We Just Played.

The brats are making him nervous. Kio is not surprised that Soubi asked him to watch over them; frankly, with those two, the least one must expect is them putting the place on fire while making a sadistic ritual of some sort and drinking all the beer.

Still, they are much too quiet quiet. Kio stops his doodling and turns to see thema and finds Youji looking at him with that damn smirk of his, sprawled over the bed while Natsuo is sitting over the floor near the bed, licking Youji's hand, green eye closed as he...

Wait a minute.

Natsuo is what!

Kio tries not to stare as he turns to see and yes, Natsuo is licking Youji's hand, tongue twirling over his fingers and Youji smirks a bit more before moving over the bed, nuzzling the redhead's neck, biting an earlobe and sucking it over his mouth. Natsuo gives a moan and stops his apperitive of Youji's hand to move over the bed, turning Youji and straddling him and all too soon both of them are a tangle of thin arms and legs and kissing frantically in a way no twelve years old should know how to do and just how long has it's been since he has had any?

Kio's shock breaks at the same time that his pencil does when Youji (who is currently on top) starts rubbing his hips against Natsuo's.

Soubi finds Zero playing the RPG, or rather Youji playing while Natsuo's sprawled over the floor, head over the Sacrifice's thigh, twirling strands of blue hair over bandaged fingers.

"Did you behave?"

"We just played" drawls Natsuo in that way that always seems to hint more, but Soubi doesn't take the bait and instead turns to see around.

"And Kio?"

"He's in the bathroom"

Soubi wonders if he should ask why the Zero pair starts to cackle but decides that it's none of his business and instead goes for a beer.