I own nothing. Short, sweet.


Again, a deep breath as her skin is sliced
Not to be missed, she didn't have 'so much life ahead of her'
A favor really, helping her escape her jaded reality
And that's his justice to it
For what other true reason would he have?

He tries to tell of an evil within those whores
But are they any different?
Not even a little – it is still life he is stealing

But he is not fazed
He cannot be now – he must be correct
How could anyone ever want to do such horrors to a persons body?
Her throat parted and her uterus removed, his job is done
Leaving her to death and to be later discovered
For he must leave and not be seen
He wants to strike fear, and that means anonymity

Ah, when he were young
And it was all much simpler
How did lines become so distorted?
Who would wish for such a situation?

He would love his role
And would forever treasure his power

But he knew
Knew it wouldn't last forever
Which is the reason for his agenda
His careful planning of every

So now he runs
He runs away from his own muse
No longer wants to know his doings
But it doesn't last long
He still envies himself – however possible that be

He will not stop
Until the end, he will continue on and on
The journey must be complete
The story must have an end
He must give birth to his twentieth century

From Hell, I am from – From Hell