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Chapter One

Bathroom Nightly Stroll

"Excuse me," a very tired Jonathan Tate said as he leaned on the doorframe, "But what are you doing here?"

"Having a really bad case of gastroenteritis." Ginny hurled into the toilet bowl. "I didn't know my stomach has it own life."

"I didn't know you ate corn." Jonathan remarked and crouched down in front of Ginny. "Seriously Gin, why are throwing up in my bathroom?"

"I didn't want Harry to wake up from the throwing up noises and then seeing me actually throwing up." She whipped her mouth with the back of the manly half buttoned shirt's sleeve. "It's inappropriate."

"Oh, but in my bathroom next to the room where not only me but your own brother are sleeping it's much more appropriate?"

"That's different." She scolded him. "You and George are family."

"And Harry's what? The milkman?" he laughed loudly. "No I know! The postman!"

"Harry's is family too," her face turned bright pink. "Just a different kind of family."

"The kind you won't throw up in front of?"


"I can't believe it!" he cried in sheer glee. "You're being shy from your fiancé from the past year and a half?"

"I'm not being shy! I'm being a lady!" he face turned redder and redder by the minute.

"You haven't been a lady from the day you were born, Ginny, and I know, I lived with you at the same house." George walked in and smirked slyly at the magenta colored Ginny and at the snickering Jonathan. "Really now, a lady? Since when have you started listened to Mum and Hermione?"

"He's got a point there, Gin." Jonathan said wisely.

"Of course I have a point."

"That's because you're so smart, babe."

"Don't forget drop dead gorgeous, love."

"I won't if you'll remember my own dazzling look."

"And your killer smile." George said to Jonathan and they stared lovingly at each other.

"Oy! Mrs. and Mrs. Weasley-Tate!" Ginny's shout snapped them from the gazing trance. "There are things I don't need to witness."

"Same is here with you, girlfriend!" Jonathan snapped his fingers. "What?" the two redheads shook there heads and rolled their eyes.

"You know," Ginny said in a sudden anger. "You'd think your boyfriend will notice you absent but it's been more then forty five minutes since I ran out of bed and yet, stupid Harry Potter didn't notice!" Ginny stared at the two with a really dangerous expression.

"She's your sister you deal with her." Jonathan urged George and pointed at the glaring Ginny.

"Yes, but you're her best friend that another level." He answered back and shook his head.

"I insist, family before friends."

"No, no, no my dear. I insist friendship is for life."

"You are right, however blood is thicker then water."

"I'm adopted."

"You have a twin brother."

"We're both adopted."

"You look like the rest of your brothers."

"Ginny's adopted."

"She's a spitting image of your mother."

"We have different fathers."

"Would you shut the hell up?" She yelled from the toilet bowl. "Both of you!"

"Apparently, George, while having our small argument your dear sister and my beloved best friend and roommate stuck her head in the toilet bowl once again." He stood up from the floor and went to the medicine cabinet. "Have you seen my sickness-free potion, honey?"

"NO!" both George and Ginny answered.

"There it is the little bugger!" he took out a small vial of clear green liquid and smiled at it. "A spoonful will do the job." He conjured a teaspoon corked the vile open and poured some to the teaspoon.

"Godric that's disgusting!" Ginny stated after gulping the spoonful. "That just makes me want to hurl again."

"What did you expect? Pumpkin juice?" Jonathon said as he returned the vial to the cabinet. "No thank you, Jonnie. No nothing!" he muttered as he washed his hands and face.

"Thank you, Jonnie!" she said in sing song voice and smiled sweetly. "The nausea is all gone, thanks to your magical healing potion!"

"Yeah, yeah." He patted her head and helped her up from the floor. "Just remember where it is next time you decide to take a 4 o'clock in the morning stroll to my bathroom."

"I solemnly swear that I will not forget where it is." She placed her right hand on where her heart should be. "Is that good enough for you, or maybe you want me to right down with my own blood and promise you my first born baby if I ever break my promise?"

"What did you say about a baby?" a deep voice said from the door and all three heads turned around.

"HARRY!" the three of them cried together.

"What are you doing in here?" he asked suspiciously.

"Nothing." Ginny said and smiled lovingly over at Harry.

"Nothing." Jonathan said and smiled lovingly over at Harry.

"Nothing." George said and smiled lovingly over at Harry.

Harry paced between the three who were now standing in a straight line and looked at each every one of them with narrowed eyes.

"Ginny was sick and threw up!" Jonathan yelled as Harry moved away from him. "I gave a potion to ease up her stomach."

"Knew I could break you, Tate." Harry said pleased with himself.

"Bloody Hell, Jonathan!" Ginny cried with rage. "How weak are you?"

"I can't help it, Ginny." He said and whipped the sweat from his forehead. "He's stronger then me

"I never thought I'll ever be ashamed to be you friend, Jonathan Tate." She said dramatically and turned her head the other direction.

"Give the guy a break. Gin, you now how he was pressured by Harry." George tried to reason her and put a comforting arm around Jonathan's shoulder.

"You're sick, Ginny?" Harry suddenly said and walked over to Ginny. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Harry, I just ate something bad." She said softly and looked down.

"I woke up and you weren't in bed so I worried for you." He pulled her into a bug bear hug and Ginny laid her head against his chest.

"She didn't wanted you to see her throw up, unladylike she said." Jonathan interrupted the moment between Harry and Ginny.

"Don't you know how to keep you mouth shut, Jonathan?" Ginny howled at him.

"Sorry." He piped and retuned to George.

"Unladylike?" Harry chuckled down at Ginny. "Since when have you taken to listen to Hermione?" he chuckled even louder. "And you don't have to be shy from me. I do see you naked every day."

"Watch what you're saying to my baby sister, Potter!" George called from the other side of the bathroom.

"Anyways, next time you feel sick, please share it with Me." he looked down at Ginny. "Don't be shy from me because I love you, okay?"

"Okay." Ginny said feebly as she buried her face again in his chest. "Can we go back to bed now? I need to wake up in almost two and a half hours from now."

"Yeah and I need to brush my teeth from all the sweetness in here." Jonathan said and walked towards his bedroom. "Harry here's an idea for a costume you could wear on Halloween, Barney."

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