Title: Demon Rising
Author: InferiorBeing
Main Pairing: Harry/Draco with Harry as a combination human/dark-creature. This is not bestiality as Harry is still human in form, but thinking in a more animalistic way. It's the same kind of thing as if I were to write him as only a werewolf or a vampire, except I'm adding more than just one creature to his nature.
Side Pairing(s): very slight Ron/Hermione
Rating: R or M. Rating is for violence, dark themes, and lime scenes.
Warnings: Dark themes, such as death and mutilation, dark rites, and the like. Also the idea of owning another person as a mate, against their will if need be. If this squicks you, please stay far away from this story. I do not write graphically all the time, I tend to romanticize things a lot, so it's not always that obvious. But if you sit back and think afterwards, what you've read will still have these ideas. Also, this is a GOTHIC story, and therefore there will be disturbing bloody scenes, no matter how I romanticize things. There will be no lemons (sorry, can't write complete sex scenes, not one of my strong points) but there will be lots of lime (smutty scenes, just stopping at the boundary of a sex scene).
Horcrux Pieces: (this is my idea of what the seven Horcruxes are/will be and how they will fall into place in my story)
Original soul – piece that stayed in Tom Riddle's body, destroyed at Harry's infancy
Gryffindor's sword – piece that is active now, found by Quirrel in Romania
Slytherin's locket – destroyed by R.A.B. (assumed Dumbledore by Voldemort, R.A.B. only known to Harry)
Riddle's Diary – destroyed by Harry
Hufflepuff's cup – destroyed by Harry
Slytherin's ring – destroyed by Dumbledore
Nagini – only piece still dormant at time when story starts

Chapter One: Darkness Rising

Voldemort had always known that his most cunning plan had been the Horcruxes. It was something that he alone had been able to do, to split his soul into seven parts. Of course, now he was down to six. One part had been destroyed during Harry's infancy. Quirrell had then found the second part during a foray to Romania; a part that he had hidden in a relic of Gryffindor. This was the piece of soul attached to a body right now. The other five were still hidden and dormant.

At least they had been, before Dumbledore had found out about them. Voldemort still did not know exactly how Dumbledore had discovered his plan, but the man was already dead, so no pleasure could be derived from planning to destroy him for it. The blasted wizard had already destroyed two of his precious Horcruxes, the locket and his family's ring(1), before he had been killed. Of course, Dumbledore had told Potter about it, and only recently did Voldemort realize the damage that the two of them had caused. Between what Dumbledore had done before his death, and what Harry had now continued after his death, he was down to only one more Horcrux and the active piece of his soul.

Voldemort looked over, almost fondly, at the sinuous creature curled up at the hearth. Nagini. The only Horcrux left. That meant Potter, and his two worthless tag-a-longs would be coming for her soon. She was not worried; she had told him that she knew he would protect her, and she was happy to be used as bait if it meant that her master would destroy the other snake speaker that threatened him.

But Voldemort disagreed. Death would not be coming for Harry Potter any time soon. Death, in all its horrific beauty, was too good for Harry Potter. Harry Potter would suffer; he would make sure of it. And, in memory of Albus Dumbledore, he would use Harry Potter to bring the wizarding world to its knees.

And so Voldemort had set about on his second most brilliant strategy: the altering of Harry Potter. A dark and ancient blood spell that he would infuse into Nagini's poison. His darling would then execute the rest of his plan, and he would win.

Blood magic was an ancient magic that predated the Dark Arts of the more modern times. It's loss was one of the more tragic losses from the burning of the libraries of Alexandria, and wizards had never fully recovered it. Only the necromancers of the Dark Ages had been able to understand the ancient blood magics, but the last of the necromancers had died at the end of the Dark Ages. Only one of his tomes existed, and it had been hidden away until being found by a muggle in Egypt. There was an order issued for it to be brought to the Cairo museum, but it never arrived there. The muggles had tried to hide the fact that it had ever been discovered when no trace of the tome was ever found again. Not that they would have found the tome anyway; it belonged to Lord Voldemort now.

The tome had been written in the ancient language of the Necromancers, a strange combination of Latin and Greek with a melded sound. When spoken, one word blended into the next so that one could only tell where the words ended if you knew the language. Written, it meant that everything was one long word, with a hyphen-like mark to indicate the end of a sentence. But, being fluent in both Latin and ancient Greek, the young Lord Voldemort had set about learning all there was to learn about Necromancy… or, more importantly, how to create a Necromancer.

Necromancers were not taught, like witches and wizards were. Necromancers were born as Necromancers, with all the knowledge of their art dormant inside them. A catalyst was all that was needed to bring forth all this knowledge and power. This was one of the things about Necromancers that had scared the witches and wizards of the Dark Ages. The idea that a child could be a fully-fledged Necromancer was inconceivable to them.

Of course, the dwindling Necromancers had tried to preserve their creed, by finding a way to bear a child as Necromancer. So the story went that this last Necromancer had created a formula for doing so, and had experimented on many children in order to preserve his race. Yet only the children born hideously deformed would survive the birthing process; none of the children survived infancy.

This tome held all the notes that this Necromancer had made about these experiments. He had been very detailed in his descriptions of the pain both the child and mother went through, and the young Voldemort had stored these ideas away as possible torture methods.

In the end, the Necromancer had died after four hundred years of failing to forcefully create another of his kind. Many had hailed him mad, but Voldemort recognized true genius when he saw it. He had set to work trying to revise the spell, and found what he believed as the flaw in the Necromancer's thinking. According to the tome, the child was unborn when the spell was cast on the mother. But with the mother as the intermediate, something interfered with the full spell for infusing the Necromancer powers into the child's soul. Voldemort had planned to test his theory, but his downfall by Harry Potter had stopped this.

Now Voldemort sought a new power from this rite. He sought to expand it, to use the dark rite to create a being never before seen in the world. He recognized the folly of creating a full-fledged Necromancer out of Harry Potter; the boy would kill him instantly and drag all parts of his soul down into hell to rot. The boy needed to be contained, and for that Voldemort turned to the base instincts of the different dark creatures.

In the end, Voldemort decided upon four dark creatures to bind to the Necromancer's rite. The dominant of these was the Basilisk, ensuring the boy's loyalty to him, as he would again be the only snake speaker alive once the rite was completed. Underneath the Basilisk, he placed Dementor and Inferi. While the Dementor part of him would yearn for the souls of the living, the Inferi would long for their life and vitality. The two combined would create a dark hunger to rip out the victim's soul, along with their anima, or life's breath. And to bind the powers together, Voldemort used Werewolf. Obedience to the pack or, in this case, to the cause, would keep Potter from attacking his own Death Eaters and allies.

And so Voldemort created an experiment to rival that of the last Necromancer, as his loyal Nagini, the only creature ever to love him, looked on with approval.

Harry had fervently hoped that Voldemort hadn't chosen his pet snake as the last Horcrux, but he could no longer hope such. Hermione still suggested that there was another possibility they had overlooked, but Harry knew better. They were not only were they out of ideas, they were out of memories.

The family ring of Slytherin was the first, and it represented all the memories of Lord Voldemort's heritage. The locket he'd hidden in the place of his first act of real evil against other humans; it represented his childhood. Those were the relics of Salazar Slytherin.

The diary was from his school days; given for safe-keeping to one of his servants, one who could be trusted and would know it was important without being aware of the specifics.

The relic from Hufflepuff was the symbol of his early adult life, the beginning of his focused learning of the Dark Arts. It was hidden away in the tomb of the woman who'd first shown it to him.

The relic of Gryffindor had been hidden in Albania, a symbol of his growth there into the Dark Lord Voldemort, mastering the darkest of Dark Arts. This was the piece Quirrell had found, and this was the piece that had been "revived" by the Death Eaters in Harry's fourth year.

The piece that he had originally kept with his body Harry had destroyed as an infant, a symbol of Voldemort's defeat. And Ravenclaw's relic had been hidden away in the Ministry of Magic; a testimony to their recovery after his fall from power.

The only memory left of Voldemort's life was the height of his power. There was no location special to this time, nor was there any relic to associate with it.

Except the snake.

During the height of his power, Voldemort had found Nagini. Harry knew that she was the last Horcrux, no matter what anyone said. Getting to her, however, was a problem. She never left Voldemort's side, if it could be helped, and if she did leave his side, it was to stay in hiding during a dangerous raid. Separating the two long enough for Harry to kill Nagini would be difficult. And before that, he had to find Voldemort.

"I say that we wait for a raid and then follow them back to wherever they're hiding." Ron had suggested. But Hermione had disagreed, saying that they couldn't follow someone who apparated. While the two bickered over it, Harry ignored them for his own thoughts. There had been a pattern to the Horcruxes, which Dumbledore had analyzed by looking at Voldemort's life. There had to be a similar connection to where Voldemort would choose to operate from.

The place that came to mind immediately was Hogwarts, but Voldemort could not have Hogwarts in his grasp. There would have been much more commotion if the Dark Lord had stormed the school while it was in session, especially after all the debate that opening the school had caused.

Voldemort wouldn't go back to the home of his mother. But, why not that of his father? It would prove his superiority: the very thing that his father despised living in his house, sleeping in his bedroom, eating at his dining room table, ordering the destruction of muggles from his very entrance hall. Yes, that would be Voldemort's revenge(2). Besides, even if Voldemort wasn't there, maybe the house might contain a clue that would lead Harry to him.

Harry handed Ron his Firebolt and his invisibility cloak wordlessly. They'd done this before when going after the Horcruxes: a mixture of muggle and magic. Hermione gestured to the headsets that they each wore and all three turned them on; these were used to communicate.

Ron would remain outside, cloaked and on the Firebolt, to make sure that if someone caught on to their presence he could tell Hermione and Harry to get out; a strategy had already proven very useful when they had to sneak into the Ministry to get at the only relic of Rowena Ravenclaw. It was Hermione's job to make sure Harry got to the Horcrux and got out after the Horcrux was destroyed. Harry's job to actually destroy the thing.

Ron's "all clear" came, whispered into the headsets. The two Gryffindors on the ground began to move forward to the rusted gates of the Manor.

"Can you see anything, Ron? It's all dark out here." Hermione whispered.

"Yeah. There's a light on inside. The room's only got a back window."

"Can you get any closer?" Harry asked as he and Hermione worked their way up to the side of the house.

"Yeah." There was silence for a minute. "There's a fire going… and… he's gotta be here Harry; the snake's curled up on the rug!"

Harry and Hermione froze, crouched behind a bush in the dark.

"Is there anyone else around?" Hermione asked.

"Not that I can see. If there's anyone else in the house, they're sitting in the dark. The only light is from the room with the fireplace and the snake."

"Out on a raid?" Hermione directed the question at Harry, who shrugged.

"Who knows? Either way, we have to try it."

Harry began to crawl towards the house again, elbowing his way through the overgrown shrubbery and weeds. "Ron, stay as close as you can and tell us if you see a rat anywhere. You know what to look for."

"Right. Don't see Wormtail yet, though."

Harry and Hermione reached the side of the house without anything changing inside of the house. It seemed truly deserted, except for the Horcrux snake.

Flattening himself on the building's wall, Harry watched as Hermione went to work. The house –like any manor, Harry assumed - had very large windows; ballroom quality windows, with many small panes making up their length. Hermione touched the tip of her wand to the edge of the window pain and whispered: "Avelle" (lit. "tear away"). A soft, golden light appeared where the wand met glass, and she began to peel the glass away from the frame of the window. She repeated this five times, creating an area without glass just large enough for Harry and herself to crawl through.

Then she touched the tip of her wand to the metal frame and whispered, "Frange"(lit. "fracture"). A crack appeared. She repeated it until she could lift the metal framework away from the rest of the window. With a nod to Harry, she crawled into the dark room. Harry followed her with only a moment's glance back at the house grounds to make sure nothing had changed.

"The snake's moved." Ron's voice came, worried. "It's leaving the room. Be careful."

Harry didn't have to see Hermione in the dark to know that she was worried. The snake could go silently anywhere in the dark, while they needed a light. That put them at a great disadvantage.

"Keep going anyway," Harry whispered.

Hermione nodded, even though he couldn't see it, and whispered: "Ater Lumos"(lit. "black/dead light"). A small flash echoed from the wand tip and a glow surrounded both her wand and hand. Had the room been lit, the glow would have seemed black to the eye, but in darkness, it gave off a light just bright enough to see.

They had found a ballroom, or what had once been a ballroom. It was a huge room, with windows that stretched from ceiling to the floor. In the dim shadows above, Harry could see a shape that might have been a chandelier, and he could feel the ornate designs of the wooden floor beneath his palms.

"They've been using this house." Hermione said. "They have to be. You were right, Harry."

"What tells you that?" Harry whispered back.

"There's no dust anywhere. This place has been taken care of."

Harry was struck with a thought of another way one could use a large room: for a gathering of Death Eaters. This place would be big enough so that they could all stand, or kneel, or whatever without being crowded.

"Let's go." Harry whispered to Hermione. "We're not getting anywhere sitting here."

The girl nodded and began to creep towards the door, only to stop when a stifled gasp came from behind her. She whirled, her wand lifting the shadows from the area behind her.

Harry Potter sat, seemingly frozen, on the floor. A flicker of movement made her look down to his ankle and she saw a scaled head rising away from the exposed flesh, twin fangs glistening in the dim light.

"Kill… the snake!" Harry gasped and rolled onto the floor.

"But Harry!" Hermione didn't bother whispering. "We have to get you out of here-"

"More important.. to-" Harry's voice melded into a yelp of pain.

Hermione turned back to where the snake had been, but she couldn't see it anywhere.

"What's going on?" Ron's voice sounded in the headset.

"The snake bit Harry!" Hermione cried.

"What? Give him an antidote spell!"

"I don't know what kind of snake it was!" Hermione was hysterical.

Harry didn't hear their talking as he arched off the floor in pain. Something was wrong. He wasn't dying, he was sure of it. Yet… something was… changing. "Hermione-" His voice was hoarse, as if he hadn't used it in a long time. "Get out of here… now!"

"What? I've got to help you! Somehow-"

"No! I'm not dying. Something else is happening! Believe me-" Harry screamed, his body twisting into grotesque positions. "Get out!" he yelled, convulsing into a shape that looked almost snake-like in itself. "NOW!"

Hermione had never heard Harry speak this way before. His voice had changed. He rasped more than spoke; his words sounding more like the parseltounge from his second year than real words.

"No, I can't!" Hermione cried. She had to do something, she couldn't just let Harry lie there twisting like that. She brought her light down to Harry's ankle, holding it near the bite. There were no wounds, nothing that looked like a snake bite, just a stain of black decorating the skin above the slightly protruding bone of his ankle. She looked closer, trying to identify the mark. She'd never seen its likeness before. It looked almost like a rune, but backwards… almost like an undoing spell, but so different from one that it couldn't be.

Hermione yelped as someone grabbed her shoulders and threw her off Harry. Looking up she saw bright emerald eyes looking down at her. "Get. Out. Now!" Harry shrieked at her, his voice trailing off into a blood-curdling scream.

"Come on, Hermione!" Ron's voice yelled at her through the head set. Seeing no other option, the girl fled, crawling through the hole in the window as fast as she could. She disappeared almost as soon as she had crawled through; Ron had grabbed her.

Both hovered invisibly on the broom trying to see in the darkened window as they heard the shrieks from inside.

Harry convulsed on the floor, every limb shaking. Pain raced through his body like lightning, but all he could do was lie there and scream. This was no Cruciatus curse; this was pure pain, the kind that the mind could not shut out.

The world slid out of focus and Harry's cries became gurgles as blood filled his mouth. Four of his teeth, all on the upper jaw, began to grow larger and sharper, pushing the rest of his teeth out of alignment. Harry felt something give, and four small, hard things fell out of his mouth and onto the floor, making a harsh clattering sound.

Harry strained against the wood of the floor, the muffled thuds becoming harsh scratches as his fingers lengthened. Small popping sounds assaulted Harry's ears as the bones themselves shifted and he began to claw at the wood, leaving large scratch marks behind that he could not see.

The pain spread down to his feet where the same thing occurred, and the boy reeled in silent screams.

Harry rasped. Something else was wrong with his mouth. His tongue caught between the front two of the changed canines and he writhed as it stretched, becoming longer and forked.

The boy fell against the floor in whimpers as the convulsions slowed and stopped. Then with one final ear-splitting scream, the boy slumped against the floor in a puddle of his own blood.

"We have to go in and get him!" Hermione whispered furiously to Ron, who nodded in assent. He began to move the broom closer to the window, but pulled back as he heard the faint 'pop' of someone apparating.

"We can't leave him!" Hermione whispered louder.

"I know but-"

There were more pops as more people apparated. Someone muttered something and the lights roared to life in the ballroom, revealing thirty black-robed, white-masked people and one boy, lying broken on the floor.

(1) the Locket and RAB - Since Dumbledore and Harry got the note about the locket, I am going on the idea that Voldemort did not know who it was that originally got to the locket and therefore thinks it was Dumbledore. This person will not come into my story because, even though I have a guess at who it is, I don't want to make any large assumptions like that in the story plot. I am going by the idea that he destroyed the locket and was then killed as he implied in the note, without Voldemort knowing that he destroyed it.
(2) Riddle Manor - This is my idea of why Voldemort was using Riddle Manor in Goblet of Fire. I am going to use the idea that he hasn't moved headquarters since that time.

status: beta'd by Ayeshah Harvey-Lomas