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Yuna and Tidus had found each other and got a home in Besaid. Tidus took Wakka's place over the Aurochs, Yuna told Tidus about the Gullwings and he joined the team.

Tidus and Yuna made their way up to the bridge after being called by Brother for an emergency.

"I wonder what it is?" Yuna asked Tidus worried, but calming down when she saw his smile.

Tidus turned his head to her. "Who know's. But we all know Brother, it's posibly just a sphere." Tidus said holding her hand to reasure her. She looked into his endless blue eye's that she always got lost in. Soon caught in a kiss.

"Where are they? I wanna find out whats going on!" Rikku complained bouncing on her toes. "I'm gonna go look for 'em." She said hopping off to where the lift was.

"I am coming with you!" Brother shouted running after her. In the hallway the lift had opened it's doors for every one to see Yuna and Tidus making out.

"Awwwwwwwww!" Rikku squeeled at the couple. Tidus and Yuna opened their eye's and turned a bright shade of red.

"Hey blondie! Get your filthy hands off Yuna!" Brother screemed trying to break up the couple.

Just then Buddy's voice came on the loud comsphere. "If you guy's can stop fighting can we do our job?"

Now every one was in the bridge they heard the shocking news of what was happening. "Yuna. Do you remember the thousands of kids that went missing 14 years ago?" Buddy asked.

"Of corse I do my sister Ycra was one of them." She annonced sadly.

"Oh Yunie I didn't know you had a sister." Rikku said shocked that she had another cousin. "Carry on."

Buddy's face returned to the screen. "Well I got a message from Bevelle a short while ago. All those kids are back." He continued. Looking at every one who was behind him.

"What?" Yuna practicly shouted.

"Not only that, but they look the same as when they left. But they act different from kids. They wont talk or anything. Even worse Bevelle's holding them prisoner." He carried on hearing gasps behind him.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they won't do anything." Came Paine's voice. "Tidus said it was hard when he was thrown in Spira. Imagine, these are children." Paine said.

"We better get there before Bevelle starts a beating." Yuna also said.

In Bevelle all the Gullwings were walking down the highroad.

"Tidus. Do you think Ycra can come live with us? That's if she's here." Yuna asked him leaning her head on his shoulder.

Tidus was quite taken at her question. Of course he would say yes but why was she asking him? "Yuna. Sure she can, but why ask me? She's your sister." Tidus questioned her wraping an arm round her waist.

Yuna lifted her head to look at him. "I know. But I don't know if you want kids." Yuna shyly said putting her head back down to hide her blush. But then a sad thought came to her, what uf he didn't want kids? What if she was never a parent? The thought was causing her to think more than she ever had before.

That question startled him even more. "I love kids and you. I know your dreams to have a family, and I have my dreams to have a family too. And she won't be our's, she's just your little sis'."

Yuna smiled at him. Even when she was thinking he knew what it was.

"Ok! We're here guy's!" Rikku sang running inside the large building.

"Rikku! Wait! I want to talk to Barali first." Yuna said going after her. "He might know some thing."

Then a guard came running up to them hearing their conversation he said that Barali was inside.

"Thank you for telling us." Yuna said with a small bow of her head. "You heard him! Let's go inside!" She called to the others who had stopped.

Now inside the jail, the team decided to seek out the prayter. "I'm going to go find Ycra." Yuna annonced longing to see her sister again.

"Ok. We'll go find Barali." Tidus said running over to a stranger hoping to find out where he was.

Yuna walked into a really bad smelling room. She was surprised at the state these children were in. They were filthy, clothed in rags or some thing that a solider would wear, they were damp and blood stained and wounded. She wanted to cry at the site.

"Excuse me sir. But have you a small girl named Ycra?" Yuna asked a guard who was standing at the door.

"Lady Yuna! No I'm afraid we don't know any of these childrens names. But each one of them has a barcode on the back of their neack." The guard replied wondering why the person who topled Sin would be in a place like this.

"Well if you hear anything please tell me." Yuna said walking away.

She was walking down a isle between the sells, each one holding a child. One caught her eye though, a small girl who held the image of her sister. She had short brown hair tied up in bunches, pale skin, blue eye's and a scar up her arm. She was dressed in army clothes, a white top with a short black over coat, black trousers and boots. But she was almost soaked in blood.

Walking over to the cell that child was in she carefully knelt down trying not to scare the child who was sitting down.

"Hello." Yuna said watching as the child lifted her head. "My name's Yuna, what's your's?" She asked her.

"Yuna?" The girl questioned tilting her head as if examaning her. "You changed. You said you'd never change."

Yuna's face perked up at that remembering that the day before her sister went missing among the others she had that she would stay the same. "Is your name Ycra?" She asked hope in her voice.

"Yes." The child now known as Yuna's sister answerd.

Yuna stood up and went over to the guard to tell him to let Ycra out. The door opened and Ycra ran to the other cadge were the other children were.

"Ycra? What are you doing?" Yuna asked going over to where Ycra was.

Ycra looked up at Yuna with begging eye's. " I can't leave them behind. Their my friends, my family."

What she said surprised Yuna. "They'll be fine. We gotta go now."

"Where are we going?" Ycra asked.

"Well, your'e going to live with me now, I'm going to look after you and so is my boyfriend." Yuna said walking out of the room and looking for the other's.

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