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Just as Lily had thought, Petunia did get her while she was exiting her bedroom.

And especially seeing as Lily hadn't exited that room for a day, Petunia hadn't had any opportunities to torment Lily.

So now she got extra.

"Hey Freak, why'd you exit your ugly room? I was hoping you'd never come out and that you'd starve to death. Or maybe you're only coming out to get the butchers knife so that you can stab yourself like out poor excuse for a mother" she sneered down at her red-headed sister.

"Leave me alone bitch and let me get something to friggin' eat!" thundered Lily as she pushed her way past her sad excuse for a sister.

Petunia stood there for a second before muttering something under her breath, that, to put lightly, wasn't very nice.

Relieved that her wallet hadn't fallen out of the pockets of her jeans Lily grabbed a couple of pieces of bread and headed towards the heavy oak front door.

Quickly Petunia jumped in-front of it and demanded "Where are you going!"

Lily was, in fact, headed towards 'The Leaky Cauldron' as it said in the letter, to find Diagons Alley.

But she couldn't say that and instead opted to mutter instead "I'm meeting a friend".

Abruptly Lily pushed passed her sister to get out the door.

Running down the street towards inner London a thought flashed across her mind.

I left Madden at home. With Petunia.

She continued her thoughts and kept on running, not exactly knowing where she was going was sure that she would find a way.


The sun was setting as Lily reached the Leaky Cauldron. She had spent five hours trying to find the place and after getting lost six times she was finally there.

Curiously the red-head pushed open the door and walked in.

All the heads of the occupants of the bar swivelled their heads as Lily walked in.

What are they wearing?

She had noticed the dress like items that it seemed everyone wore.

Sullenly Lily looked down at her black chucks, tattered baggy jeans, black singlet and olive military jacket that was too big for her. Compared to everyone else she looked suitably out-of-place.

With a scowl on her face Lily moved to the bar counter and spoke "I wanna speak to Tom".

The barman left to look for him as two boys around her age walked in laughing.

One of them looks like a prat she thought and the other one is… Sirius? What the hell is he doing with that arrogant jerk? I haven't seen him in days…

Clenching and un-clenching her fists she stuffed them in her pocket and headed towards them.

"Why haven't I seen you in days?" angrily demanded Lily.

Sirius looked up at the girl standing in front of him and smirked. He then realised that he wasn't supposed to know him and resumed a slightly bewildered face.

"And who the hell are you?" he asked.

For a second Lily thought she saw a flicker of recognition in the arrogant jerks eyes, but when she blinked it was gone.

Resuming her attention to Sirius she remembered something about him.

Sirius is a very good actor.

It slowly dawned on Lily that, maybe, just maybe, Sirius was pretending he didn't know her. The thought made sense and the more she dwelled on it the more it made sense.

"Oh, sorry" Lily muttered quietly "You just look a lot like someone I know"

Two can play that game she thought. Sirius had forgotten something about his ex-best friend.

She was a very good liar.

Now if you knew Lily, you might have known this fact. This is very unlikely, seeing as she didn't have any friends.

Of course, Sirius was her friend, but he hadn't been friends with her long enough to know. Only two people knew of her lying ability. One of them could not be asked anymore, and the other was herself.

So nobody could tell that she was lying, and as she began to walk away from them, Tom happened to come out of the back rooms.

"Where's the little girl that asked for me?" he asked.

Lily strode forward and acidly answered "First, I'm not a 'little girl' as you put it. And secondly, I do have a name. Yeah, I was the person that asked for you."

Tom looked as though she was the scariest person he had ever seen. Actually, everybody in the pub looked that way. Sirius and his 'arrogant jerk' of a new friend began to slowly try and sneak out the door.

Indicating for her to follow, Tom headed to the entrance to Diagon Alley. Lily raised an eyebrow at the brick wall, thinking

How the hell is a brick wall the entrance to some random wizard shopping centre?

To her amazement the archway formed and she walked through the arch. Surveying the Alley the petite red-head did not seem a bit shocked and only said three words;

"Let's get going".


In one word to describe Lily's feelings right now, it was bored. Dead bored. She was sick of being dragged around to musty old shops, standing around feeling out of place.

No matter how much Lily liked to be different, being surrounded entirely by adults and being the only one in jeans made her feel incredibly out-of-place.

The only shop she had liked was the book store. Yes, Lily Marie Evans, complete and utter tomboy liked to read. But she even felt out of place in the bookstore because she didn't know any of the author's names or the books.

The only other good thing was that she managed to send a letter to Hogwarts. All she had to do was wait for a reply. But she was still bored and unhappy.

So Lily scuffed her chucks on the pebble walkway. They didn't scuff.

Rrrrr, I hate it here already. And my bloody cassette player isn't working…


By the time Lily got home it was 9'clock(A/N pm ),her sister was already asleep and the front door was locked. So she came to the conclusion that the only way to get in was through her tiny bedroom window that she luckily left open that morning.

Quickly Lily pulled open the window, pushed the bags of stuff from Diagon Alley in before here and quickly followed.

Making sure that Petunia wasn't there she shoved the bags under her bed, shut and locked her tiny bedroom window.

Surveying her room something was missing; there was no lump under the covers. Before anything had time to sink in the tired girl slipped into her bed, and only before she fell asleep did she realise;

Madden was nowhere to be seen.


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