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Author's Notes: This a possible AU scenario of the Manga ending and war continuation (take note I've read up date Castlevania II aka chapter # 71 and The Dawn # 06, so there will be spoilers). It's going to be long and I will be slow to update (working in more than one WIP) but is all planned. This prologue was edited by kelles and Puck 3/4.


- Prologue

Oh God… My dear Lord… Never did I ask you to grant me a single wish.

The air was hot in London. Hot and bright, it ate at his cold skin - blinded his sensitive eyes. Both regenerated, only to be wounded again and again in a never-ending cycle that he that he resigned himself to endure. He was dead but he could not die. He had rejected death.

There was blood in the atmosphere: The scent of corpses on fire and the fragrance of freedom and victory as he followed Seras' path with his mind. She had taken Integral to a safe spot; neither suffered from serious injuries. That was what he had wanted and planned, he allowed himself to close his eyes and laugh while the ground grew near.

He had been falling from the shattered, blazing craft; Hindenburg II suffered the same fate of its older sibling. Major did not learn from his mistakes; the Nazi had underestimated him, his ship's resistance and his sleeping heroine. Alucard recalled how his foe's smile faded when his horrific lover dragged him into a world without wars where he would have eternal peace.

He hit bottom and steel was scrapped around him, oddly not touching his body. Alucard stopped laughing and grunted. His head ached badly while his limbs regenerated with more difficulty without his stock army to feed off. The screams of the Zeppelin crew ceased completely; not a voice in his hearing range. The only noises were of the burning construction.

"It's over…?" Alucard wondered in a weak whisper, sounding weary despite the giddy carnage. He smelled the apathetic destruction that surrounded him; it did not stir his loins, nor did it strengthen his resolution anymore. His purpose had been missing for a long time, buried within the confines of his own denial.

But I remember now.

Slowly, he took a broken item from his right pocket and glanced over it, traced the two shattered fragments of his old golden cross. Alucard had almost forgotten why he always kept it with him. Together they had fought Crusades, hunting groups and world wars. And now…

'Till death do us part, Alucard thought, mockingly as he kissed the pieces before placing the cross on his chest, just above his heart. The wind blew stronger, clearing the piles of smoke from the sky, allowing sunlight passed through the clouds.

My God… My Heavenly Father… I never begged you for anything.

The sunbeams did not annoy him as usual; they were warm and comforting, unlike the fire of war. They gave him strength, stirring his long dead organs inside. The sky was glistening above and he sought to reach it with trembling arms.

I haven't asked you my secret yearning. You have known all along that I didn't want to die as a monster.

His mind was drifting into the golden light. To fight was to pray for his wish. If he battled enough in His Name, if he finally embraced what he had forsaken in a moment of despair in the twilight over a hundred years ago.

All of them died for my dream. Can even a miserable being like me accomplish it?

Sickness overwhelmed Alucard suddenly and he coughed up a great amount of blood. He vomited the liquid out of his system for minutes, cleansing it. Old blood, new blood, given and taken. Was there a drop left in his body? He nearly passed out from the painful spasms, whose intensity he had forgotten. He clutched his heart and curled over. The drumming, beating of life within his system captured his ears. He could not listen well to the environment and did not hear the piece of a nearby building that started to fall over him until the shadow of it blocked his view to the sky.

'Master! Master!' Seras' voice was so far into his mind as their link was severed abruptly.

Not this time, Police Girl, Alucard replied, knowing fully well his answer would not reach destination but he wanted to say them as fruitless his efforts were. This time your voice cannot awake me. Take care of Integra.

He shrieked when the bricks smashed the bottom of his body. He coughed blood again. It was warm blood, his own blood. He licked it to taste it as his eyes sought the shinning horizon once again, the sun and the blue sky beyond the smoke of war and the oncoming darkness of his brain.