Green Fear

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Ships: Cam/Tori and Blake/Tori

Rating: K+

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Green Fear

Ninja Ops

The next day was a long one if Cam had anything to say about it. It seemed to drag on forever. Everything just got worse as the day went on. He planned on doing something about his feelings. But his whole world was about to be turned upside down. If only the poor guy knew what was going to happen.

"Yo! Cam? Um, you know that CD that I uh, put in the computer?" Dustin asked.

"You what? I can't believe this! I have said not to play video games with the computers!" Cam yelled sounding exasperated.

"Well -uh, could I have it back, dude?" Dustin asked innocently.

"Ugh!" Cam sighed as he threw his hands up in the air.

He walked over to his computer and started working on the zords' configuration. He sighed in frustration and said, "Hey guys has anyone seen Tori?"

"Yeah she's outside the water fall but-"Shane said hurriedly.

"Thanks!" Came said running out of Ninja Ops.

"Dude, should we like tell him that-" Dustin started.

"No, man. Let him figure it out. He needs to see it for himself.

As Cam saw Tori, he waved his hand and was about to go over to her. But he saw something that stopped him. Never did he think his chance would come, and now he knew he was right. Tori was kissing Blake by the waterfall. His heart broke so fast and he became really dizzy. The last thing on his mind was a girl's name. 'Toriā€¦' He knew their chance would never come. Blake and Tori looked too happy with each other for Cam ever to have her.
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