Chapter Three- Truth:

"When I defeated Doom, I found out that I needed a reason to live." Shadow looked at his hands. He closed his hands and eyes as if he was in a deep pain. "I tried to be kind, but it just wasn't in me. I soon learned about the human emotion of love that destroys the strongest men and empires. Love is a tool of evil. It is trickery and pain. Even if you love someone with all of your heart, you have no power of if they die or not. You are as useless and vulnerable as a flower. Amy showed me the beautiful side of love when she told me how she felt about you. It hurt me but she said that no matter what I did, she would never love me as much as she loved you. She told me that you made her heart hurt with the pain of a thousand spears but feel as superior as an angel's touch. She showed me what love was. It made me want to die, but it also made me want to live even more. She may not have realized that I loved her"
Shadow walked towards Sonic with a knife in his hands.
"Amy doesn't love me, so there's no reason for me to live." He put the knife handle in Sonic's hand. Sonic winced.
"What the hell kind of person do you take me for?" He smacked the knife out of Shadow's hand. Shadow picked up the knife and cut his hand. Sonic took the knife from Shadow, who had a demented smile on his face. Sonic looked at Amy's tattered clothing and then back at her attacker. "Amy wouldn't want you to die because of her. She would probably die of guilt. Would you want that"
Shadow shook his head slowly back and forth in a no. "Do you even know why you did all of this? Do you understand that you will have to pay dearly for what you have done!" Sonic glared angrily at Shadow, who was frozen at the spot. Shadow then let out a shot of pain.
"What's wrong!" Sonic ran towards him. Shadow's body caught fire and his fur began to peel, revealing a metallic skeleton. "WTF"
It was a clone.
"DAMMIT!" Sonic looked at where Amy was and saw that she wasn't there. "A trap. But by who?" There was a bloodcurdling scream that echoed through the hallways like a phantom.
He ran through a pink hallway where he saw a deep trail of blood. He followed it and saw Amy lying on the floor, clutching a black and red figure. She was rocking back and forth; she looked as though she had been through something ghastly. He looked at the black figure and quickly realized that it was Shadow.
"Amy, what's wrong with you?" She slowly looked up at him and there was blood on her face. She held a piece of glass in her hands and Sonic could see that her wrists were cut.
"Sonic…" She croaked. "… he killed him, but- HE almost killed him." Amy sounded like a psycho. Sonic's P.O.V-

I walked over to Amy who held a dangerously wounded Shadow in her arms. That guy that I saw back there that had raped Amy couldn't have possibly been this Shadow; I would have sensed his movements. "Amy, what are you talking about"
"This Shadow tried to save me before this happened. The Shadow that raped and kidnapped me was a piece of HIM." She growled with the intense pain of remorse. "If I had listened to Shadow, HE would have killed you, Sonic. He's too strong…" She slowly quivered as I helped her up. I checked on Shadow; he had fatal wounds. Amy looked at Shadow with eyes of deep longing.
"Evil. HE is evil. Using one's that I care about to torment me. I will die before I see anyone else get killed because of me." There was something very different about Amy; she seemed much more serious and indomitable. Like an intellectual. I put my hands on Amy's shoulders. She jerked back. "Amy, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know what is wrong." I thought about what she told me before. Then I looked up when her lips began to move.
"He told me that he wasn't Shadow. He said that he really loved me and I could see it in his eyes. When you came, HE figured out what happened and killed him. Poor Shai-ko. If he would have just been given a chance to be free, he wouldn't have died"
"Ummm, Amy, who the hell is HE"
"Shadiowa Hedgehog. AKA Ianaru Kekaru. He wanted me when I first moved to this town, but I told him no because-
The scenery that surrounded Amy and Sonic was that of this mansion, but much brighter and warmer.

Sonic could see a younger Amy standing in front of a black hedgehog that looked identical to Shadow except with orange streaks and brown eyes. 'Ianaru,' Amy started. 'I can't be with you because I love Sonic Takeshi Hedgehog'
Ianaru's eyes filled with anger.
'But you just met him! How can you possibly say that you love him!' Ianaru clenched his fists and grabbed Amy by her shoulders. 'Amy, I need you… I have to be with you.' He leaned forward and kissed Amy. She pushed him away.
'I'm sorry Ianaru, I love Sonic and that's the way it's going to be. Even if I die, I will always love Sonic. It may seem dumb; love at first sight, but I know that I'll always care about him. Even if"
Amy clutched her hands. She had a deep look in her eyes. "Even if he doesn't love me back, I know that I love him so… I know it doesn't make sense but when I'm around him, I'm my happiest and my saddest. He makes me feel like I'm about to die but I also feel like I've just been born. I don't know what to do, but I know that everything is gonna be okay!" When the precedent Amy smiled, everything turned back to normal. Sonic walked over to Shadow and looked up at Amy. He pulled out Eternity's Wing, the feather that Baba had given Amy.
"I don't know exactly what this thing does, but I can sense good in it." He showed it to Amy and she grabbed his hand.
"There's good and bad, Sonic" She slowly slid the delicate feather out of his hands; Sonic and Amy were both watching each other's hands. Sonic seized her.
"I'm sorry, Amy. I didn't fulfill my promise to always protect you." He embraced her tighter. A cold hand touched his shoulder. Sonic swiftly turned around and saw the wounded Shadow. "God, Shadow, You scared the crap out of me"
Amy started giggling and Sonic blushed. Shadow smiled and sat down by them. His wounds were healing. Sonic was astounded. He looked back at Amy. His eyes grew wide with amazement. She had angel wings coming out of her back. One of her feathers fell down and it looked just like the one that she had in her hand, jewels and all. She stood up and stretched hers wings. A light breeze swirled around her and she was wearing a white halter with a mini skirt with white boots that had white bells at the heel. She put the Feather of Eternity on her wing and a white bow with a gold bell appeared on her neck and left leg.
"Wow, I didn't know that I would be this pretty when it happened." Amy twirled around, her wings spreading to their full wingspan which was about ten feet across. Sonic walked over to her and she touched his hand; his body glowed and he was healed. She smiled and ran to Shadow and poked his arm. It healed. She poked his leg. It healed. She continued to poke him until he was completely healed and annoyed.
"You know, I could have healed you by just touching you once, but I couldn't resist!" She hugged Shadow and Sonic hugged her. Her wings flapped.

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