Title: Tightrope
Author: ferretgirl1124
Pairing/Characters: RaexTerra, hints at RobxStar
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Kinks: Slash
Word Count: 461

A/N: Takes place after 'Titans together', and ignores 'Things Change'.

Dedicated to: Wow. My 50th fic. I feel so...accomplished and yet oddly pathetic. So, this is dedicated to all my usual readers; Rose, Gnostic, Meir, iforgetmyname, Shadow, Mr. E.H. Norrell, and everyone else. Thank you for all your support!

The relationship was dangerous, always walking a thin line. She had come back; they had discovered her with Slade, perfectly healthy except for her missing memory, and they had taken her back. Since that day she had meditated with Raven, her memories reappearing slowly except for the ones that haunted her nightmares. One day the team couldn't take it anymore.

Robin had requested that someone spend a night with her, hoping that any person in the room would sooth her and calm the dreams. That left Raven and Starfire, and Star already had a bed to share. So that left Raven.

The first night had been awkward. The sorceress and the blond stared at each, then went to bed silently. Raven was never so thankful that the others had set up a cot for her. That was the way it was for three weeks. The nightmares abated, and the others decided that it was best to leave things the way they were. So Raven was moved in permanently, much to the two girl's annoyance.

One night they lay in their beds, both thinking, and Terra had to speak up. "Rae?"




"Thanks. For helping me with the nightmares."

Raven snorted and curled up on her side, staring at the wall. "It would be better if I could have fixed it without moving in with you."

"Yeah. But you guys saved me. And you saved me from myself, and...I just wanna thank you for that."

Since that night, something had changed. Their relationship developed, deepened, and almost ended the night that Terra awoke screaming and fell into Raven's arms for comfort. Their eyes had met, and the blond had thrown herself forward to mash her lips against the sorceresses. None of the others knew of this occurrence, since the two had cleaned up the vases that that exploded during the kiss.

Amazingly enough, it didn't end there. There was no fight, no 'Raven moving out in a huff' scene, simply an unspoken agreement to never speak of it. Their friendship was balanced on a tightrope, and one small slip could destroy it forever. It wasn't until the night of the new years eve party that it was settled on to solid ground once more. The clock struck midnight and the two kissed again, much to the shock of all the Titans there, East and honorary included.

Beast Boy had been heart broken, but had given them his blessing.

The relationship had it's problems. There was still the mistrust and the hurt buried within them somewhere, and it appeared during fights. The tower had been nearly destroyed almost five times. Yet they stuck it out, always knowing the love would balance out the pain, and that the tightrope was behind them forever.