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Chapter Nine

Man Candy

"Well isn't it just… lovely!" Said the saleswoman rubbing her hands and smiling widely. "Doesn't she look breathtaking?"

"I'll tell you what's breathtaking," Drawled Jonathan, "that corset, she can't breathe!" he flicked his wand and the corset flew off Ginny's body.

"Thanks!" she gasped and inhaled slowly.

"You didn't like it?" asked the aging woman.

"Seeing that she turned purple and she was able to cope a feel of her breasts with her chin I'd say she didn't like it." Jonathan said as he gave Ginny a cool bottle of pumpkin juice. "And get the bloody away from her!" He called as a nosey photographer clicked his way around Ginny.

"Please do as He says, Benny or I'll fire you…" Ginny commented in a throaty voice as she set down on the stool.

"I'm sorry Ms. Weasley I'm rea-"

"Save it Lenny." Jonathan snapped at him.

"It's Benny."

"Whatever," interrupted Ginny, "Benny could you please pick up your stuff and go, I really think you've got what we're looking for in the article."

"But Luna wants me to-"

"Does Luna make put 70 galleons in your vault every month or I do?"

"But I'm paid 50 galleons per month." He said dumbly.

"And it'll be 70 if you get the hell OUT!" Ginny said warningly.

"When you put it that way…" he picked up everything as fast as possible and ran off the studio.

"Really? 70 galleons a month?" Asked Jonathan as they made their way back to the apartment. "Is he really that good?"

"No but how else would he leave?"

"Is he single?"

"Are you?" Ginny turned angrily. "Jonathan Tate, are you planning on dumping my brother?"

"Of course not!" he said. "Don't be silly."

"Than why are you showing interest?"

"Three words: ménage à trios." He said slyly and wiggled his eyebrows.

"How about ménage à don't-ever-repeat-that-phrase-again-in-front-of-me-or-I'll –castrate-you?"

"Are you offended that I didn't ask you?" Jonathan said and opened the door to their shared flat.

"Johnny that's gross!" Ginny pushed him aside. "That's my brother you're talking about you twisted little homo!"

"Oi! It doesn't count as incest if one of the participants is gay!" he pulled Ginny close to him. "And besides don't you want one last wild night before you tie the knot with the chosen one?"

"Of course I do!" Ginny said. "But I don't want to tell everyone that I a three-way with my brother and his boyfriend who happens to be my best friend!"

"I think you're right." Jonathan said and walked after Ginny to her bedroom.

"I know I'm right!" Ginny answered and began to change clothes.

"And besides," he began to say. "I've already seen you naked."

"We did shag a few times before you realized you're gay." Ginny turned her back so that Jonathan would zip up her dress.

"We didn't break up because of that!" Jonathan protested to Ginny's bare back. "I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment!"

"You took me out for dinner and said: 'I worship you and you're fab body but if you don't have penis and that's going to make things a bit hard for us.' I think that was you're way to tell me you're gay."

"Oh tosh!" Jonathan cried and fell onto Ginny's bed. "Well you did dump me on the spot."

"Not to mention that I've left with another man." Ginny pointed out as she applied some make up on her eyes.

"That makes the two of us."


"Ginny," Harry said as the pair reached the Burrow's front door. "Do you really think she'll be up to this?"

"Sure she will!" Ginny said but deep down inside Ginny did doubt it herself. "Mum! Harry and I a here to pick you up!" Ginny called as the two entered the house.

Slowly as they walked further into the living room they turned as saw Molly Weasley walked down the stairs looking ten years younger in a deep purple silky cocktail dress and her hair all shiny and down. Ginny noticed that she wore the diamonds earnings her father bought to their last anniversary together.

"Mum you look amazing!" Ginny said and than punched Harry in the back. "Doesn't she look amazing, Harry?"

"You look lovely Molly." Harry said as he rubbed his sore back. "Really you do."

"Thank you dears." Molly said and for the first time in a very long time she smiled a genuine smile. "Now let's go to that gala of yours and kick it!"

As the three entered the ballroom all the Weasley children ran to their mother's and praised her looks.

"Mum, you look drop dead gorgeous!" Bill said and raised his glass.

"Yeah Molly, you're going to turn some heads tonight." Hermione said and squeezed Ron's arm in excitement.

"Wait till dad will see you!" Percy said and handed his mother a glass of Champaign.

"I think he already seen her." George pointed out and the whole redheaded clan (plus their dates) turned and saw Arthur Weasley escorted with his much younger girlfriend gawking at the woman he left behind.

"I now it may sound a bit rude." A warm voice said for behind. "But I wonder if I may have this dance with you, miss-"

"Molly, dear, you can call me Molly." And with a quick move Molly Weasley was whisked away to the dance floor.

"Do you know who it was?!" Ginny cried and awe and glee.

"Our new daddy?" Fred asked and George high fived him.

"No dumb-ass!" Ginny snapped. "That was Charles Wilfred Smith." No one seemed to budge. "Owner of the Chuddly Cannons?"

"Wait!" Ron called and looked on the verge of a heart attack. "Are you talking about Charley "Golden hands" Smith?"

"Who's him?" Harry asked as Ron almost fainted in Bill's arms.

"He's the last Keeper\Captain of the Cannons that won the championship and that was back in the 80's!" Bill said as Ron was being seated.

"Mum looks like she's in heaven." Ginny heaved the attention back to the issue.

"Yeah, but you're father on the other hand…" Harry showed Ginny a really sour looking Arthur seating in the corner table who seemed to be engaged in a sort of a fight with his girlfriend. "He doesn't look very pleased with what's going on."

"Deserves him right," Ginny said. "Did he really think that mum has no feelings? Let him eat what he cooked for supper."

An hour or so later and after a few rounds of dances the group set at the table now joined with Charley Smith as Molly's new admirer it looked like they were all having fun.

Ron in particular.

"And that's when Moffat caught the quaffle I tell you it was amazing!" Ron said in enthusiasm. "I don't think I've ever seen someone save a goal like that!"

"Well I do, beg to differ." Charley said and laughed as Ron ears turned red. "I do believe I wasn't that half bad in my times." He smiled at Molly who did too turn red.

"I meant besides you," Ron returned to his composure. "You're "Golden hands" Smith! No one saves like you do."

"You raised a fine boy, Molly." He said a winked at her and she burst into a nervous giggle.

"Oh Charley!" Molly huffed as he planted a kiss on her cheek. "Behave yourself!"

"Do you think he's in love?" Hermione whispered to Ginny.

"Who? Charley?" Ginny asked.

"No." Hermione laughed lightly. "Ron!" and the two turned to see Ron seating on the edge of his chair with his eyes wide open and his lips in a broad smile. "He looks a bit insane."

"Insane with lurrvvvvv." Harry joined in and the three shared a laugh.

"I love you! will you be my new Daddy?" Ron barked all of a sudden only to cause Harry, Ginny and Hermione to burst into hysterical laugh as the Weasley patriarch made his way to the table.

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