Author notes: Umm, this is my very first fan fiction ever. Seeing as I have only read a few Naruto books and some scenes from Shounen Jump, some people will probably be OOC. Yeah, it's GaaNaru with some KakaIru and maybe other pairings. In this story Naruto and Gaara can talk to Kyuubi and Shukaku. Also, Kyuubi's female. Hope you like it! BTW, this is kinda AU, but not really.

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Warnings: Shounen-ai. Don't like, don't read.

Of Demons, Hormones, and Spying

Chapter 1

Gaara was confused. It had been three years since Naruto beat him in the chuunin exam, and he couldn't stop thinking about the blonde demon vessel… and he dreamed about him too. The dreams were strange to him, and involved weird feelings and thoughts.

'Idiot, haven't you ever heard of puberty? Or hormones maybe?' Shukaku suddenly asked him.

'Of course I know about puberty and hormones, Temari told me about it last year! Aren't you only supposed to have wet dreams about girls though? Natuto's a boy! And an annoying hyper bratty one too!' Gaara growled.

'Maybe it's because kyuubi's a girl, and who cares if Naruto's a boy? Boy or girl, it's the same thing. Also, he handed your ass to you when he fought you during the exams. Maybe if you got some more action you would be less grumpy and homicidal, huh?' thought Shukaku Smugly. 'I wouldn't mind either, Kyuubi is pretty hot…"


"Takes one to know one kid."

"Shut up. Also, the reason I'm so homicidal and grumpy is because you won't let me fucking sleep! You're the reason everyone hates me too!"

"I don't think that Naruto kid hates you. He's probably the only one who understands what you went through... Not that I care."

"… You don't think he hates me?"

"If you to find out you should see him again, gaki."

"…Fine. I'll go with Temari-nee and Kankuro-baka."

Naruto was thinking about Gaara. 'I wonder how he's been since I beat him during the exams. I hope I pounded some sense into his homicidal ass. Wonder if Shukaku's still bothering him? Wait, why am I thinking about him? Other than the fact that he's a jinchuuriki too, we're so different. Guess I'm thinking 'bout him because I want to forget about Sasuke… dammit, why did you have to betray everyone, you bastard! Gaara had someone who betrayed him too, right? I wonder if that's why he's so homicidal… Gah, I'm thinking about him again! Why I wonder…'

'Duh, it's because Gaara's damn sexy! Who wouldn't think about him? Shukaku's not bad either…"


'Who do you think it is? The Ramen God?'

'Really, you're the Ramen God?'

'…How did I get trapped in such an idiot?'

'Oh, it is you… Wait, what do you mean Gaara's sexy!"

"You never noticed? Baka! Isn't it obvious? The way his hair is red like blood… his intense emerald eyes… Hell, even the "Ai" symbol on his forehead looks sexy!'

'… Well… Now that you mention it… No! Bad thoughts, bad thoughts! Anyway, it's not like I'll ever see him again. He's probably forgotten about me, even if I did kick his ass.'

'I wouldn't' be too sure about that, kit."


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