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"It's a bad idea."

"But we haven't even asked yet," an Observant objected.

"You want me to throw him into another dimension, where he will not be able to return. No. I deal with time, not dimensions, and removing the boy from this timeline would be unwise at this juncture."

"We see only advantages."

"Yes. You see." Clockwork sighed. "Well, I believe in allowing people to see the error of their ways."

"So you will do it?"

"Yes." He knew they wouldn't listen.

"We knew you would see reason." The eyeball managed to look smug.

Clockwork didn't need to look over at the thermos. He knew the containment was close to breaking. He didn't dignify the Observant's comment with a response, either, as he took out a certain artifact he had won from a ghost that had tried to overthrow Clockwork with its own powers ages ago. Or ages hence. It was all the same.

It was just a matter of hiding this artifact somewhere Vlad Masters would hear of it. The boy would do the rest.


"You're not getting your filthy hands on this, Plasmius!" Danny dived for the amulet (which bore a strong resemblance to one of Clockwork's medallions) just as Vald did.

It looked like Vlad would get there first, but a shot from Tucker nailed him, leaving Danny free to grab it.

And then he felt himself dragged through a portal and was elsewhere.

"Whoa." He floated well above the ground. "Where am I?" It looked sort of like the ghost zone, only where were all the doors? And there was ground, period.

And there were… things headed towards him like they'd just spotted a meal. "Get away!" He made quick work of them, then looked at his hands. "Well, that was easy." Had he suddenly gotten stronger? Ghosts shouldn't have gone down that easily.

"What are you, young spirit?"

"What?" Danny, startled, looked around but didn't see anything except odd scenery and floating lights. The voice had been… "Get out of my head! Who are you, anyway?"

"I am the Wheel of Life, to which all souls return."

"Well, I'm not dead!" Well, that was at least halfway true. "…and I shouldn't be talking back to voices in my head." Not that he thought he was crazy… though that might be a bad sign. Still, he needed information. "Where am I?"

"This is the Spectral Realm."

So, kind of like the ghost zone. "Is there a way back to the human realm?"

"Hmm." The voice considered. "I shall create a portal. Anytime you wish to return here, simply will it. But, I may have a task for you in exchange. There is a great evil that walks this land, destroying it. You will see the decay when you emerge into the physical realm."

Danny headed towards what was obviously the portal.

The voice hadn't been kidding. Everything was so… Sam would be aghast over all the wilting plants, he didn't hear any birds or small animals, nothing.

"I don't think you're in Amity Park anymore, Phantom," he muttered.

He took to the sky, looking for some landmark. There was a huge building with what looked like ruined obelisks coming from it. Parts of the obelisks were floating in the sky.

The broken pieces were giving him a bad feeling. Really bad. Pariah Dark bad.

Looked like the voice hadn't been kidding.