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timeline-Between Heat and Flushed

Answer to Shywriter's challenge at the Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof forum here.

What lead up to Bling finding out about Max?


"Are you high? If you didn't know already I wouldn't have told you, and now you want me to let someone else in? Original Cindy and Kendra don't even know and they're my best friends."

"Hear me out Max. I want you to stay safe too. I have done a full background check on Bling. They don't come any more dependable than him. He doesn't even have a parking ticket. He served in the Coast Guard and has martial arts and weapons training, though granted, not like you. Besides physical therapy he is a trained medic and physician's assistant, so he could help if you have a medical problem, plus he can write scripts so he can get you the Tryptophan. I wouldn't have let him in on Eyes Only and the Informant Net if I didn't think he was trustworthy."

"Logan, your secrets are a bit different than mine. What if Mr. Upright-Straight-Arrow thinks I ought to be turned in for the good of the country or something like that?" Max starts pacing.

"I don't believe he would do that."

"Well I can't risk my life and freedom for your beliefs."

"What if we just discuss Manticore without bringing you into? Like it's just something else I'm investigating. If Bling seems weirded out by it, we end it there and tell him nothing. But if he seems sympathetic, you consider telling him the rest." Max looks at Logan like he has just grown another head. "Just consider it Max. I would like you to have some back up in case something happens to me."

Max grabs her coat and puts in on. "Next time you decide to do drugs, spend a little extra and get the good crack. I'm out." She storms out and slams the door.

Logan rolls his eyes and mutters to himself, "That went well."

Max is in the Space Needle restaurant, trying to calm herself doing tai chi and thinking.

Logan must have lost his mind, telling someone else I barely know. I will be talking to Bling, but it will be to find out if Logan is on any medication that might be messing with his head, or if he has a brain injury besides the SCI. I'm risking enough exposure already. Just missed Lydecker by a hair with Hannah. Might not have without Logan's help though ... Bling seems like a great guy; he takes excellent care of Logan ... still don't mean I gotta spill my guts. Even if he promises not to tell anyone, he'll never look at me the same. It'll be awkward at best, or worse, he'll be scared of me and maybe even not want to work Logan anymore and he needs Bling ...

Logan ... he thinks with those blue eyes and 14 gigawatt smile will just charm the pants off a girl ... He'd have a better shot at getting into my pants than getting me to tell my secrets. Max switches from tai chi to some shadow sparring. But, as he said 'we're not like that' so no need holding my breath on that topic ... Still, it's getting harder to get Tryptophan. If something happened, especially if Logan wasn't around, it would be good to have someone with some medical training for back up ... not that any medical training would have covered me and the sibs. She smiles to herself. Maybe I'll consider doing what Logan said, bring up Manticore without talking about myself to test his reaction. If he seems sympathetic maybe I'll tell Bling a bit more ... Still, can't let His Holiness think he won so easily. Gotta let him sweat it out – won't tell him till tomorrow.