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Chapter 2

The next morning was complete and total chaos. Everyone had gotten up early and went to breakfast, all waiting for their letters worriedly.

In the middle of breakfast a swarm of owls was seen coming through the owl entrance, all carrying ministry envelopes.

Hermione sat down at the breakfast table and looked around, she realized that Oliver, the twins and some others had not yet come down to breakfast. She turned around to see if anyone had open their letters yet, when she turned back to her plate a sliver ministry envelope was waiting for her to open.

She picked the envelope up hesitantly the Gryffindor table became silent. She opened the letter with dread. Reading the contents slowly and carefully, she clapped a hand over her mouth in shock. She immediately stood up from the table and ran back to the dorms.

End Flashback…

Hermione landed on the page with a picture of her and Oliver right after she had gotten her contract. She was laying next to him in his bed, his arm around her waist and her body right up next to his. Fred had taken the picture commenting that they looked happy already.


"WAKE UP! Come on Oliver. WAKE UP," Hermione said jumping on Oliver's bed, trying not to wake Fred or George.

They woke up anyway.

"Hermione, what in the hell are you doing?" Fred asked groggy with sleep.

"Trying to wake up my fiancé, do you have a problem with that Fredrick Weasley?" Hermione asked stopping her actions.

"I see the strings my father pulled came through," Oliver said sitting up, giving Hermione a good view of his muscular chest.

Oliver saw the glance and took his chance. In one swift motion Oliver had pulled Hermione into the bed and under the covers with him.

Snuggling deep into the comforter, Oliver wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. Their eyes connected only for a second, only for the connection to be broken by the "click" of a camera. Fred had gotten up from his bed and was starting trouble first thing in the morning.

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