K, so I'm making my own 'lost season' of Teen titans fanfics. Here are the current Episode titles I've got so far:

The Larry And Silkie Show:

Robin's interdimensional doppleganger returns, but an unlikely band of villans have captured Kole, Gnarrk, and Bumble Bee. Now it's up to our miniature and silkworm friends to save the day.

Way Back When:

When Raven freed Malchior, she thought she was saving a charming trapped wizard, not aunleashing cruel imprisioned dragon. But it turned out she had freed a trapped wizard, but she hasn't even known for 3 years.

Red Hot:

During another battle with Killer Moth, the Titans meet a new hero, which to thier suprise, is a very familiar blonde-haired girl.

Deepest Ten:

The Trident clones have found a way out of their prison, and are even angrier than ever, and it will take the assitance of a very speical person to Aqualad to take them on.

Su Hora Du Brillar:

The Titans East enjoy another wonderful sunny day at the park... that is untill a spanish villan called Lagarto Negro darkens it with a vail of darkness. Seeing that he also speaks spanish, it's up to Mas y Menos to "translate".