Romeo and Juliet

Summary: It was wrong, they weren't supposed to fall in love. She was the Ice Queen, he was the Basketball God. In East High, they are enemies, but alone, they are soul mates. Will their love prevail, or will their love end up like Romeo and Juliet. TxS. AU.

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: T for Sexual Content, some language, violence.

A/N: Hey ya'll. I just had to make another Troypay! I just support this couple. Gabriella is just too… sweet. Anyway, here is the story. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: What!

"What team!"


"What team!"

"Wildcats! Get your head in the game!" they all exclaimed. Everyone was carrying Troy up in the air. "Who's our captain!"




"Guys, Guys. Calm down." Troy said. "I'm not the whole team. You guys are the true winners." Everyone cheered. They viewed him as the basketball god. He was a great basketball player, and wasn't bad to look at. Most importantly, he was modest. Everyone loved him, everyone except the…

" It's the Ice Queen. She's coming this way. Along with her 'drama nerds'!" said one of the jocks. In front of them, a group, known as the "drama nerd" began to strut down the hallways. In the front, was the leader, Sharpay Evans. She was wearing a blue mini skirt, a blue blazer, a lime green blouse, and lime green high heels. She was the "Drama Queen" of East High. Her twin brother, Ryan, her right-hand man, was wearing a pair of jeans, lime greet button down shirt, and a lime green hat. The rest of the "drama nerds" were wearing matching colors. They walked up toward the jocks. "Move Bolton." Sharpay demanded.

"Hello Sharpay." Troy said.

"I said move Bolton." She ordered moving closer to him, as she hightened her voice.

"And what if I don't?" he asked. The two moved closer, until they were only an inch away from each other.

"You don't want to know." she muttered. Troy could smell her sweet breath. All he could think about were those luscious…

"Move Bolton!" she exclaimed. "I don't want to make a scene."

"That's a surprise." said Chad.

"Back off!" Ryan shouted.

"Or what? You're going to read lines to us." Chad challenged the blonde-haired teen. The jocks started laughing.

"No. We are just going to shove those basketballs up your asses." Ryan retorted. The "drama nerds" began to giggle.

"You bitch." Chad mumbled. "Let's teach them a lesson." They were all ready to fight when Troy and Sharpay stepped in.

"Guys no. let's not fight." Troy said.

"Yeah. We shouldn't be wasting our time with these Neanderthals." Sharpay rescanned with them. "Let's go guys." The "drama nerds" gave an 'I'm better than you' look to them and left the scene. "God. I hate them so much." Chad commented.

"Yeah, well that Sharpay is kind of cute." Zeke insisted.

"Yeah. She's good for looking, not for touching." he said. "Hey Troy. Look who it is." Troy turned around. It was a girl with a pair of jeans and a blue sweater. It was Gabriella, his secret little crush.

"Go for it man." Chad whispered. They all left him with Gabriella. He walked over to her locker.

"Hey." he said. She turned around.

"Hey Troy. Saw the whole little spasm. Those drama nerds are mean. Especially Sharpay."

"She's not that mean." he replied, for some reason needing to defend Sharpay. Gabriella gave him a look. "Or maybe she is mean." he tried to cover it up.

"Whatever. So, are you going to go to Kelsi's party?" she asked.

"Probably. You?" he asked.

"Maybe. Too bad the drama nerds are going to go."

"Why?" he asked.

"She invited them." she responded. "Anyway, I have to go. I have Physics right now. See ya Troy." she said. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and headed to the opposite direction. Troy was glad; this was his chance to ask Gabriella out, but at the same time he kept on thinking about a certain blonde. "No. I can't have any feeling for her. I'm probably gassy. That's right." With that he left ready for the party to begin.

Troy was walking up Kelsi's house, filled with anxiety. He was wearing a black button down shirt and a pair of jeans, and boots. Ding. Dong. "Coming." a voice shouted from inside. The door opened, revealing Kelsi, who was wearing a blue dress with matching shoes. "Hey Troy."

"Hey Kelsi. Happy Birthday." Troy greeted her. "Here you go." He handed her the present.

"Aw, thanks Troy." She gave him a hug. "The party's downstairs."

"Okay." He went down the stairs, and scanned the room. He saw the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes on. She was wearing a low-cut back dress, with a matching purse and shoes. He was so mesmerized. "What are you looking at Troy?" she scoffed as if he committed a crime.

"Um…um… nothing." he muttered trying to hide the fact that he was blushing. "Why am I thinking about her? I can't. I have feelings for Gabriella. That's right. Then why am I thinking about those scrumptious…"

"Bolton!" she exclaimed. "Stop drooling you freak! I'm going to get something to drink." She shoved tight past him, making her way to the snack bar. " Why was he looking at me. I hope he was. Wait. I can't have feeling for him. He's…Bolton. That's right. But he is so hot. Stop it Sharpay! Get yourself together. You are probably just hallucinating. That's right. Just go and get yourself some water. That's right.

"Come on guys. Time to play some games." Kelsi said with much glee. They all sat in a circle, ready to have some fun. "Okay, first we are going to play Spin the Bottle. The person who it lands on, the two have to go in the closet and have a make-out session for five minutes. Any Questions. Good. Let's begin." The first couple was Ryan and Kelsi, then it was Chad and Kelsi, then… "Gabriella! You came!" exclaimed Kelsi. She got up and gave her a hug. "I wouldn't miss it. So what are we playing?" she asked, her eyes fixed on Troy. Sharpay saw this and just rolled her eyes while she checked her nails.

"We are playing Spin the Bottle. Come and sit down here." Kelsi placed her next to Sharpay. "Okay guys. Let's see where we left it off! Troy? Why don't you spin the bottle?" she said.

"Hey. No fair. It was my turn." Chad said folding his arms to signify how mad he was.

"Too bad. It's my party, so I get to decide. Here. Spin well." she told him. Troy just nodded. He looked at the bottle and looked at Gabriella. She was smiling at him. Then he looked at Sharpay. He could of sworn she had a small smile but she blushed and turned around.

"Well aren't you going to spin it?" asked Kelsi.

"Yeah. I will." He then spun the bottle as hard as he could. He saw the bottle spinning and spinning. After a minute it was slowing down. "Come on. Land on Gabriella. Please." he said to himself. Just then the bottle stopped. Everyone gasped.


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