1As blue fades

I never thought it would come to this, the blue is fading away, slipping through my fingers so slowly that it's killing me too. I stare into those eyes, pleading, sad, why can't you put that damn smile on again? Why can't you at least give me that? I never wanted to see you like this, I was the one who was supposed to leave this world for you, all I ever wanted was to protect you...

Yet here you are, in my arms and your dying. Why did you do this to me? Why are you leaving me? Not here, I just figured this all out, I've just started this, and now it's already ending. Your breathing is slowing down, no, not now! Don't leave me! Your all I have, Fai, you're the only one I want to protect anymore. I hear you whisper,

" Kurogane.."

And it only makes me cry more, this is all I've ever cried for, and I wished that all I was feeling would kill me too, so I could at least be with you. What will I have left when your gone!

" Kurogane...Tomoyo..."

No. I don't want to hear that, I don't care about her compared to you, nothing else matters. I can feel your blood soak through your clothes, staining you red. Red like the eyes you always stared into, the ones that aren't fading away. And now you can barely speak and I can see the blood even in those fading blue eyes. The bloods all over me now, forming a pool around us, I'd be better off in hell. Your hands are shaky, I can see you trying to move, and it's only making this worse. The snow's not helping, and I don't want this, you to be a frozen corpse in the land you've been running from. Was this all my fault! Am I to blame! I deserve this, not you, not you.

I hear his footsteps, approaching me, not knowing he's just signed his contract with death. I grip you tightly and pull you close to me. Then I turn around to face him, a smile on his face so much like yours, it makes me sick. I'm covered in blood and tears and filled with rage as all he does is glance at us and laugh. In an instant I'm up, and my sword is through his chest, straight through his heart. And what does he do! He laughs! He laughs like a madman, and then gives me that smile...

And I break. I rip out the sword and pound it through his flesh again, twisting it so that I rip him to pieces, so I can see him choke on blood and he'll stop smiling. But he smiles. I scream so loud I'm sure that everyone across all worlds have heard it, I take my sword like a stake and pound it through that smiling face of his. I tear his flesh until I'm capable of ripping it all apart with my fingers, Until I pry every living part from him so that I don't see that smile from him last. It's Fai's smile! It's Fai's smile you bastard!

My breathing slows down, and I lift my bloodied fingers from him. I gasp for air, shaking and disorientated. I drag myself back over to you, Laying like an angel in a pool of blood, My fingers leaving red stains on your face as I touch you, the taste of blood on your lips when I kiss you that one last time. I hold your hand, and snow falls, coating us with white and making you seem all the more ethereal .

I can feel your death, your heartbeats silenced. My red eyes look down upon you, oh my beautiful angel, as blue fades.