Track 17: Sucky Love Song.

If I didn't love you so madly
and if I didn't want you so badly
maybe you could see who I am
and you'd fall in love with me too

Homework, Taichi decides, is worse than fighting against evil megalomaniac digimon. Or maybe, he despairs while erasing the equation he had been working for the last twenty minutes when he decides that it's all wrong, his teacher is somehow an evil mix of human and digimon who wants to conquer the world when the minds of the students subjected to evil algebra just stop working.

He groans, letting his forehead hit his notebook, hoping for osmosis to help him and trying to ignore the soccer ball that seems to be pleading for him to use it. Surely if he went out just for a little while…

"No." Says the blonde that's perpendicular on the floor where he is, taking notes from his science book, merely pausing a moment to look up towards him, blue eyes amused and lips turning in a slight smirk.

Taichi pouts to his best friend. "But Yamatoooo! It'll feel abandoned!"

"And it'll feel even more abandoned if you've to leave the team if you fail Math."

"Can't I just take a little peek to your homework? Pretty please?"

"You've spent too much time with Mimi, Tai." Yamato says, laughing a bit, batting the trying to be sneaky fingers away from his bag, throwing it over the bed. "Puppy eyes are not really your thing, just so you know."

Tai then sticks his tongue out. "I'm hurt, Yama. Hurt." Then he rolls on his back, closing his eyes, because even if he can't go out to play he is at least leaving the algebra alone, at least for now, because it's obvious that it doesn't want to be disturbed.

Moments later there's shifting over the floor and then there's the soft warmth and weight of Yamato's head over his stomach. Tai cracks open one eye to see that his friend also has his eyes closed, Physic's book held loosely over his hand and Tai reaches to touch the almost-broken spine, lingering a bit near Yamato's fingers, grazing them softly with his and moving away and again.

"What happened to studying?" Tai asks in a soft voice, thanking the fact that even if Yamato's father does try to spend more time with his son and in their house, he's still not going to be coming in just then, making them break apart to say that yes, they are studying or have him try to ignore the way they're leaning against each other.

Yamato's fingers push against his in soft, lingering touches that make Tai smile, making him close his eyes and just enjoy the moment.

"Break." Then, after a moment. "Too comfortable to move."

Tai's smiles widen a fraction and he lets his fingers entwine with Yamato's, ignoring soccer balls and studying and everything, just enjoying their break.