Chapter 4- what are you?

I went right to bed that night. Burney understood, shocked himself. But he did ask me to ask a few fan questions. I decided to talk with Jasmine, Danny's sister. She'd know what to do; if she knew the secret herself.

First thing in the morning, I called the Fenton household. Only to be answered by what I would think to be a sleepy Danny, but almost to my surprise it was more of an exhausted, out of breath Danny.

"Fenton pant Works pant Danny pant speaking. pant"

"Oh… Hello Mr. Fenton. This is Mr. Lan…" I stopped to hear a blast of some sort, and a crash of something expensive.

"Oh Crud!" I heard another loud blast and a deep voice yell in pain.

"Wait… pant Mr. pant Lancer? Pant Oh man. Pant what did I do? Pant" He asked as I heard another crash.

"Nothing, I'd just like to talk with your sister." CRASH!

"Danny?" I heard a feminine voice say. "Oh My Gosh, Danny! Watch Out!"

"I'm working on it! CRASH! The phone is for you! Take it so I can go outside before I break anything else!" Danny yelled over more blasts. "And watch out!" I heard a small scream and another crash.

"Hello?" I heard Jasmine say on the other line, a bit out of breath herself.

"Hello, Ms. Fenton. This is Mr. Lancer." I heard the crashes and blasts drown out of the background.

"Oh, hi Mr. Lancer," She said politely.

"Listen, can I talk to you during homeroom today." I asked.

"Sure. Why?"

"It's about Danny."

"He's not cheating on another test is he?" I could hear panic in her voice.

"No, no. I… You'll see."

"Okay then… See ya there." We hung up.

I got dressed, put my tie on, ate some bacon and eggs, and made some nice, wonderful, calming coffee. I pulled up to the school, picked up my briefcase, and slowly slumped through the doors. I walked through the hallways to my room and opened it up. Not ready at all for the day ahead. I hadn't prepared any lectures or worksheets or anything. A few minutes later, Jasmine walked into the room.

"Hello, Jasmine, please sit down." I gestured toward a chair. She sat.

"How can I put this…I've become aware of your brother's 'special abilities.'"

"His grades are getting better?"

"No. He's been skipping class, and I think I've figured out why." Her eyes widened dramatically.

"W-What do you mean?" she stuttered.

"I've figured it out."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"But you do." I accidentally raised my voice a bit too loudly. She stayed silent. I tried to sound comforting: "I've seen a hidden camera tape to prove that your little brother has an alter ego. Namely, Danny Phantom." I whispered the last two words. "I'd just like to ask you a few things." She looked up at me. Her face was filled with uncertainty. "First, How did it happen? What made him this way?"

"I think Danny and his friends should answer that one." She said.

"Okay, Tell me what you think you should answer and I'll leave the rest to Danny and his friends."

"She smiled a little. Okay. During the C.A.T.'s, He was a bit confused, there was a whole ghost story behind why he took the answers, and how. I don't remember the whole thing, but I do know he was traumatized pretty badly for the next week or so, so I don't think you want to ask him about that. Another thing, Spectra was a ghost, he went through a whole self-esteem melt down there, but it ended up turning out great. That's when I found out about his um… Secret myself." Spectra was a ghost? That took a while to register. No wonder she made the worst spirit week in the history of Casper High. I loved listening to these stories, and when first period came, I let them have the period off, and talk just so I could hear more. It was great hearing all the things I remember the result of. But, in the long run, she left most of my questions unanswered. She left that stuff for Danny, Samantha, and Tucker.

When the first period dismissal bell rang, I said goodbye to Jazz. I had to shape up by tomorrow, or I would be fired, but one day of goofing off a little in twenty- seven years of teaching correctly didn't really add up. The next two classes were a bit difficult, but in the end, I decided to give them the period off too. In the mean time, I graded papers, helping individuals see their mistakes in tests, and help them learn what they did wrong.

Then, there was fourth period.

I felt butterflies in my stomach again. I had no idea how to break the news to Danny. Should he still be treated the same? I knew I had to rely on my instincts, but that doesn't mean that I was okay with it.

" Daniel, Samantha, and Tucker, please come to the back of the room, everyone else, free period. They all looked back at me terrified. I motioned for them follow me to the counselors office. They all followed me whispering, little to know I was eavesdropping.

"Ya think we can escape?"

"Without even more suspicion? I doubt it."

"Seriously, Tuck, Ya gotta think these things through."

When we got to the room, I already had a tape recorder and a hidden camera prepared, as well as three seats. They all sat in them, still looking worrisome as ever.

"I'm going to ask for the truth one more time before I jump to conclusions, fair enough?" They all nodded nervously.

"Okay. Now, why is Danny always skipping class?" Danny's head drooped. There was no answer. I turned to Samantha and Tucker. "Why were you guys helping the ghost boy, when you said you were going to the bathroom and the Nurse?" No answer. "Where did Danny go after he jumped out the window?" Silence. "You should start explaining now," I stated dryly. Nothing. "Okay, I'm going to ask the questions one more time and I'm going to get answers!" I said, now a little agitated. I calmed myself down. "Why is Danny skipping class?"

"I just have stuff to do." came Danny's answer.

"Can you get any more specific than that?"

"No, Sorry." He said, sounding a bit depressed.

"Okay." I tried to sound understanding about getting lied to. That's not easy. "Now a question for you two," I addressed Samantha and Tucker. "Why were you guys helping the ghost boy, when you said you were going to the bathroom/ nurse's office?"

"We saw that he needed help. We were originally trying to find Danny."

Yah, and you found him too… at the same time. I sighed at my thoughts and continued.

"So Danny, Where were you after you made that escape out the window."

"I… um… I saw the ghost boy, and he told me to run, and so I just ran in a random direction, and came back when it was safe. I saw Sam and Tucker, and we went back to your room."

"How do you feel when people lie to your face?" I asked slowly.

"That's what happened!" Sam retorted.

"No it's not!" I realized I was yelling again and calmed myself.

"Danny, Tucker, Samanth… Sam, You didn't just see the ghost boy, you've known the ghost boy since before he existed." They stared at him in disbelief. "Danny, you're the ghost boy." You could see the panic in his eyes.

"What are you talking…"

"I found out yesterday, Danny, don't try to fool me now, because I've got the tape to prove it. Please for once, can we have an honest conversation?" I said sounding as comforting as possible, but at the same time amazed at how smoothly I said it. He looked down at his feet and nodded.

"Truth is, I knew the answers to all those questions. But I am very curious about a few things, as is my friend who is a fan and asked me to ask you a few fan questions." Danny winced.

"Could you please not tell anyone? PLEASE! I really don't want any attention drawn to myself, even my parents." I wouldn't have been so excepting about his parents not knowing what he does after school, but he looked so helpless, and I felt like I was responsible.

"Okay. Anyway. Could you please just explain what you are exactly, and how you got that way?" He winced again, but still looking at his feet, he told the story as fast as he could.

"I stumbled in to my mom and dad's Portal while it wasn't working, and I figured out why it wasn't working by accident, while inside it, and I got zapped and turned half ghost."

Even in the boring context he used, it still remained extremely interesting.

"Mm-hmm, Are you good or evil, and if good, why did you attack the mayor."

"Good. The mayor was being overshadowed by a ghost that framed Danny." Tucker explained while Danny nodded.

"My last question is, how long has it been since this accident took place."

"About eight months ago, I'd say." Danny nodded to Tucker's words.

"Alright, but my friend is a bit more curious." They all sighed exasperated as I took out a sheet of paper and started reading off of it.

"How fast can you fly?"

"Last time we checked, 120mph." Sam said flatly. Danny sat there nodding like a depressed bobble head.

"How many powers do you have? Name them and explain them."

"Shield, speaks for itself. Plasma blast, speaks for itself. Intangibility, same. Invisibility, same. Ghostly wail, most powerful, but drains the most energy. Flying, of course, and division, right now he can do two. So that's six, plus a few that he does and forgets about." Sam listed. Danny nudged Sam playfully, but then looked back at his feet.

"All right…" This was pretty amazing, learning about this stuff, but I didn't want it to show. "Do you have a catch phrase?" gasp I saw Danny's breath clearly as the fourth ghost to enter this room floated in. Danny looked up, in a sudden change of mood much like the one when Skulker attacked. She was a princess; medieval from the looks of it. She had a slightly sad look upon her face.

"Danny, Sam, Tucker, please help us! Our town is being corrupt with modern technology!" Danny stared at me blankly. I stared blankly back. I had no clue what to do. If a ghost came out of no where and asked for some children you thought you knew to protect an alternate dimension and they turned to you for permission, what would you do?

"Uh, Okay then…" I said, petrified. He took his friend's hands and disappeared. I just gaped as I saw the curtains move just an inch. I heard

"I'm going ghost!" from outside the window, (Well that explains the catch phrase question.) and saw a flash. Once again, guess who.


Burney was happy with the questions that got answered and has never told anyone of Danny's secret Identity. Neither have I, nor do I plan to.

Sure enough in period four the next day, I heard him gasp, and his hand shot up.

"May I be excused?" he asked. I smiled and nodded, and he left, his friends loyally by his side. And In his detention that day, I taught him the lesson for that day, as his friends join in as well.

This is how it's been. I say it's worth it to teach an additional lesson each day. They're actually pretty great students when they get the time to learn. But I still have to keep an eye on his 'goofing off.'

We've defiantly all gotten to know each other better over the last month, with private tutoring and all. And I always tell Burney if anything exciting happened that day. Overall, My life has improved since then; I feel more outgoing, all around better. It feels good. I feel fine.

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