"Ahhhhhh!" Zan shouted as he fell to the ground. "Damn, that wizard! He could've at least gave me a warning before he teleported me here! Just a simple "hang on!" could do!" He muttered to himself as he stood up.

He looked around. He was standing in front of a Lumbridge castle. "So…what do I do now?" He thought. He decided to ask someone to guide him.

"Anyone here willing to guide me? I'm new!" He shouted out loud. "Oh my god, shut the hell up, noob!" He could hear a shout that came from the crowd outside the castle. Then, he felt someone tap on his shoulder from behind. As he turned his head, he heard the person saying, "I would be willing to. I have nothing to do anyway." A tall man clad in gleaming full rune armor with a rune two-handed sword in his sheath stood there. He had a dashing red cape on.

"Uhhh…ok, but first, let me introduce myself." Zan said, mesmerized by the man's weapon and armor. "My name is Zan, what's yours?". "Calladus." The man replied. "Ok, let's start the day. That bronze sword and wooden shield of yours is, no offence, thrash. Let's get you some armor." Calladus continued.

They walked out of the castle and walked towards the direction of Draynor village. On the way there, a highwayman attacked Zan. Zan raised his shield and blocked the highwayman's blows but soon, it was knocked away from his hand. "Help, Calladus!" He cried. In one clean stroke, Calladus struck the highwayman down.

"Here you can keep his black cape." Calladus said, passing Zan the highwayman's cape. "Thanks." Zan donned his cape and took his shield back.

They both walked to the Draynor village bank. "This, here, is Draynor village. Wait here, while I get you some iron armor from my bank." Calladus said. Zan nodded.

Moments later, Calladus came back with a full set of iron armor and about 10,000gp. "These are for you." He said. Zan looked at the money. "Lovely money, thank you soooooooooo much!" He cried in delight as he put on his new armor and kept his money.

"Ok, now let's go train!" Zan said. They both walked back to Lumbridge. Calladus pointed to one of the goblins. "Attack and kill it!" He said. Zan gripped his iron longsword and charged at the goblin. He slashed at it's stomach and wounded it. The goblin was enraged and threw rapid punches at him. Though, his armor protected him, Zan stumbled backwards and fell onto the ground.

The goblin raised his hands for the final blow. Zan quickly kicked the goblin's legs, causing it to fall. He stood up and chopped the goblin's head off. By that time, Zan was panting heavily. "Huff, huff, huff."

"That was good, but let me teach you some strokes and tricks that could really lend you a hand in battles." Calladus said.

From that afternoon to that evening, Zan had been practicing and practicing. He soon got the hang of it and could kill goblins pretty easily then. At night, Zan tried his hand at fishing and caught lots of shrimps. Calladus let Zan cook his shrimps. He kept burning it at first, but in less than half an hour, he could cook pretty well. Both of them ate shrimps until they were full.

They pulled out sleeping bags and went to sleep. "Today had been a tiring but great day." Zan thought and closed his eyes.

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