Romeo and Juliet

Summary: It was wrong, they weren't supposed to fall in love. She was the Ice Queen, he was the Basketball God. In East High, they are enemies, but alone, they are soul mates. Will their love prevail, or will their love end up like Romeo and Juliet. TxS. AU.

Genre: Romance/Drama

Rating: T for Sexual Content, some language, violence.

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Chapter 8: Something in Common

Previously in "Romeo and Juliet…"

"I don't believe it." Ryan said. "She is in love with that ass-hole, and didn't even tell me."

"Well I can help you." Ty replied. Ryan looked at him.

"How?" Ryan asked, curious to see how Ty can possibly help him. Ty just leaned on a locker and gave Ryan a sly smile.

"Don't worry about that… yet. Meet me in the library during lunch." Ty ordered. Ryan could immediately tell that Ty was a "male" version of Sharpay. Ryan looked back at the room where Troy and Sharpay were still at, and faced Ty.

"Okay." With that Ty grinned and left the scene, his footsteps becoming less audible with each step.

Sharpay let go from Troy's embrace and gazed into his ocean blue eyes, while he looked into her chocolate colored eyes. "I should get going." Sharpay muttered. "Ryan might start to get suspicious."

"Okay." Troy nodded. He gave Sharpay an innocent, virgin kiss, and made sure that the coast was clear. "It's clear." Troy said. Sharpay nodded and scurried along the hallway, no one noticing the two together. The two stole a last glance of each and hurried through the hallway, ready to start their first classes.

Ryan cautiously walked to the library, making sure that no one saw where he was going… especially… Sharpay. Ryan had only gone to the library approximately three times in his high school career. The first time, he thought it was the way to the gym; second time he had to type a 6-page chemistry paper that was due by 5th period; and the third time, he had to hide from a very affectionate Martha Cox. The library was a very foreign territory for Ryan, and he was a little bit uncomfortable. He looked up at the large sign that read, "Library," took a deep breath and entered the door unsure of what was to come next. Sharpay managed to avoid making eye contact with Troy during her first few classes. It was lunch period, and she ordered her usual… fruit salad with a strawberry smoothie. Sharpay had to maintain her slim yet curvy physique. She took a seat in her usually table, where her clique was seated at. Yet, something was different. Yes, everyone in the table was matching Sharpay's assemble, and everyone was gazing at the beauty. But something was missing… or a someone. She turned her attention to the girl that was sitting the closes to her. "Where is Ryan?"

Ryan walked inside and scanned the room, checking to see if Ty was already there. It seemed that Ty was no where to be found. It seemed that just the brainiacs were there. "No, where did Ty tell me to met him at?' he asked himself. "Oh yeah, the last table." he recalled. He made his way to where the tables were at, and was shocked at who was sitting there.

"Ryan, what are you doing here?" the voice asked. The voice did not belong to a male. It was a female's voice, and Ryan knew that voice all to well. He made contact with the girl, their eyes connecting. He saw the girl's flowing brunette hair, her chocolate eyes meeting his bright blue eyes.


Gabriella sat on the wooden chair, moving her leg up and down. She was in a fidgeting state, having no reason why. She was usually calm and collected, but now… she just wanted Ty to get there as soon as possible. She saw a blond figure walking towards her. At first, she assumed that it was Ty, but once she was able to get a better look at the boy, she was stunned. It was Ryan. She had no idea why he was there. Ryan was not the type of guys to wander around the library during a lunch period. He would either be in the auditorium, practicing with his overly pompous sister, or eating to the fullest.

Gabriella noticed that Ryan seemed to be confused… not that it was a surprise. Ryan wasn't the smartest boy in East High. Maybe he is waiting for his tutor. Gabriella thought to herself. She decided so that she would not look suspicious, she picked up her copy of Jane Eyre, and made it seem like she was reading. Gabriella was surprised to Ryan still coming her way. She decided to shout, "Ryan, what are you doing here?"

Ryan turned to face her, furrowing his eyebrows. The two made a connection, not taking their eyes off each other. Finally, Ryan finally spoke, "Gabriella?"


"What are you doing here?" Ryan asked.

"I asked you the same thing." Gabriella retorted.

"Oh right." Ryan mumbled. "I am here to meet… someone. You?"

"Me too." Gabriella quickly replied.

"Oh, cool." Ryan whispered.

"If you want, you can sit in this table, until whoever you are looking for shows up." Gabriella suggested. Ryan simple nodded, and took a seat opposite Ryan. Gabriella continued to read her novel, while Ryan began to tap the desk with his blue fountain pen, which matched his attire.

"So, you reading, Jane Eyre?" Ryan asked, trying to start up a conversation.

"Yep. It's one of my favorite book." Gabriella commented.

"Cool. My favorite is actually The Catcher's Rye." Ryan replied.

"Oh, I didn't enjoy the book too much." Gabriella admitted.

"Well, we can all have different tastes." Ryan stated. Gabriella simply nodded. Just then, the two caught a glimpse of a blonde-haired, Abercrombie model-look a like, strutting his way to them. He shouted.

"I am glad you are both here." Ty shouted. The two adolescents abruptly faced each other, not knowing what in the world was going on. The two saw Ty holding a blue neon-colored binder, as he shows his pearly whites. He dropped the binder on the oak table, making a Thump noise. Gabriella and Ryan were still clueless to what was happening at the moment.

"Now I assume that you two know each other?" Ty said in an indefinite voice.

"Yeah, but why is she here?" Ryan asked.

"Well she wants the same thing that you want." Ty smiled. "After all, both of you want to end Troy and Sharpay's relationship." Ryan and Gabriella finally understood what was happening.

Ryan and Gabriella never had anything in common. She was smart, he was not. He loved to dance, she loved to calculate math problems. But the two finally found something that they had in common… they both wanted to destroy the relationship of the Basketball God and the Drama Queen.

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