A/N: This is really short, but that is because it is simply a set up for what is to come. This story is an idea that I've had in my head for a long time. A LONG time. Finally, I decided to commit it to paper. This story is going to be a long one folks; complete with villians, true love, bitbeasts, prophesies, magical beings, secrets and more. Enjoy

Warning: Shonen Ai

Pairing: Kai/Tyson

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Soul's Journey


The first rays of sunlight came peaking over the horizon, illuminating a standing firgure. Dark blue bangs blew across a tanned face as warm brown eyes looked out into the distance.

Giving a soft sigh, a gloved hand reached up to brush away dark locks that hindered the youths vision. It was coming. He could feel it. It was in the air, a heaviness, a stillness. Like that before a storm. It wasn't long now. Soon, he would have to tell them. All those that he had become friends with, all those he had let into his life, they would have to know. He didn't have a choice. They would be involved whether he wanted them to be or not. Besides, they dersevered the truth.

Feeling something within him stir, the youth shivered. Oh yes, it was very close. He could already feel his true self emerging. It was in the way he could think more clearly, in the way his movements were less clumsy. It was gradual for now; but once it came, everything would happen all at once. In a way, he was thankful that he was regaining his true self a little bit before. It was less of a shock for when it happened.

He knew that there were negative things that would come with it. But he couldn't help but anticipate it. He would gain his true self and all that came with that. It was like beging released from a prison, being set free. How could he not like that? And then there was that something else that he would gain. The knowledge of the identity of his mate.

His mate. He knew who he wanted it to be. A certain friend of his; tall, pale, slightly cold most of the time, with two toned hair and the most mesmerizing red eyes. The youth felt his cheeks flush at the image of his pheonix. He had been in love with Kai for a long time. A long time. He had never let on though. Not a hint. He couldn't.

It wouldn't be fair to Kai. The slight youth had no idea if the stoic teen even felt anything for him at all. In fact, it was highly unlikely he even viewed him as a friend. All the same, he couldn't take the chance. If Kai did feel the same way...he just could not risk it. He could not risk hurting him.

Once he learns the his mates identity, all the feelings he had for the Russian teen would pale in comparision to his mate. He needed his mate, there was no way around it. So unless his mate and Kai were one in the same...

Hence, his silence concerning his feelings. But still...he hoped his soul mate was Kai. He knew that whoever his mate was, they would be the perfect match for him in every way. He just wanted that person to be the crimson eyes blader. Though, thinking about, it might be better if it wasn't Kai. After all, the older boy would probably never like him. And if his mate rejected him...he didn't even want to think about that possiblility.

The sun had completely risen, the light from its rays warming tan skin. Gazing at the view spread out before hand, the boy realized that today was going to be a beautiful day. Gazing at a flawless sky, he felt hat feeling inside him stir harder. The sky, it was calling him, urging that something inside him to emerge. His shoulder blades twiched. He could feel a slight pressure there, as if something inside wanted to get out. It was even closer than he thought.

Turning to go back inside, Tyson Kinomiya made a promise to himself. He would tell his friends the truth very soon. Before events did the telling for him.


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