Summary: The night Voldemort attacked Lily died, but James lived, Adam (the supposed boy-who-lived) and Harry (the real boy-who-lived). James neglected and abused Harry even when he entered Hogwarts. Will Harry become the next Dark Lord and if he does what will he do to get his revenge?

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Day before fourth year

"Get in here you worthless piece of shit!" screamed James Potter. Harry Potter was reading Darrk Arts by Grindelwald, the book was believed to be burned but when you had the power Harry had, many things are available to you. When Harry heard his father call he made the shadows hide the book and went to meet James, Harry didn't think of James Potter as a father anymore then he thought Voldemort wore a pink tutu and did splits when he was happy.

"What, sir?" Harry said calmly his voice impassive. James got a strange glint in his eyes. Suddenly an illegal curse came flying toward Harry, he just sidestepped it. James smirked and Harry felt the curse rebound toward him.

"Boys, may I introduce to you the slime ball of a son, you may do what you wish with him." James left and the men walked toward Harry and looked him over. Harry had a nice toned out body, he had been skinny and malnourished but the food he sneaked from Hogwarts helped him fill out. He had shoulder length black hair with red streaks, he had no glasses and was about 5"6'.

"So boys, what shall we do with him?" one of the men cackled, Harry shivered at his tone, he tried using his magic but it seemed it was bound. For the next few hours horrible screams filled Potter Mansion.

The next day Harry woke up, he was sore and had blood on his lower area. He shivered at the memory.

"What is wrong young Master?" hissed Jade, a baby Basilisk, Harry had found her a year ago, she comforted him when he was upset or broken, telling him revenge would be his (what do expect she is a basilisk after all).

"I can't stand him, he is so cruel, yesterday he made his men rape me."Jade let out an angry hiss her eyes hardened (the killing was will power), but Harry was crying so she went and comforted him.

"Get down here now you pathetic excuse for a son." James yelled, Harry sighed and put Jade onto his shoulders, telling her to be quiet.

At KingsCross, they made their way to platform 9 ¾, they soon met the Weasly's; James had left Adam and Harry to their care.

"So Adam how was your prat of a brother this time." Ron Weasly said, catching up with Adam. Adam tried to look thoughtful.

"He was different, never came out of his room. Probably doing more Dark Arts." Adam said, although he knew what the men had done to his brother (he was the one who suggested), Ron agreed. They reached the platform and met Hermione Granger, she was a muggle born but the smartest student next to Harry. Hee studied more than she did but for different reasons. He because had no friends to hang out with and knowledge was power and she studied just because she just loved it.

"Hi, ''Mione." Harry said softly, Hermione was the only one who tried talking to him, she enjoyed the conversations they had, and it was the only time he talked to someone so freely.

"Hello Harry." She said; she was amazed at how he had filled out. His hair grew and his muscles were more toned. Adam looked at her surprised; he never knew that they were friends. But paid no heed, he liked her a lot and knew that she like him back. But in truth Hermione liked Harry and hoped he liked her back.

When they were on the train, Ron and Adam went to find a compartment while Hermione stayed behind and searched for Harry. She found him speaking to a snake.

"Hi, Harry." Hermione said softly, she knew he hated loud noises. Harry smiled and returned her hi.

"Harry I was wondering if you could tell me why you hate your brother so much?" Hermione asked softly, Harry stiffened.

"I'm sorry 'Mione I can't, I want to tell you and I want to trust you but you've never really given me reason to." Harry uttered.

"I know I havent given you reasons to trust me... but I hope you'll tell me when you're ready. Now can you please explain why you have a basilisk on you arm?" She changed the subject knowing how Harry disliked talking about his family, he chuckled. It was the first time Hermione had ever heard him laugh.

"You should do that more often." She told him

"Do what?"

"Laugh. Now stop changing the subject, why do you have a deadly snake on your arm?" Harry looked at her before he burst out laughing, Hermione smiled knowingly, she wanted to make him laugh and be happy.

"Um… well I found Jade near the mansion, she had lost her mother and I didn't want her to have no one like me." Harry finishe, he was stroking Jade's scales softly. Hermione nodded still not understanding the full picture but started putting bits of pieces together.

"Potter, sitting with a mudblood and I thought you couldn't sink lower." Draco Malfoy entered the compartment.

"You can actually think, nice job maybe next time you can learn how to ride a broom properly." Harry said, not looking up from petting Jade. Draco looked down right furious.

"When my father…"

"Draco for once in your life think about your father, not the rich, blonde, on the school board of governors father. But the Death-Eater, raping little children, torturing and killing and lapdog of Voldemort father, and when you finally realize the difference come to me and say in my face what you think of your father then. And don't ever say the word mudblood in front of me again." Harry said. Draco, stunned into silence, exited the compartment deep. Hermione looked at Harry

"That Harry was the best speech I've ever heard." She said, he gave her an amused look and they started talking about homework and which teacher would be the new DADA professor.

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