And neither does Sam." Mark answered and leaned over kissing Roger's forehead knowing Rog needed reassurance that the sins of the past were put exactly where they belonged: in the past.

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