Green Fear

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Ships: Cam/Tori and Blake/Tori

Rating: K+

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Green Fear

Ninja Ops

Dearest Tori,

Your smile makes me laugh; your voice makes me sing. I only wish I could tell you so here it is. Ever since you started your training, I was in love with you. Your eyes glow like the sun, your hair shines like the moon. You are smart, gorgeous and one hell of a fighter. I know you like Blake, but he's evil. I'm here for you always. Please, don't let…

Cameron Wantanabe sighed and took off his glasses. He just couldn't get his feeling out on the damn piece of paper. He looked at the trash bin full of crappy letters. It did him no good. He was a failure when it came to love.

'If only she likes me the way I do to her,' he thought.

"Why me? Why her?" Cam asked to nobody in particular. Inside, he was full of fear and sorrow. She could never be his, and he'd never be hers. She had Blake and he had to help the rangers.

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