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Everybody thought that Lily Evans was happy. Slightly odd, but happy. But no-one knew that it was all a mask. And behind that mask her life was crumbling. Right in front of everyone's eyes Lily Evans, hardcore punk, rebel and tomboy's life was falling apart.

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Military Jacket


"James Harold Potter, get your puny little butt down here right NOW! It's already 11:30! You have wasted an hour and a half getting ready!" Yelled a seven year old Lily Evans, James Potter's best friend. Lily Evans was a small redhead with green eyes like sparkling emeralds.

Sprinkled along the bridge of her nose like pepper were freckles and just below her chin was a tiny scar that looked a little bit like a lightening bolt. That particular day her shoulder-length dark red hair was pulled into a short ponytail.

She was wearing denim short-shorts, an emerald green t-shirt with a dark green military jacket that was about ten sizes too big. Lily didn't really care, after all, she was only seven!

On her feet she wore a pair of rainbow thongs. At that moment she was standing at the bottom of the staircase at James's house; he was still getting changed!

"So, you spent half an hour getting ready, there's not that much difference and do ya wanna go for a bike ride?" James asked as he emerged from his bedroom and walked down the stairs. James was tall for his age. He had hazel eyes and messy raven-black hair. His cherry red t-shirt that made him look like a clown's nose was already wrinkled although he had only been wearing it for a few seconds and there was a mark on his jeans that looked suspiciously like tomato sauce.

"Sure but let me go get my bike" replied Lily as she ran out of the house to get her bike. "Darling, please come and eat your breakfast" James's mother, Katharine hollered. "Ok Mum"

Just as James finished his breakfast, French toast and scrambled egg, the doorbell sounded. "I'll get it" yelled James. It was Lily with her bike, a new shiny green mountain bike. "Come on, lets go" she panted, tired from running all the way to James house. "Mum, we're going for a bike ride" "Okay dear, don't forget to wear you're helmet"

"Come on, last one to the river is a rotten egg!" shouted Lily

"Ha, I beat you, in your face! I'm better than Ja-ames, I'm better than Ja-ames!" sang Lily, cheering because she beat James. "Hey James, do you think we'll be friends forever?" asked Lily as she plaited a few strands of grass.

"Of course, we'll be friends forever, like I'd forget you, come on, I want to show you something". Silently he led her to a bush, carefully ducking in. "Come on, crawl through" she did so obligingly, but gasped when she saw what was behind it.

It was a beautiful garden, with a wonderful wooden swing, a sparkling clear pond with ducks and water lilies in it. Scattered all around the garden were lilies, of all different colours and types.

"How she you find this place" she asked subconsciously playing with a purple lily. "I found it when I was playing with my Frisbee" "ooohhhh" was all she said in reply, still awed by the beauty of the garden.

"Hey Lil, um, I'm moving" just after he spoke those 4 1/2 words it seemed as if Lily froze. "What do you mean by "I'm moving"?" she asked, still shocked. "Um, well, I'm moving to Camden Town, on the other side of London.

"WHAT, When?" "Um, tomorrow" "How could you! You know tomorrow is my birthday. So much for friends forever!" she yelled angrily then pushed him out of the way, running towards the exit. "No, Lily, wait please don't go" He started to cry. It was too late.

Lily was already out of the garden and running home. "I'll miss you…" he mumbled over and over again gradually falling asleep, not noticing the purple lily with a grass bracelet on it sitting at his feet…

At number fifty-one Blossom St, an eleven year-old girl by the name of Lily Evans awoke at the ending of a strange dream, forgetting what it was about, not knowing what was awaiting her the next morning…

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