Track 6: Antes (Before)

Antes de olvidar quisiera llorarte una vez más y soñarte
antes del libro cerrar,
quisiera contarte que no me gustó su final.

Before forgetting you, I'd like to cry you once more and dream of you
Before we close the book,
I'd like to tell you that I didn't like its ending.

Clow seemed to like long hair. Yue never really got any proof of this other than his master liked to thread his long pianist fingers through his hair during the afternoons while he rested his head against his knees.

Once, he questioned him and Clow had gotten that look, the look that said that he was thinking of other times and other places, other people and he had stilled the motion of pale fingers over moonlight hair.

"Well…" Clow had said finally, the same enigmatic smile over his place, leaving the book over his lap to tap his nose once. "That, my dear Yue, is a secret."

He had never asked again. He didn't like those moments in which Clow would stop smiling, when he'd look serious. Every time it happened, there seemed to be something heavy settling over his chest, like the time in which Clow had said that cherry blossoms and also peach blossoms were his favorites, or when he got around drinking his sake alone in his study.

With Clow's fingers threading through his hair, Yue tried to force himself to stop thinking. Cerberus was snoring over a couch and he was against Clow's knee, almost asleep while his master continued reading in a soft, soothing voice.

When the soft murmur of changing pages stopped, and the threading fingers stilled their motions, Yue raised his head towards the magician, blinking carefully.


His eyes were glued to the dance of the fire, prophetic and ancient, and Yue's back straightened even more.

"I want you to promise me, Yue, that no matter what, you will always try your best to be happy."

Yue was happy. Being able to stay by Clow's side, watch his magic, have blue skies and the moonlight… he couldn't imagine any other kind of happiness. However, there probably was something more on Clow's wish to have this promise because he had to know just how happy the Moon Guardian was.

Even so, it was his master's request.

"I promise." Yue answered without hesitation.

Clow's eyes broke over the hypnotic dance of the fire, turning to see him and they were so warm and kind, so loving, that Yue nodded softly just to help the smile that was starting, leaning back against Clow's knee, fingers threading through his hair again.