Ok, just something I came up w/ while sitting in my psychology class. It's a short little one chapter deal. I know I may have seen something similar, but any similarities are completely coincidence.

Also, this is 90 dialogue, so I'm sorry if it gets confusing…I tried to make it as easy as possible to understand.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Winchester boys (sadly) or their family. Don't sue me, I'm poor.



"Tell me about your mother"

"Why do you keep asking me about her?"

"I want to know what happened"

"But I told you before, she died"

"Tell me how"


"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to tell you again"

"I can't help you unless you help me, Dean"

"Who said I needed your help!"

"Calm down…Please; just tell me one more time"

"…on the ceiling, burnt to death"

"On the ceiling?"


"And you saw her on the ceiling?"


"How old were you?"

"Four. My father handed me Sammy and told me to get out of the house"

"Then how do you know she was on the ceiling?"

"He told me"

"Your father?"


"Tell me about him"

"My Dad? He went crazy after that. He went on a 'crusade'- as Sam would say. He was hell bent on killing the thing that killed her"

"And you helped him?"

"He trained us as little soldiers. We both helped him until…"

"Until What?"

"Sam went to college. Then it was me and dad hunting"

"What were you hunting?"

"Ghosts, Demons, whatever else we could until we found the thing that killed her"

"Did you ever find it?"

"No, Dad went missing"

"He did? What did you do after that?"

"I went and found Sam at Stanford. I needed help and I couldn't think of anyone else"

"Tell me about Sam"

"He's my trusty geek-boy, always there in a pinch. He doesn't know how much I need him but I don't think the feelings are mutual"

"How do you know?"

"He wants to leave me, just like everyone else"


"Everyone who loves me…leaves me"


Dr. Michaels stopped the tape. Mary, John, and Sam looked on is stunned silence.

"He has created a fantasy world." Dr. Michaels explained "One he's been living in for weeks now"

"But how?" Mary sobbed. John tried to comfort his wife by placing his large arms around her.

"Probably a form of coping, but it baffles me"

"Baffles you? Why? Aren't you supposed to be his doctor?" Sam asked rather heatedly.

"Well, if this is meant to be a defense mechanism, he would have typically created a world where he felt safe and secure. Dean has done the opposite. He goes on later to explain moments of intense peril where he, his brother, or both of them are in great danger or almost dead. He uses fanciful language such as monsters, ghosts, demons or otherwise to explain what he is battling that week. it just confuses me"

"Can I see my son?" Mary cried.

"I don't think that is such a good idea. After all, he believes you are dead and his father is missing" Dr. Michaels said. "The only one I would consider letting in to see him is Sam"

"Why?" all three asked in unison

"Because you are the only one he has expressed any form of trust in. he does, after all, believe he is on a ghost hunting road trip with you in his fathers 67' Impala"

"I can't see him" Sam said "it would be lying to play into his fantasies"

Dr Michaels shrugged "ok, its your choice. But I still don't think your parents should see him either. Any extreme shock to his system would be harmful. After all, Dean has no idea he has been in this hospital all his life"