I was watching That's so Raven at three in the morning running solely off three root beers, so bear with me peoples. No idea what made write this but I'd figured I'd just kinda jot it down, see what happens. It was during that 'Blue Rain' concert thing when Raven did the makeover on William. Y'all don't have to review if you don't wanna. Just putting that out there.


Dear Raven,

I know this will seem weird to you. Heck, it seems weird to me. Of course now you're probably wondering who is writing to you.

It's William.


It seems weird to say that on paper. Rather, write that on paper. I guess at some point I'll have to actually get to the point.

I am in love with you.

Or…at least, I think I am. It's hard to say when you're in love. (Or in my case, write it on paper) I think it would've have been so much easier if I were to know love before.

That way I would have something to compare it to.

I do know that whenever I see you my heart speeds up. My stomach flutters and a rather large lump in plants itself into my throat.

That could just be an allergic reaction to some food. But the probability of that happening every time you walk into a room is slim to none.

I don't want to make you think you have to do anything about this. If you want, we can pretend like this never happened.

What I do know is there probably no chance of us every getting together. A) You are several years my senior. B) Society wouldn't accept us and you deserve better than that. And C) You already have someone who's for you.

I can't act like I'm some kind of love guru because I'm not, but you have some one who is right in front of you and I hope you can finally see him.

With these last parting words, I hope you can be truly happy. If at least, I was wondering if I could go to the wedding?

I hope you have a good life with Eddie.

Sincerely, (your unrequited love)