Tori: Ahem. The title has nothing to do with the story. I just couldn't think up with one that fits so I just stuck with that one. This is my first time writing a Naruto story and I don't exact know much about it...-sweatdrops- I only own the English Naruto volumes 1-3 but I read 1-9 or 10 so yea... I never saw the anime but I have read enough Naruto fanfics that I sort of know what happened in the future...sort of. -sighs- I need help...

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Tori: You heard right. This is a shounen-ai story and maybe shojo-ai so if you have a problem with that, please leave now as I don't want flames saying that it sucks or whatever. I hate people like that as every person is different in their own way. The pairings are Sasuke/Naruto(of course), Sakura/Lee, Shikamaru/Ino, Gaara/Neji(I recently got into this pairing), Kiba/Hinata, and some others. There is also OC/OC here so you don't have to worry about any of my OCs pairing with the original characters. I don't like stories like that even though I'm fine with OCs.

A Demon's Seal

Everyone has heard of the fox demon who terroized Konoha and Konohagakure was nearly destroyed until a man sealed the demon within the body of a newborn boy. The man died right after, but not before he said the boy's name and for him to be recognized as a hero.

The villagers chose to not respect him and instead, despised and feared him.

The boy grew up with no parents, no family. He then trained to be a ninja and announced that he was going to be the next Hokage. He grew up without knowing of the demon sealed within him, the reason why the villagers despise him so.

One day, he stole a scroll in hopes he may graduate from the Ninja Academy. On that day, he learned the Kage Bushin. The next day, the boy was found by his teacher and learned from another that he was the demon holder. He graduated on that day and ate ramen with his teacher to celebrate.

The boy was placed on a team with a pretty girl, a loner boy, and a late teacher. The teacher tested them for teamwork and they failed. The loner and the girl shared their food with the boy and the teacher passed them. They became genin on that day.

As time went on, the boy became stronger and used the demon's chakra for help. When the loner betrayed Knonha and went to Sound to be strong, the demon boy went after him in hopes to get him back. He finally succeeded and the two realized their feelings for each other and began dating, although the villagers didn't know at first.

Now, they all know of the boys' relationship and they all grew up. The demon boy is now Hokage and the loner boy is an ANBU. The pretty girl became a medic-nin and the late teacher still taught genin.

It was sort of a happy ending but now the new generation of ninjas will face off a new generation of enemies including old ones as well. But they will have help from the previous generation...