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Daisuke Kamikara will soon realize that his life will soon change for the better after this mission...

A Demon's Seal

" boring!"

That was the cry of the dog demon holder whose team was currently doing a D rank mission: pulling weeds. Even though the old woman wasn't exactly jumping for joy when she noticed Daisuke but the pros proved to be more heavier than the cons and so she let him in. And it was a good thing too for the yard didn't look like it had been weeded for years!

"Shut up, idiot," Kyohaku muttered, glaring at the other.

"You shut up, jerkface. Why can't we have a better mission!?" Daisuke whined.

"You know how the mission ranking goes," Inju said with a heavy sigh. "Genins only get D-rank...although I do want better missions but we just have to wait till we're chuunin I guess." She sighed after that and continued pulling the weeds.

Daisuke pouted and stopped pulling weeds. He shook his fist at the sky, glaring."That isn't fair!"

Kyohaku sighed. "Idiot, help us weed or else we'll never get out of here."

"Can't you use your Kage Bunshins to help?" Inju asked, tired. She had been using her ribbons to help but it was draining her chakra and she had stopped using it about ten minutes ago. Her hands were beginning to be covered in blisters and scratches.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Ten replica of Daisuke appeared and started pulling the weeds. "There. That should help."

Inju gave a small smile at him. "Thank you. I though I was going to be pulling weed forever. When was the last time she even took care of the garden? I mean, the flowers are nearly dead and the grass is so dry. If we used a fire jutsu, this entire yard will burn quickly."

About an hour later, they had finally finished and collected the money they earned. The three walked down the streets, tired and worn out. It was noon and the three were hungry.

"What do you want and no ramen." Inju glared at Daisuke at that sentence. "You need to eat healthier food. Can't you afford anything other than ramen?"

Daisuke looked down, bangs covering his eyes. "I...I..." He didn't want to answer the question but Inju didn't notice. Kyohaku, however, did.

"Come on, idiot. Let's go eat ramen if you really want to eat it." he said.

Daisuke glared at him for the 'stupid' comment but didn't retort back. "Fine, jerkface."

The three walked to Ichiraku and took a seat.

The owner smiled at them. "The usual?"

"Yup!" Daisuke grinned.

"Who's paying this time?" Inju asked, sighing.

"You," Kyohaku immediately said.

"Me?! Why me?! Why don't you!? You have more money than me!" Inju exclaimed.

"Yes, but I paid last time. This time is your turn," Kyohaku stated, crossing his arms and glaring at the ribbon controller. His eyes said, 'Argue with me and I won't even bother torturing you'.

Inju sighed and began eating her ramen. "Fine. I'll-"

"If you don't mind, I can pay for it if you want." Inju and Kyohaku tensed. They didn't even sense anyone. They turned behind them to see a girl. Kyohaku recognized her while Inju looked at her in confusion. Daisuke was still eating ramen so he didn't notice the newcomer.

"I know you," Kyohaku said, brows furrowing. "You're the girl that the idiot spilled ramen over."

"What?! Daisuke, you idiot!" Inju whacked Daisuke over the head which caused him to look at her in confusion.

"What?" he asked, rubbing his injury. He then noticed the girl. "Oh! It's you."

The girl nodded. She was wearing a white sleeveless hoodie and a pair of blue pants with the same accessories as before. Kyohaku gave her a confused look. "Why are you paying for us?"

The girl shrugged. "If that's what you want. Unless you'll rather go broke paying for him." The two genins looked at Daisuke who was practically inhaling the ramen, looked back at the girl, and shook their heads quickly. The girl smirked. "I thought so." She took a seat next to Daisuke (the seats are like this: Inju, girl, Daisuke, Kyohaku) and ordered a beef ramen.

"Umm...Inju Tanaka." Kyohaku and the girl looked at the female member who blushed. "Uhh...that's my name."

The girl gave a very very small smile. It was barely noticable. "Reikou." She turned to Kyohaku. "You're a Hyuuga right? I recognized your eyes."

Kyohaku glared at her. He was suspicious of the girl. She had just appeared out of no where. It's like she was masking her chakra from us. "Kyohaku Hyuuga and that idiot there is Daisuke Kamikara."

"Hey!" Daisuke glared at Kyohaku. "Watch who you're calling an idiot, jerkface."

"You are an idiot, stupid."

"Take that back!"






Reikou watched them, amused. "Does this always happen?"

Inju nodded. "Yeah. Well, I'm glad we met. Friends?"

Reikou stared at her before nodding hesitantly. "Sure." She then looked at the time and remembered she had somewhere to be. "I must go now. I'll see you some other time." She walked off, leaving Inju behind confused and the two boys still arguing.

"Hey! She didn't pay for her bowl!"


"She didn't pay at all."

"Slurp. Slurp. Slurp." Guess who this is.

"Team 7 reporting for a mission, Hokage-sama," Kakashi said to Naruto in the mission room.

Daisuke, Inju, and Kyohaku had just finished finding Tora, the cat who wouldn't stop running away even after they found it. However, when the three saw it being hugged by its owner, they immediately knew why, although they didn't feel sorry for it. It had scratched them too many times; they finally had to bring it back by letting Inju use her ribbons to hold it.

The Rokudaime searched through the mission lists. "Well, we need someone to walk-"

"No!" Daisuke suddenly yelled. "I want to do something more exciting, dammit! Something that's not boring!"

Naruto stared at him. "You know how the missions are set up right?"

"No, he doesn't. He doesn't pay attention in class," Kyohaku answered for Daisuke.


"Well, I suppose I can give you a C-rank mission. Your job is to escort someone to Yamigakure," Naruto stated.

"Who are we escorting?" Inju asked.

"Us." They all turned behind them to see a boy about ten years old with a girl who appeared younger than him. The boy had white hair with black eyes while the girl had long forest green hair with light brown eyes. The boy wore a black long sleeve shirt with a pair of dark blue pants and a black robe. The girl wore a white tank top with a red skirt and a black robe as well. Their hitai-ate were around their neck and it had a sign that they never had seen before: it was a five point star with a pair of wings. Around the girl's neck was a silver chain with a silver fish pendant and the boy had a gold chain with a white stone attached. "You'll be escorting us."

"Um...Hokage-sama. We don't even know where Yamigakure is..." Inju stated, blushing.

"I know." Naruto smiled. "That's why you're just protecting them. You follow them and everything should be fine. After all, Yamigakure is a very hidden village. Not many know where it is."

"Cool! Road trip!" Daisuke exclaimed.

Kyohaku whacked him over the head. "Idiot."






"Dead last."

"Pretty boy!"

The two glared at each other, sparks flying from each other's eyes. Inju and Kakashi sweatdropped while Naruto and Neji (who was guarding him) raised an eyebrow at how similar they were to Naruto and Sasuke. The ten-year-old boy cleared his voice, interrupting Kyohaku and Daisuke's argument.

"Anyway, I'm Tomite. This is Takiko."

Kakashi clapped his hands together once. "Alright then. Meet us in two hours, 'kay?" He didn't wait for an answer and POOFed out of there. Tomite and Takiko exchanged looks and just shrugged. They walked out of the room and Daisuke and Kyohaku started fighting/arguing...again.

Inju slapped her forehead. "Sure I'm with Kyohaku-san but do I have to be stuck with all this arguing?!"

"I feel sorry for the girl," Neji whispered to Naruto.

"This must be how Sakura-chan feels when Sasuke and I argue."

Neji scoffed. "Well, of course."

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean?!


"I'm the Hokage! I order you to tell me!"

"There's a little something call the right to remain silent."

"Whoever made up that rule deserves to be shot," Naruto mumbled, crossing his arms.

"Road trip! Road trip! Road trip! Yeah!" Daisuke exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"Shut up, dammit!" Inju whacked him over the head.

Daisuke clutched his head, pouting. "Ow..."

Kyohaku shook his head while Takiko and Tomite looked worried. The girl turned to the other, whispering, "Aniki, can they really...?"

Tomite glared at Takiko. "They can, 'kay? Aneki is never wrong."

Takiko looked down, bangs covering her eyes. "But...aniki..."

Tomite sighed, patting her head. "Look, it'll be fine. They can survive."

Takiko glanced back up and smiled hesitantly. "Okay."

"Come on! Let's go!" Daisuke shouted, walking ahead of them. Inju and Kyohaku followed after them.

Tomite shook his head. "Although Aneki could have chosen a team that isn't so loud."

Takiko smiled and grabbed Tomite's hand. "Come on, Aniki."

Tomite followed after Takiko and Kakashi walked at the end, eyes narrowed in suspicion. He had overheard their conversation.

"What do they mean by that...?"

"Kakashi-sensei! Walk faster!" Daisuke yelled.

"Maa. I'm coming, I'm coming."

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