"Chapter 1: The Next Generation"

It was nearing mid-day and a wizard by the name of Harry Potter was sitting in the waiting room of St. Mungos Hospital. He was a wizard of twenty and had untidy jet black hair brilliantly matched with a set of bright green eyes.

He was sitting impatiently next to his in-laws, The Weasleys, when a healer, also known as a wizard or witch doctor came out to talk to him. "Is there a Mr. Potter here!" he yelled while looking around the waiting room.

Harry looked nervously to the Weasleys then brought his attention back to the healer, "Yeah, I'm right here."

The healer walked over to Harry, "Ah, Mr. Potter, You will be happy to know that it is a perfectly healthy baby boy and there were no complications. You may go in now."

Harry turned to the Weasleys and put two thumbs up, they all suddenly looked relieved, and then walked nervously into the room to see his wife Ginny holding their newborn son in her arms, and she had a warm smile about her.

Ginny looked over to Harry and her smile grew, "Isn't he precious? I was surprised when I first saw him, he looks just like you." Ginny kissed the tiny newborn as she handed him over to Harry.

Harry looked at his son and agreed with Ginny. He definitely took after Harry, the Potters famous untidy black jet black hair and the Evans famous green eyes.

"I can't think of a name, Can you?" asked Ginny as she yawned.

Harry could only think of two names, James and Sirius. James was Harry's father. He was killed while protecting him and his mother from the Dark Lord Voldemort. Sirius was his godfather and James's best friend. He was killed by his cousin Bellatrix who was a supporter of Voldemort. Harry didn't know why he wanted to name his son after such unpleasant memories, but part of it made him think that he wanted to avenge his father and godfather by doing so.

"How about James Sirius Potter? You know, after my dad and Sirius."

Ginny smiled warmly, "Ok, James Sirius Potter it is," said Ginny fondly as she held little James, he was fast asleep.

After a couple of hours it was time for Ginny's family to meet the new addition to the family. The first to meet baby James was Mrs. Molly Weasley. Mrs. Weasley ran in screaming, "Let me see him, let me see my grandson!" Mrs. Weasley stopped dead in her tracks, "Merlin's Beard, He looks just like Harry. By the way what's his name?"

Harry and Ginny smiled, "James Sirius Potter. We named him after my dad and Sirius."

Mrs. Weasley plucked James up from Ginny and made her way towards the door when she was intercepted by her twin sons Fred and George. They were dressed as oddly as ever, maroon suits with a blinking strobe light tie that clashed with their red hair.

"Oy Fred, We have a nephew!" said George excitedly.

"Right you are George, when he gets older he can help us run the joke shop!"

Just then Mrs. Weasleys smiled faded and her eyes flashed, "Oh no you don't, he doesn't need role models like you. He's going to have a proper education and will finish school unlike you two buffoons!"

"Fred and George stepped back a step and placed their hands over their hearts. "Rub it in why don't you woman. To think you'd treat your sons like this, whatever happened to motherly love?" said a hurt Fred.

"Here's a little gift for the little tyke." George gave baby James a rattle that sang a lullaby and turned into a teddy bear when shook.

Mrs. Weasley started back to Ginny when Hermione Weasley came bursting through the door with her husband Ron close behind her. "Oh Ron, isn't he precious!"

Ron looked at James then back to Hermione, "I guess, if you like poop making midgets." Ron' face had a shocked look when he realized what he just said.

Hermione's eyes flashed, "You insensitive little prat! You have the emotional rate of teaspoon!" with that said she stalked off to Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, and baby James.

Ron' face drained of color and he made his way towards Harry, "Is she always going to be like that?"

"Nah, Just for the nine months. Ginny was the same way, just don't tick her off or she'll throw you out the house. It's not fun sleeping on the front porch," replied Harry as he remembered when Ginny threw him out the house for interrupting her girls only baby shower.

"I don't think I can take it any more. Just last week she blew up just because I came home and didn't blimey ask her how her bloody day was!" He started turning red from lack of air.

"Your on your own mate, I don't plan on going through it again just because you need help coping with your wife's pregnancy," said Harry in a joking sort of way.

"You're very helpful, you know that right," replied Ron sarcastically.