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Chapter 17 Back to Normal Again...Well Sort Of

The next day at the Tipton almost everyone heard about Maddie and her returning home today and it was total CHAOS!

"What are all these streamers for"?Zack asked as he and Cody walked out of the elevator. The whole lobby was decorated nicely.

"Those was for the party we're throwing for Maddie"Mr.Moseby said.

"Party?No one told me about a party"!Zack exclaimed angrily.

"Well I told Cody"Mr.Moseby said.

"You knew about this party"!Zack asked his brother angrily.

"Yeah"Cody said nervously.

"And why didn't you tell me"?Zack asked.

"I forgot"Cody replied.

"Let's see if you forgot this"Zack said clenching his fists. Cody started running while Zack was right behind him. While Cody was too busy seeing if Zack was right behind him the chef was carrying a huge cake for Maddie's party while Roxanne and Scarlet were right behind him carrying drinks. As the chef was heading for the elevator, Cody came crashing into the cake which the cake flew right out of the chef's hand which splatted all over Roxanne and Scarlet which also made the chef fall down the steps.

"What happened"!Mr.Moseby asked rushing towards them.

"Uh oh"Cody muttered.

"Chef Pierre are you okay"?Mr.Moseby asked.

"Moseby!Call an ambulance!I think I broke my leg"!the chef said. Mr.Moseby nodded.

"Girls are you alright"?Mr.Moseby asked turning over to Roxanne and Scarlet.

"Yeah we're fine but now we have no cake"Scarlet said.

"You're right!Zack, Cody get us a cake immediately"!Mr.Moseby ordered.

"But we don't know how to bake"!Zack exclaimed.

"Cody does!And besides it's both of your faults that we don't have a cake now!Now get moving"!Mr.Moseby said. The twins dragged themselves into the elevator with Roxanne and Scarlet who needed to clean off the cake on them whileMr.Moseby called an ambulance for Chef Pierre. As the girls were in their room cleaning up, Zack and Cody were in their sute trying to make a cake.

"So when are you going to tell her"?Cody asked his brother out of the blue.

"Tell who what"?Zack asked.

"Tell Scarlet that you love her"Cody said.

"How do you know I love her"?Zack asked.

"Oh please I've been sneakig into your computer diary all this week"Cody said.

"What!How do you know my password"?Zack said furiously.

"Mr.Zack Scarlet Tipton...seriously bro make up harder passwords next time"Cody said.

"Well it's not like you told Roxanne that you love her"Zack said looking into the refreigerator for milk.

"Actually I did"Cody said.

"What!And you've been keeping this from me?First the party now this...what else are you keeping from me?Do we have another twin that I don't know of?Is Scarlet gonna dump me"?Zack shouted.

"I'm sorry!I'm so busy that I forgot to tell you"Cody explained. Zack seemed to calm down after he heard Cody's explanation.

"Okay so when did you tell her"?Zack asked cracking some eggs into a bowl.

"Last night after Maddie woke up"Cody said.

"So that's why you and Roxanne disappeared last night"Zack said. Cody nodded.

"Well when should I tell Scarlet"?ZAck asked.

"Maybe tonight during the party..Just pull out to the parking lot or her balcony and tell her"Cody suggested.

"The balcony sounds more romantic...more pivacy...more quiet"Zack said.

"Well there you go"Cody said while mixing the cake mix together in a big bowl. Just then Roxanne and Scarlet came through the door, all cleaned up.

"Hey!Um..we're sorry about the cake accident"Cody said sheepishly.

"It's okay"Roxanne said kissing Cody on the cheeck.

"It was actually kinda of fun"Scarlet said.

"Really"!Zack said.

"Yep"Scarlet said.

"Well is there anything you need help with here"?Roxanne asked.

"Yes!Everything"!Zack exclaimed. Everyone laughed.

"Well actually we're okay"Cody said.

"Okay we're just go down to the ballroom and finish decorating"Scarlet said.

"See ya later"Zack said kissing Scarlet. After the girls left Zack said"You think Scarlet will love me back"?

"I don't know"Cody shrugged. Zack sighed heavily and Cody put the cake in the oven. After the cake was done Zack and Cody brung it down to the ballroom.

"Wow!The cake looks great"!Roxanne said when she saw Zack and Cody.

"So does the ballroom"Zack said.

"Hey little blondes people"Estabon greeted on top of a ladder. Him and Erwin were trying to hang a banner up across the ceiling.

"Hey Estabon!Hey Erwin"!Zack greeted.

"Hey Zack, Cody We're almost finished..just need to drill these..."Erwin said. He drilled in some bolts to the ceiling with the end of the banner attached to the end when there was a sudden crack. Pieces of the ceiling were falling off. Roxanne and Scarlet shrieked as the ladder that Estabon was on fell down leaving hanging Estabon hanging tight on the end of the banner.

"Help me"!Estabon cried.

"What is this comotion"?Mr.Moseby ringed from the end of the hallway. He as appoached the room his eyes popped out of his eyes as he saw what was happening.

"My hotel"!Mr.Moseby cried.

"Technically, it's Mr.Tipton's hotel"Zack said. That earned a whack on the back of the head by Scarlet.

"Oww"!Zack exclaimed rubbing the back of his head. "What was that for"?

"Can you see we're in a bad situation...the ballroom's a mess and Maddie and the guests will be arriving in..."Scarlet said. She looked at her watch and exclaimed"In less than 2 hours".

"Wow that's not alot of time"Erwin said.

"Ya think"!Roxanne said.

"Help"!Estabon shouted as the banner slowly tearing apart. Mr.Moseby ran towards Estabon and he appoached Estabon let go of the banner and fell right on Mr.Moseby.

"Mr.Moseby are you okay"?Erwin asked as he helped Mr.Moseby and Estabon up.

"I'm fine"Mr.Moseby and Estabon answered together.

"Great...now the ballroom is destroyed..where are we gonna have the party now"!ZAck said.

"The ballroom upstairs"Roxanne said.

"Good idea..but we don't have enough time to decorate it"Scarlet said.

"We can if we as much people as we can to help"Roxanne said as she was cut off by the ringing of her cell phone.

"Hello"Roxanne answered.

"Hey Roxy..it's Tevor..just wanted to let you know that Maddie got released early today"Trevor said from the other line.

"Early!How early"?Roxanne asked starting to panick.

"Well...I took Maddie shopping..she's almost done so we should be there in an hour"Trevor said.

"An hour"!Roxanne said.

"Yeah...so see you later"Trevor said and hung up.

"Guys we no time to loose, we have an hour to get everything into place so let's go"Roxanne said. Everyone rushed everywhere. 45 minutes later everything was ready, all thy needed now was the guests to show up and soon enough the whole lobby was crowded with people ,anxiously waiting for Maddie to show up.

"She's here"!Zack exclaimed running through the lobby doors. Suddenly Maddie and Trevor came walking through the lobby doors.

"Surprise!Welcome back MAddie"!Everyone shouted.

"Guys!You didn't need to throw a party for me"!MAddie said happily.

"MAddie, you're part of the Tipton..you deserve to be welcome back with a party..with all you been through the past couple of months"Mr.Moseby said. Awhile later in the ballroom.

"Hey, can I speak to Scarlet for a sec"?Zack asked Roxanne and Scarlet.

"Sure"the girls said. Scarlet followed Zack out of the ballroom. Roxanne was looking around for Cody when she saw him talking to Trevor.

"Hey guys"!Roxanne said walking up to them.

"Hey"Trevor and Cody said. Cody wrapped his arm around Roxanne's waist.

"Guess what!Trevor is gonna propose to MAddie"Cody said.

"Really?That's wonderful"!Roxanne said happily.

"Thanks!But not now...I'm still saving up for a ring...I almost got enough"Trevor said.

"Hey,I'm sure MAddie will say yes"Roxanne said.

"Yeah...maybe"Trevor said walking off.

"Hey where did Scarlet and Zack go"?Cody asked.

"They went off somewhere..Zack needed to talk to Scarlet"Roxanne said.

"Oh"Cody said grinning.

"What are you grinning about"?Roxanne asked.

"Nothing"Cody said still grinning. Though Roxanne was still suspious she said no more. Cody pulled Roxanne into a tight hug and didn't let go until they saw Zack and Scarlet come back in.

"Where have you two been"?Cody asked.

"Nowhere"Scarlet and Zack answered. They all started laughing. Scarlet and Roxanne walked off to get a drink.

"So did you tell her"?Cody asked once he was sure the girls were out of earshot.

"Yeah"Zack said.

"Way to go dude"!Cody said.

Menwhile at the punch bowl.

"Oh my gosh!"Roxanne exclaimed after she heard what Scarlet told her what Zack wanted to tell her.

"I know...I thought ZAck would never have the nerves to tell me"Scarlet said.

"That's like with Cody"Roxanne said.

"So did Cody tell you"?Scarlet asked.

"Yeah..last night...that's why we disappeared last night"Roxanne said.

"Oh"Scarlet said just when Maddie came up to them.

"Guys thanks so much for this party"!MAddie said giving each of them a hug.

"No problem...you've done so much for this hotel..the least we can do is say thanks"Scarlet said.

"Thanks so much..hey has anyone seen Trevor"?Maddie said.

"I haven't seen him"Scarlet said.

"Me either"Roxanne said. Suddenly Zack and Cody walked up to them.

"Have you guys seen Trevor"?MAddie asked Zack and Cody.

"He's over there talking to Lance"Cody said nodding over to the front of the stage.

"Thanks"Maddie said and then went off to find Trevor.

"I'll be right back..need to go to the bathroom"Roxanne said. The others nodded as Roxanne headed for the bathroom.

When the party was over, it was 5 am the next day.

"Guys, thanks so much for this party"Maddie said.

"It's no problem...it's just a way of saying thanks"Roxanne said. Everyone agreed. Trevor drove Maddie home awhile later. Roxanne and Cody were at the girl's balcony while Scarlet and Zack were Martin's balcony.

"Wow..that's so beautiful"!Roxanne exclaimed pionting a the sun rising.

"Yeah...is is"Cody said.

"You know this summer was the best summer I ever had"Roxanne said.

"Why"?Cody asked.

"Cause I moved here from the upbeat city of Los Angeles to the nice peaceful city of Boston and I met you"Roxanne said. They smiled at each other as they took each other's hand.

"Yeah this would be my best summer too"admitted Cody. Roxanne chuckled as she kissed him.

"Well only a few more days until school starts"Cody said.

"And we''ll be freshmen"Roxanne said.

"Yep"Cody said as he started hugging Roxanne.

"Hey guys..hurry up if you wanna go"!Zack voice rang from the hallway. Roxanne and Cody started to chuckle as they walked out of the Tipton suite.

The End

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