Okay this is my third fan fic!Yay!I got the idea for this story from my friend!I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1 The new twins

"This sucks"!London exclaimed. She was talking to Maddie at the candy counter. "What you lost your new purse"Maddie said. "No but that did happen"London said. "Then what

is it"?Maddie asked. "My dad is sending over my sisters to live here"London said. "There's gonna be more kids at the hotel"Zack said. Him and Cody walked up to the candy

counter. "Yep!My sisters Scarlet and Roxanne coming today"London said. "How old are they"?Cody asked. "13"London said. "Cool just like us!All they have to be is cute"Zack

said. "So when do they get here"?Cody asked. "They should be arriving soon...Oh there they are"!London said. She pointed over at the front door and where girls were standing.

Both of them had long dark-brown curly hair and had brown eyes. "Oh they're you are"Mr.Moseby said walking towards them. "Hi Mr.Moseby"!they said. "London's over

there"Mr.Moseby said. The girls walked over to the candy counter. "Wow!They are hot"!Zack said. "Hey London"!oneof the girls said. "Hey!Zack,Cody this is Scarlet and

Roxanne"London said. "Hey"!ZAck and Cody said. "Hey what about me"?Maddie asked. "Oh yeah this is Maddie"London introduced. "Hey"the girls said. "So you two are twins

too"?Zack asked. "Yeah"Roxanne said. "That's cool cause we're twins too"Cody said. "Yeah..we kinda figure that out"Scarlet said. "Come on I'll show your suite"London said.

They followed London to the elevator. Once they were gone Maddie said"Looks like you two have a crush on them". "Not we don't"!Cody said. "Not you but I have my eye

on them"ZAck said. Later that day ZAck and Cody knocked on Roxanne and Scarlet's suite. "Oh hey ZAck and Cody...come on in"Roxanne said when she answered the door.

ZAck and Cody stepped into the door and saw Scarlet watching a basketball game on television. "Hey"!Scarlet said. "So what are you watching"?Zack asked while he sat down on

the couch. "Oh the Chicago Bulls and the Philadelphia 76ers are playing"Scarlet said. "Oh the 76ers suck"!Zack exclaimed. "I know! I bet that I play better than most of them"

Scarlet said."Fat chance"Zack said. "Oh yeah!I bet even a baby has more armpit hair than you"!Scarlet snapped. "Everybody has more armpit hair than him"Cody muttered to

Roxanne. Roxanne giggled. "Look I bet that I'll beat you in everything"Zack bragged. "Oh yeah!Show me"!Scarlet said. "Fine!I'll show my fighting skills"Zack said. "Ohhh!I'm so

scared"!Scarlet said sarcastically. "That's it missy!You went over the line!You're gonna get it now"Zack said. "Bring it on buster"!Scarlet said standing up. "This should be good"

Cody said. Roxanne nodded. Zack stood up and swang his arm towards Scarlet. Scarlet dodged it and said"Miss me". Zack swang again and Scarlet dodged it again. "It's that the

best you can do"?Scarlet said. "Fine let's see what you can do"Zack said. Scarlet grabbed Zack's arm and flipped him over. "Good one sis"Roxanne said. "Yeah"Cody agreed.

Zack sighed. Later that night. "What's wrong Zack"?Carey asked during dinner. "He's just mad that he got beat by a girl"Cody said. "What girls"?Carey asked. "London's sister

Scarlet"Cody said. "And she did not beat me. She was just lucky"Zack muttered. "You're a sore loser"Cody said. "Am not!Boys are supposed to be better than girls at everything"

Zack said. "Honey...I know boys think that they need to show off their skills to impress girls but why can't you just admitt that some girls like Scarlet are just better than you at some

things"Carey said. "It's because I like Scarlet"!Zack blurted out. Everyone fell silent for a moment until Zack said"Look,I wanted to impress Scarlet so she'll like me too but now

after she flipped me today she probably thinks that I'm a wimp". "Zack you're not a wimp"Carey said. "Oh yeah!You shoulda seen us today...I didn't even know it was coming"

Zack said. "If it makes you feel better Roxanne's better than me too"Cody said. "Really"?Zack asked. "Of course!She's smarter than in foreign languages,math,spelling,science and

a bunch of other things"Cody said. "So you hate her"?Zack asked. "What are you crazy?She's hot and smart.It hard not to have a crush on her!In fact...everytime she out smarts

me it makes me like her even more"!Cody said. "So you don't mind her beating you in things"?Carey asked. "Not at all!Look at it this way it let's me know what I need to improve

on and besides she can help me with those things"Cody explained. "See Zack...Your brother is okay with Roxanne being better thanhim why can't you"?Carey said. "Cause unlike

Cody I lost my dignity"Zack said. He pushed his plate forward and slowly walked his room