Track 14: Una noche (One Night)

Qué esconder la noche va a guardar entre nosotros dos.
O sentir o pensar. Si me llenó de dudas la noche
es porque yo vi nadar delfines en tu voz.
Y sentir sin pensar, sólo que aún hoy, sigo aún, aún hoy
sigo amándote, amándote a ti.

What to hide the night is going to save between you and me,
Or maybe feel or perhaps think. If I was full of doubts
It's because I saw dolphins dancing in your voice.
And to feel without a thought, if only because even today, I still, even today
I'm still in love with you, still in love with you.

"You're missing the party."

Shun barely turned his head over his shoulder a bit when he heard his steps, the warmth of green eyes telling him of the smile the other Saint surely had, even if he couldn't completely see it.

"Is Seiya still glaring at Julian-san?"

"Yup." Hyoga smiled, leaning against the balcony besides Shun, letting the warm ocean breeze flow through him, eyes closed to enjoy the sound of the waves. "I think he might have a break down, Saori said that she was going to dance with Julian."

Shun giggled, a pretty sound even more welcome than the waves and Hyoga turned his head to see the Andromeda saint and the way the lights of the party danced over his hair.

"Poor Seiya."

"Poor Seiya?" Hyoga gave a tiny snort, giving his back to the ocean to instead watch the Pegasus and Dragon Saints. "Poor Shiryu, who has to hear about it non stop. I might even try to feel sorry for Tatsumi if he has to be there with Seiya still claiming that Solo is dangerous and has to apologize again."

Another soft laugh, and Shun leaned his head against his shoulder, just barely. It was almost easy to forget the battles, the fights; the blame he was always going to carry… none of that mattered when Shun's warmth was pressed against his side.

"How is your eye?" Hyoga managed not to touch the patch over his eye that was half disguised by blonde hair. He let his hand graze Shun's arm just for a moment before letting the arm again over the railing of the balcony and the Andromeda Saint moved a bit closer until they were almost, practically hugging.

"It'll get better. Don't worry about it." He smiled, turning his head to look at Shun who also turned to look at him, the music and chatter from the party mixing with the sounds of the ocean and at the same time, Hyoga was certain that they could almost push all those sounds away.

"You're missing the party." Shun said then, turning again towards the ocean, head against his shoulder.

Hyoga pretended to consider for a moment before shrugging barely an inch, eyes closed and soaking on Shun's presence.

"The party that I care about is right here."