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Chapter 1

"Roger, not tonight" Mark sighed after joining Roger in bed.

"Why Not?" Roger was a little bit worried Mark was mad at him or something. He hadn't done anything wrong recently, but with Mark that could very well be the problem. "What did I do?"

"Nothing, I'm just tired, I had a long day." Roger wrapped his arms around Mark and the smaller boy embraced his warm hold.

"Weren't you out filming all day?"


"Well how does that make you tired?"

"What do you mean, how does it make me tired? I worked hard,"

"I mean how much strength does it take to hold a camera up to your eye?" Up until a couple months ago Mark and Roger would have never dared to say something like that to each other. Now they haven't even gone a day without poking fun of each other. I was just part of there relationship with each other. It's just a good thing neither of them take it seriously.

"I'm not physically tired Roger, I'm mentally tired."

"Oh, well you could of told me that, what with all those wonderful ideas you have in that brain of yours. It's a wonder your even still awake. Right Mark? Mark?" Roger looked down and smiled at Mark, who was fast asleep in his boyfriends arms. Roger smiled and leaned down to kissed Mark on the head before falling asleep himself, his arms still tightly wrapped around Mark as the two boys cuddled.

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