Darry's P.O.V

I kept my eyes on the road. I didn't want to see how fast I was going but I knew I was going pretty fast. It was two am and they were supposed to be asleep. ASLEEP AND GROUNDED! I thought they were until I got the call from the police. Two o'clock in the damn morning and it was only the second day of spring break. I slowed down a bit pulled into the police station. Breathing in and out to calm myself as I had walked in the doors. There they were; Soda looked at me and then quickly looked at his feet guilty. Pony was slumped down chewing his nail. A cop came out and waved me in his office. I walked past them not even bothering to look at them.

"Take a seat." He said gesturing to a chair.

I took a deep breath and sat down. "Look sir.." I began but he cut me off by putting his hand up.

"In my line of work I see kids a lot of kids like you're brothers. Good kids who get mixed up. I'm letting them off but not because they are good kids because I shot their friend dead. A kid I believe if his parents were to care a little about him and maybe gave him a firm hand when needed; he wouldn't be robbing stores, in and out of jive and dead, shot because he was waving and unloaded gun around. Look I know they've had a hard year. I live with those images of the little one falling to the ground everyday. I'm sure that's half the reason their on that bench out there. They are off this time because I'm in here but putting Vaseline and slashing tires at two am with the Shepherd kids isn't going to fly with anyone else around here. The social services will be called next time. I can't guarantee you will see them ever again after that. They aren't tough; bad kids putting them in social services would kill them"

I couldn't speak. I was face to face with the man who shot down Dally but I could feel my face redden when he told me the Shepherds were involved. "The Shepherd kids weren't out on the bench?"

"Well they have some other stuff to work out that doesn't involve me." He said.

I nodded. "Thank you."

He nodded this time. "Just make sure they aren't in here ever again."

I walked out to the lobby and saw Steve's Dad yank him up.

"You're gonna get it this time. I'm really sick of this bull Steve! You're back side boy is going to be black and blue for a month!"

Soda shot Steve a sympathetic look. Steve just rolled his eyes in return.

"That doesn't sound like a half bad idea." I said pulling Soda and Pony up by their arms.

"Darry we are really sorry." Soda said quietly.

I stopped walking and turn him around and looked at him straight in the eyes for the first time that night. "Not as much as you're going to be."

On the way home I gripped the steering wheel so hard that my knuckles went white and my fingers were aching. It was silent the whole way home you could have heard a pin drop. I could feel Pony's stiffness as he nervously bit his nails. I swear he wasn't going to have any left. We pulled into the drive way. "Get out and take a seat in the living room. NOW!" I hollered.

I followed them into the house and shut the door. I turned around they were both sitting on the couch like two five year olds who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. That's when it hit me. They crossed the line. If it would have been another officer. They would have been sitting at the social service offices waiting to go to some boys home or worse they would be in jail.

"We didn't mean to." Pony said. He sounded a lot tougher than he was looking.

"DIDN'T MEAN TO WHAT? huh Ponyboy? Didn't mean to get caught? Didn't think I would find out you snuck out of the house. I guess you didn't think I would find out last week when you went to Bucks with the Shepherds and got into a damn bar fight but I did. And both of you were supposed to be grounded to this house for a week and curfew at eleven for the next two. I've told you both not go near the Shepherds. Do you two realize you only didn't get in trouble with the police because the cop that picked you up was the one who shot Dally?"

Both their heads shot up like lightening with wide eyes.

"Well that's the truth! If that would have been anyone else you guys wouldn't be here. I'm not doing this boys! I'm not letting the social services pick you up! You two aren't going to go and get yourselves in jail it's not happening. I'm sick of you two disobeying me! I don't know what it's going to take to make it stick to you that I'm serious. Grounding isn't working." I looked at both of them.

"Soda I want you back in your own room. Pony in yours. I'll talk to you guys each in a minute and I swear if either of you are gone from your room. When I find out you'll regret leaving for the rest of your life. I warned.

They both looked at each other but didn't move.

"Darry we share a room." Soda finally spoke up.

"Your old room Sodapop', go there." I told him firmly.

They both looked like they wanted to protest or something but neither of them had the guts to test me right now. So they went. I walked into my own room sat down at my desk and buried my face in my hands. What was I going to do? Grounding and chores had no affect on them; screaming only scared them for a second but I didn't want them scared. "Mom, Dad help me." I said out loud.

I looked up at the ceiling as if they were just going to appear and tell me how to handle this. They didn't of course and I got up and lay on my bed. They really crossed that line. How was I supposed to trust them when they are sneaking out? Putting Vaseline on people's windshields and steering wheels could kill someone. Slashing tires was illegal and could kill someone. I knew it was the Shepherds influence but it didn't matter. They had a choice and I was sick and tired of this crap and it scared to death that I was walking on thin ice one more step and I would have lost them. They needed to understand that they weren't going to wild. I wasn't losing them.

I looked over at the clock but something else caught my eye. My belt was thrown on my nightstand. I thought about what Steve's Dad said about him being black and blue. He wouldn't thou; Steve was going to be on my couch by morning probably. I thought about Johnny but this wasn't like that. I wasn't beating them. Johnny never did anything to deserve a whipping either. Nothing else was working. They have pushed me to far and they crossed a line. I rolled off the bed and picked up the belt. I guess I would have to talk to Soda first.

What do you guys think? Should I continue or delete it? This will be short; I got the idea from a reviewer from one of my other fan fics.