When Rikku, Paine, and the other gullwings got back they were shocked at all the children they had aboard the airship. Yuna ran up to them. "I need you guys help! Can you please try to bring their fever down somehow?" She asked them running over to another child who was screaming.

Rikku droped her shopping bags and ran to help, so did Paine and the others. After their long hours of hard work they started getting better. "How's... Ycra?" Paine panted.

"She's also getting better." Yuna told her trying to comfort a very grippy kid who wouldn't let go of her. "Can you please go and see how the others are doing?"

Paine nodded and ran off. That night everyone on the airship was tired. "I wonder what our parents will say about this?" Yuna questiond herself.

"I think that my old man will make some sort of joke about it, Auron will try and ignore it, I never met Braska but from the spheres I think he'll ask what had happened." Tidus said holding her close to him. "Hey. Tomorrow after they come back maybe we can start looking for homes to leave the kids at."

Yuna nodded in aproval. "Yes lets!"

The next day the group decided to go to Luca first. They went off and told Shelinda to broadcast around the world that there were orphan childen looking for loving homes. Being Shelinda she accepted.

"Yuna!" Buddy called her over. "I've got at least 100 family's wanting to meet these kids."

One by one they went, and only in one day all apart from Ycra they had all been adopted! "Next stop Bikanal desert!" Rikku shouted.

"Why go to the desert?" Brother stupidly asked her.

Rikku hit him over the head. "Well duh! That's where Braska, Jecht, and the grumps going to be!" Brother set off full speed ahead.

When they got to the desert the group searched the area that the lost humans would be. "Father!" Yuna shouted running into her fathers arms.

Braska smiled and held her close. "Ycra's not on the farplane." He told her

"I know. She's on our airship." She said excitedly. "She can't wait to see you."

Braska looked down in confusion. "How did she know we were coming back?"

"I'll explain on the airship."

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