Written ages ago, sat on my hard-drive until my my dear friend, Moony's Puppy, mentioned she wanted to beta something. Her preference is short and HP-fandom only, so I obliged.

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Sorting Through Change


I've warned them thrice. Still the divisions stand, still the hatred remains. What reason would the students ever have to listen to an old tattered hat?

Houses... You're labeled forever in Britain. If you're a Ravencalw, everyone wants you for research. Slytherin, politics. Gryffindor is the house of risk takers, dragon tamers, Aurors. And... well... if you're a Hufflepuff, there's always some desk job out there.

Neville Longbottom would likely have be in the early stages of creating a cure for the insanity of the Cruciatus curse if he hadn't nearly wet himself when I mentioned he had ambition enough for Slytherin. Hermione Granger should have made Hufflepuff, but she fought. Susan Bones had believed she was no one special, thought she was only worthy of the house of the badger when she tugged me over her head. Blaise Zabini pleaded, believing his mother would kill him (or at least torture him) if he wasn't a Slytherin. Luna Lovegood is a Slytherin (babblings do not equate insanity).

I could name and list nearly every student. Blood means so much, even when they vehemently deny it. I made few exceptions in the early days, such as when they were betrothed. Then I made one for best friends... then ones for entire families (the Patils are of Indian upbringing). The protégés of the protégés of the Founders died in a horrific accident, and then... I had to sort them myself.

Ever been on a broomstick for the first time hurtling up a hundred meters, no idea how to use it?

And this has led to my action today.

The houses... are no more. They have been nearly disbanded. I've had what would pass for a conversation with the castle. At three minutes past noon, no one was in any of the common rooms.

Now, it's divided by years, with a great common room that rivals the Hall. Firsties are with Third years, Second with Fourth. Six with fifth, and seventh years with their own rooms connected to their own smaller common room (for they did have N.E.W.T.s, which always resulted in all night study sessions, often ending in at least one minor mental breakdown ).

As soon as the Great Hall empties, tables of various sizes and shapes replace the long tables. The banners will disappear, replaced by the Hogwarts crest and saying of the Founders and various Headmasters. Once this done, I, the Sorting Hat, will activate my own bit.

Everything bought at Madame Malkins and other sundry robe shops are spelled. If you haven't been sorted, the are of the neutral Hogwarts colors. But the moment I announce their fate, the change. Since buyers couldn't always predict the house, the was a spell placed on them that all magical tailors learn in Britain. It's keyed to me. I change the crests.


Two thirty-eight and twelve seconds will go down in Hogwarts a History.

Blaise Zabini adapted to his house, very quickly, something that is the true hallmark of a Slytherin.

Pansy Parkinson became a Ravenclaw.

Ginny Weasley as well as her brother remained Gryffindors, as did Miss Patil.

Luna Lovegood belongs to the house of the snake as well.

Susan Bones has an interest love of political history, and is now a Ravenclaw.

Hermione Granger is a Hufflepuff.

Draco Malfoy... going to take so much to change his mind, so loyal... joined Miss. Granger.

And two boys, the two that made me think, the ones who showed me that the desperate beggings were no isolated incidents, now have crests of green and silver.


Hogwarts must unite now... or fall forever.