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Crash into Me

Chapter 6- Never Too Much

As Ryuho carried Mimori through her apartment, she exhaled an approving 'Oh God, yes…' before capturing his mouth, tongue pushing past his teeth as if on a quest for his tonsils. This time he made it to her bedroom doorway unhindered. As he crossed the threshold she grabbed the doorframe with one hand, yanking him to a temporary stop. Working by feel alone so she could continue exploring his mouth, Mimori's fingers expertly tapped across the lighting controls and the overheads dimmed to a soft glow, immediately setting a sensual mood.

Feeling both of her arms firmly back in place around his neck, Ryuho proceeded straight to the bed and dropped one knee down onto it. As he leaned over to place Mimori gently in the middle of the bed her entwined limbs pulled him down on top of her, spilling them both in a messy heap amidst the soft sheets. Awareness of their arrival at their long-awaited destination escalated appetites exponentially and soon frantic hands were tugging at clothing, dipping beneath in search of as-yet untouched skin. Desperate, strangled moans spilled from Mimori's throat into Ryuho's, snatching at his last bit of composure. His engorging manhood ached and throbbed in his shorts and he ground himself against her in a vain attempt at relief. She writhed in response, pulling her legs wide open beneath him and rubbing her breasts wantonly against his hard chest. Hand already under her tank top in the back, he reached up to the nape of her neck pulling the garment with him. Sensing his intentions, she momentarily suspended her exploration to pull her top over her chest and then her head, allowing the shirt to fall from her outstretched fingers onto the floor.

Ryuho had leaned up to give her some wiggle room by propping himself on a flat hand pressed into the mattress at her side, but now stared down at her bared chest in utter amazement. Being a teenage male, he'd of course seen pictures of breasts before: documentaries where the native women didn't wear tops, or where mothers nursed their babies. He'd also seen plenty of men's magazines full of girls riddled with impractically gigantic implants and surgical alterations. But the delicate milky mounds gracing the lithe torso in front of him were in a different class altogether. They were pert and perky- ample and voluptuous in their size without being so large as to be raunchy. Dusky nipples stood at attention beneath his gaze, begging to be plucked and fondled. He imagined that even had he trekked the globe in a tireless quest for the earth's most perfect breasts he'd be hard pressed to find anything to rival the sight before him.

Mimori, who had simply considered the removal of her tank to be an annoying interruption of an otherwise flawless bit of foreplay, was totally taken aback by the way Ryuho was now staring at her naked upper half. Was something wrong? Did they look ugly or misshapen? Being a fan of the buff, Mimori had scrutinized her chest many times and guessed that she looked about average, if not a little busty. But as she watched his eyes jump left and right her mind was suddenly flooded with doubts. Her hands slowly dropped from over her head to rest atop the darkness of her nipples as fear clouded into the corners of her eyes.

View suddenly obscured, Ryuho's gaze finally jumped up to Mimori's face and registered her mounting trepidation. Totally embarrassed, he blurted out a hasty apology, feeling foolish for reacting so childishly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare! They're just… you're just so… beautiful… perfect…" He winced at how lame he sounded and mentally counted to ten before daring to look back down at her. He was of course not expecting the surprised little blush awaiting him.

"You think I'm beautiful?" Her voice was tiny and uncertain and when she bit the edge of her lip, he nearly dropped himself down to bite it for her. Instead, he slowly lowered himself over her, resting on his forearms so that his chin hovered just over her sternum.

"Mimori, I don't have very much experience with this, but I can't imagine anything or anyone more perfect than you…" and leaning on one side, he reached a tentative hand up and set it against her ribs, just beneath the swell of her right breast.

Her skin twitched beneath his touch and she slowly lifted her hand away from herself to allow him access. Somewhat surprised by his comment, she tried to make her query sound casual, "Do you mean that I'll…?"

Once again taking in the sight of her fully exposed breast, he nodded absently, "Yes, you'll be mine, too." Mimori tried to process the implications of this new confession but became entirely too distracted when Ryuho grazed careful fingers over the outer curve of her soft mound, tracing the periphery of the darker areola. A soft whimper of pleasure issued from between her parted lips and he instinctively deepened the pressure of his touch.

Fascinated with the two differing skins, Ryuho alternately moved between the plump roundness of pale flesh and the flatness of the darker skin circling her nipple. To his surprise the little peak seemed to wrinkle and stiffen beneath his fingers and he rubbed across it in curiosity. The sudden gasp and spasm that this elicited from her greatly intrigued him and he began rolling and squeezing it between his fingers. A passionate cry the likes of which he'd never heard before suddenly leapt from Mimori's throat and she began arching her back up to push into his touch. Encouraged by her strong reaction, he pinched and twisted the nub while kneading the surrounding flesh with his remaining fingers, trying to see how loud he could compel her outcries.

One of Mimori's hands reached back into her hair, clenching against her scalp; her head rolled back driving into the mattress as her body lifted off of it. Her other hand abused her left breast in a vain attempt to mimic Ryuho's attentions on the right. Somewhat greedy for total control, he shifted his weight on her so that he could take over the duties for both breasts. She happily relinquished her hold only to pout when he removed his first hand to prop himself back up. However, Ryuho quickly assuaged her by promptly closed his lips over the achingly sensitive peak, tonguing and sucking on the erect apex with an intense fervor.

The resulting spasm that wracked her body was so powerful that it lifted them both off the sheets and Ryuho had to wrap an arm around the back of her shoulder to stay on top of her. Mimori's hands plowed deep into his hair, tousling green locks all over his head as she pushed her tender breast even deeper into his mouth. Desiring a better hold, he released her shoulder to push his arm between her back and the mattress and lifted so that his propped elbow supported her. This position slid him lower between her legs so that he had to curve his back to maintain the intimate bond between his lips and her bosom.

He worked diligently to coordinate his tongue and the other hand on her mound to maximize the pleasured reactions of her receptive body. He was becoming obsessed with the numerous unintelligible syllables spilling from her throat and barely registered when one of her hands rubbed flat against his stomach. That is, until that hand pushed down between their bodies and began methodically massaging the material covering his swollen organ. He growled against the slick skin of her breast and she began rubbing and squeezing her fingers around him. He drove his hips into her kneading palm forcing the back of her wrist against her own center, pushing them both to an even higher plane of mutual ecstasy.

Mimori was intrigued by Ryuho's strong reaction to her touch on his manhood. Wishing to reciprocate his generosity and out of her own sense of curiosity, she raised her hand back to his stomach to dip her fingers beneath the waistband of his pants and underwear. She allowed herself a small smirk at the discovery that he wore briefs instead of boxers before hesitantly sliding her fingers down his ab muscles, grazing through short hairs before hitting the warmer, softer skin of his engorging shaft. The tight elastic and his growing hard-on left little room for her to maneuver but she eventually managed to wrap her fingers around his base and stroke down his length. The restrictive confines pressed another sensitive skin against the back of her fingers and their movement against it only seemed to heighten his response.

He moaned a harsh expletive around her breast and grated his teeth against her flesh, trying hard not to bite down too painfully. He ground his pelvis into hers, trapping her hand between them again, but she still squeezed her fingers around him, marveling at how the skin grew hotter and more turgid against her palm with each passing second. She was unable to maintain a steady rhythm because his oral and manual attentions to her bosom were a total distraction, causing her to accidentally grip and yank when he stimulated an unusually sensitive spot. Both could feel the intensity spiral higher and higher as they sought to outperform the other.

Tiny muscles between Mimori's legs began to tingle and involuntarily undulate against Ryuho's grinding pelvis. She had long lost any illusion of control over the bizarre noises that he was coaxing out of her. The hand not clutching his manhood dug even deeper into the thick forest of his hair, nails scraping against his scalp in encouragement of his devouring appetite for her breast. Ryuho's thrusting hips were harshly driving the back of her hand against her core, causing waves of cold fire to crash through her entire body. She was growing dizzy with elation and wondered just how much more of this amazing pleasure her body could stand.

Meanwhile, Ryuho was lost in the consuming manipulation of Mimori's tiny palm and long, thin fingers around his throbbing member and along his scalp. He attempted to hold on as she pushed him closer and closer to the brink of infinite bliss; her skillful manipulations repeatedly sliced right through his concentration. He was trying every new trick he could think of or invent to please her but she was still getting the better of him, driving him past any bounds of pleasure he'd known before.

He was losing control of his body in the best possible way and tried to warn Mimori of what was coming. However, all he could manage were strangled groans as he lifted his lips from her breast. His body began shuddering against her and he forcefully covered her mouth with his as he finally fell over the edge. Suddenly every single muscle clenched tight and he screamed into her throat, emptying himself in her hand. It lasted for several agonizing seconds and then he collapsed in a limp heap on top of her, head falling heavily on her shoulder.

Mimori's eyes grew wide at his astonishing behavior as the realization of what had happened fully hit her. She'd done it- even with only her rudimentary efforts she'd driven him to climax; the satisfaction of that knowledge was almost as gratifying as the delicious aching that was churning inside of her. Her hand was slick with his cum but she didn't want to move a muscle until he came back to his senses. The skin of his shaft was still warm, but his length was now more pliant beneath her fingers. However, as Mimori opened her hand he rolled off of her, inadvertently freeing her appendage from his clothes. He had wrapped his arms around her, though, so that when he fell onto his back he pulled her tight to his side, nearly on top of him, trapping an arm and a leg beneath his body. Seeing the contented and far away look on his face had her hardly caring.

Eyes aiming upwards towards a ceiling he didn't really see, Ryuho spoke with a soft rasp new to Mimori's ears, "Wow, just give me a minute… that was incredible… I've never felt anything so intense before…"

She blushed, unable to really look at him though she wholeheartedly agreed, "Me either. It was amazing- I'm still tingling all over…"

He exhaled a satisfied sigh but then frowned, still staring upwards. "I didn't mean to let you do that but I couldn't stop myself. Pretty selfish of me…"

Her snarky reply dripped with sarcasm, "Yeah, girls hate it when you suck on their tits. I was bored out of my mind…"

His head snapped up to her in shock, "Did you just say 'tits'?"

The blush that instantly rose on her cheeks spilled down to her chest, but she still maintained her teasing tone. "In the right mood I'll say all kinds of things you wouldn't expect. Having a really hot guy come in your hand will do that." Then remembering her sticky palm, she rubbed it clean on the back of her tiny shorts.

Ryuho knew exactly what she was doing, but still found the sight of her palming her own voluptuous ass utterly enticing. Suddenly curious, he asked, "So did you…?"

Somewhat surprised, she pulled her trapped arm from beneath him and propped herself on an elbow to face him. "I don't know; I think so… it was definitely the strongest, um, sensation like that that I've ever had… My whole body feels like its still humming…"

However, Ryuho was frowning again, "If you don't know, then you probably didn't. Damn it!"

Mimori pulled herself closer to him and brushed her lips against his. "Don't sweat it. We both know that women's bodies are different than men's; from what I understand it usually takes longer to 'prime the pump' for us, so to speak. You won't hear any complaints from me…"

He could barely wait for her to finish speaking before capturing her lips again and hungrily deepening the kiss between them. He saw the logic in her words; still, he couldn't shake the chastising voice in the back of his head for putting his pleasure before hers. As he considered how to rectify that oversight, Ryuho ran a hand down her naked back, inadvertently summoning renewed moans. As she arched against him again he realized that she was still highly sensitive from his earlier attentions. Sensing an opportunity, he turned on his hip to face her and boldly pulled her flush against his front, the arm beneath her sliding down her back to rest a hand on her tail bone. Two fingers settled along the crease between her buttocks as he firmly spread his other hand in the cleft between her breasts. When she gasped beneath his touch he rested his forehead against her, "I don't want to hear complaints; I want to hear those cute little noises you were making from before. I want to make you lose it- make you feel better than you've ever felt before. But I don't want to hurt you, so tell me if I go too far."

Wide eyes stared back at him but she nodded her consent. Then in a bold move she tilted her head forward and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth. Permission more than granted, the hand on her chest grazed a thumb lightly over her nipple and squeezed her breast before dragging slowly down the plane of her torso. She grated her teeth against the inside of his lip in approval and he continued sliding his palm down until he passed over her belly button. Fingers paused to trace a feather-light outline of the tiny well before continuing down to the top edge of her cutoffs. Deft fingers pulled the material away from her skin and dove beneath, traveling down the flat expanse of her stomach to the edge of her pubis.

Mimori's abdominal muscles jumped at his touch and her thighs clenched tight, butt rising up against his other hand. She sucked a ragged breath between her teeth and his lip and moaned when the pressure of both of his hands against her body increased. She felt his fingers glide down her velvety mound to the spot between her legs, and then his fingers brushed her outer petals before tentatively parting them to explore the slick heat beneath. She uttered a soft moan of pleasure and he seemed to revel in the sound of it. His fingers began tracing odd little squiggle patterns against her center until they brushed against that special little bundle of nerves. She involuntarily bucked under his touch and the grip on her backside tightened in response.

Now certain of one of his marks, Ryuho massaged his fingers against the tender spot, cajoling moans and cries from her as her pelvis writhed against his hand. He played with different articulating techniques while manually memorizing the crucial location. Then he centered his thumb directly over the mark and pressed and rolled it with greater force. Funny noises soon began squeaking and spilling from the back of her throat again and, though his hand never stopped, he periodically paused their kisses to listen to them and try to make out any intelligible content. While his thumb worked firmly against her button, another finger searched her heat for her opening, finally coming across a tight circle of muscle. Pressing against it, he waited for a sign, which he received in the form of a needy whimper. Emboldened by her vocal and physical responses, he plunged a single digit deep within her.

A strong cry stopped him but after a few seconds one of Mimori's hands traced down Ryuho's arm to settle over the back of his wrist and she soon began stroking the skin in encouragement. Fears banished, he continued manipulating his thumb against her and began slowly pumping his finger inside of her, setting a strong rhythm that seemed to push her higher with every plunge. Little high-pitched whispers of 'Oh God' interspersed amidst her moans and cries and soon he could feel her walls begin to ripple around his finger. He pushed another digit in with the first, stretching her a bit wider as he pumped into her body while still grinding his thumb into her spot. The hand resting on top of his began driving him deeper within her and he increased his pace and depth, adding a third. She cried out even louder, clenching her thighs tight, but she continued pressing against his hand, muttering 'Oh God oh God oh God oh God…' as he stroked her arousal. Wrapping an arm around his back as best she could, Mimori pulled their chests flush to concentrate all her fleeting attention on the motion of her hips and the hand skillfully articulating between her legs. Her womanhood felt like it was opening and folding around his manipulating fingers and what could only be described as surges of electricity cycled through her entire body, stimulating scattered nerves and blinding her brain with a bright dizziness.

During all of this Ryuho's manhood was engorging once again, throbbing with rapture against the ghost of Mimori's hand still wrapped around him. The feel of her long digits lingered, but wasn't enough to satisfy the burgeoning tumescence between his legs and he fought the urge to gratify himself in favor of seeing to the full needs of the woman whom his fingers were currently buried within. Hearing her moans and whimper, feeling her thighs clench and her walls flex around his hand from the immeasurable ecstasy he was giving her only drove his yearning higher. His entire body pulsed with greedy desire and the overwhelming need to consume her resurfaced once again. His aching phallus was growing insanely jealous of his fingers as her body coated them in a slick wetness that practically puddled in his palm. His only desperate anchor was the need to make her orgasm, and he clung to that goal like a utility pole in a whipping storm. Her short panting and more insistent gyrations assured him that she was skirting the absolute verge.

Under Ryuho's skillful ministrations, all coherent thoughts were abandoned, reducing Mimori's entire consciousness to sensations and desires. She felt consumed by rapture, as Ryuho drove her further and further beyond any recognizable levels of ecstasy. She wanted him closer- even having his body plastered against hers and his fingers buried between her legs wasn't enough to satisfy the new and now all-consuming inferno that he had stoked deep within her. She thought that she'd experienced pleasure before, but the pinnacle that her body was rapidly hurling towards was unlike anything she'd ever felt and she wanted him inside her when she reached that summit.

Clumsy hands left his arm and back to tug at the waistband of his pants. Her blinding lust was somehow blocking the commands to her fingers and they slipped and stumbled before they were finally able to grab handfuls of material. Still surging higher, she managed to peel the clothing down his hips but got stuck at the wider circumference of his butt. Progress stalled at this roadblock, Ryuho's diligence finally coaxed her over her highest peek and her orgasm crashed down on her like a blasting tsunami. She screamed as her center twisted up and her whole body exploded in tiny spasms. Then every muscle went limp as she gently floated down from the consuming tide.

As she wilted against him, a smug satisfaction stole through Ryuho. During his tactile manipulations he'd noticed her attempt at removing his pants and had become torn between giving up his place between her legs to assist her or to push her over the edge of her first orgasm. The latter finally won out and as he watched her body overwhelm her, he knew he'd made the right decision. Hands stilled as he witnessed the contortion of her face into multiple masks of exquisite ecstasy and heard her elated cries. Seeing her blossom in the rapture that he had induced was worth ignoring the insistent demands of his still-raging hard-on. When she finally began stirring again he was about to ask her what she felt, curious to hear how she might phrase it. However, when he withdrew his fingers from her constricting depths she moaned in near pain and clenched her thighs, trying to recapture his retreating hand. Realizing that she was still hot as ever, he quietly whispered to her, "Mimori, are you alright?"

'Alright' was an understatement that she might have laughed at had she any control over her vocal cords. Her body felt like a giant bundle of a million microscopic nerve endings that had been sliced open and exposed so that even the tiniest stimulus was sent ricocheting through every synapse. The deep exhale that she finally released was shaky and still thick with tension but she was able to give him a very certain single nod before finally finding her voice, "Oh God yes… that was amazing! I feel… oh, God!"

When Ryuho experimentally flexed his other fingers against her buttocks she gulped and moaned again, confirming his assumptions about her still-excited state. Thoroughly elated by the recognition of another opportunity, he nevertheless proceeded cautiously, "Do you want more? If you want… if you're ready…"

Still reeling from total sensory overload, Mimori had to concentrate on his individual words to truly grasp Ryuho's intentions. Hoping to again recapture that moment of bliss and possibly more, she focused pleading eyes on him as she fought to control her still-sensitive body. He saw the wonder cross her face before she finally nodded and whispered, "Please…"

Nodding back his understanding, he smiled at her, trying not to let too much eagerness escape into his features. As he gently rolled her flat on her back, he noted how even the sheets touching her skin made her jerk involuntarily. He pulled himself up to a kneeling position between her thighs and hooked his hands behind her knees, bending them and raising them up to his sides. "Stop me if it's ever too much…"

Unable to reach him, she pulled her arms up and draped one over her heaving chest as the other tangled tremulous fingers into her hair. Her eyes rolled back and closed as she fought to maintain her fragile hold on her composure, "No… never too much…"

Wanting to toy a bit with her manic senses, Ryuho set his hands on her sides and slowly ran them down her ribs until they grazed over her waist. Grabbing the edges of her shorts and panties, he pulled them down her hips with an aching slowness that had his erection and her pulsing core strongly protesting. He peeled the dampened garments down her creamy thighs to her knees, and then lifted her lower legs straight in the air over his head, pulling the clothing over her heels. As he lowered her legs back down, the edge of his lip twitched as he noticed that the crotch of her panties was thoroughly soaked with her wetness; however, he soon tossed the garments away in favor of appraising her now entirely nude form.

She was breathtaking. Even in his wildest imagination, he never imagined that having her naked beneath him, woozy from his attentions and hungry for his touch, would be so mesmerizing. She looked ethereal and he found himself utterly enchanted by what could only be a magic spell that she had cast on him. From his position over her he took in the dark velvet of her apex as her legs fell open. He could barely make out the round swell of her buttocks as they pressed into the mattress; his eyes rose back up to the silky smoothness of her stomach and trailed up her torso, noting the faint curve of each rib beneath her nearly translucent skin. The now-familiar sight of her ample bosom sent a pulse to his groin, and he yanked his pants and underwear down to free his aching erection.

As he crawled out of his bottoms, letting them slide off the edge of the bed to the floor, Ryuho was unable to suppress his satisfied inhale as cooler air hit the hot, taut skin of his manhood. He sat up on his knees and paused for a moment, acclimating to the strong pulse of his heartbeat as it thumped against his temple and throbbed rhythmically along the entire length of his iron-stiff rod. He watched with a feral curiosity as Mimori's wide eyes finally drank in the sight of the thing that she'd been so skillfully stroking before; its rising stature seemed to salute her as boiling liquid lust poured from the rest of his body into his thickening shaft. He'd been worried that she might be intimidated by his commanding size, but she showed no signs of retreat; instead, simply the sight of him increased her breathing rate and she began grinding her palm against her temple as a shaking hand smashed and squeezed a tender nipple. She arced her back into the mattress, involuntarily rolling her hips up and opening herself to him.

Accepting the tantalizing invitation of her body, he carefully lowered himself down on top of her, propping up on a forearm beneath her back as he settled himself between her spread thighs, laying his rigid length between the cleft of her bottom. She gasped as the skin of their private areas finally came in contact with each other and she reached her arms up around his shoulders, pulling his head down to kiss him with all of the passion brimming within her. He eagerly accepted her lips and matched her fervor, his free hand closing over a supple breast to tease and torture as he sought to rekindle fleeting embers of passion. She responded immediately, seeming to spark beneath his touch and the vibrations of her covetous moans were soon bouncing around the hollow of his mouth and tickling his tongue.

Sensing their mutual desires for progression, Ryuho gave her nipple a last sustaining roll before sliding his hand down her abdomen to where there bodies met. Fingers now more certain of their ultimate destination, he pushed his hand between their sandwiched pelvises to take up its now familiar position against her core. No longer willing to waste any time, his fingers headed straight for her tiny erect nub and pinched it; he then used the proceeding spasm to plunge two fingers deep into her heat. Her wet vault instantly tightened around them as she writhed tortuously beneath him, her body unsure of whether it wanted to escape or submit. He lifted his hips just enough to give himself room to work and began rapidly sliding his digits in and out of her mounting wetness while feverishly swirling her trigger beneath his thumb. She tore her mouth from his and squeezed her eyes shut, her jaw jutting and clenching in a vain attempt to bite off her loud vocalizations. Her encircling arms tightened around him with all the strength she had until a questing hand found one of his buttocks and tugged, trying to pull his groin down into her. Her head lolled back again and she shook it, scattering pleading whimpers all around her sheets. "Please!... Ryuho, oh God! Please…"

At her entreaties he pumped more furiously, "Mimori… tell me… tell me what you want-" Tiny beads of sweat sprang from his skin, collecting at his temple and joints. His whole body hummed with longing to thrust his erection into her but he held out for a few more crucial seconds.

Her skin was growing slick against his and she could barely speak around her abundant, shallow pants, "I want you inside me! …Please, Ryuho!... Oh God, I can't take any more! Aannngghhh!" and she dug her heels into the mattress, lifting her butt off the bed as she pushed herself onto his plunging fingers. More than ready, he pulled his hand from her core and his other arm from behind her back to grab a firm hold on both hips, harshly driving her back down onto the bed. As she gasped at the force, he pulled one of her legs wide open and guided himself to her entrance. Seizing her eyes with his own, he searched her features one last time for any doubts. Seeing no hesitancy, he slowly drove his throbbing head into the tight ring of her sheath. She bit off a long scream and her legs reflexively closed ranks but he held her in place beneath him, anchoring her body by grabbing the tops of her shoulders from beneath her back.

She closed her eyes against the pain of his sizeable thickness as he pushed inside of her. She felt him pause, likely sensing the resistance of her inner muscles as they clenched against his tunneling girth. He was much larger than his fingers, twisting a tight cramp behind her belly button. However, she ignored the discomfort in favor of concentrating on the pulse of his breath as he slowly panted against her ear. Remembering the scintillating sensation of his fingers from before, she drew mental parallels to that feeling and matched her breathing to his until she felt herself relax by degrees, slowly accepting him inside her.

Ryuho reveled in the feel of her inner muscles rippling and roiling around the head of his shaft, undulating like tiny tentacles and coaxing his hips to expound upon the sensation. However, he watched her eyes until they finally fluttered opened, and then asked with his own for her approval and permission to continue. The oddly-shaped, open-mouthed smile she gave him was new but communicated all of the love, desire and yearning she felt for him; as he smiled back down on her he finally sank deep into her enveloping womb, impaling her on his entire length.

Mimori's mouth opened in a silent scream, but Ryuho wisely continued, slowly pulling out nearly to the tip and then driving smoothly back into her wet core. As he left her body, Mimori noted that the tiny cramp disappeared, and when he pumped back into her it didn't return. Encouraged by this little triumph she relaxed back against the sheets, allowing her legs to fall to the sides, opening even wider for her first lover. The new, more comfortable position offered a delicious friction that was addictively invigorating and she felt Ryuho slide easily into a strong tidal rhythm, surging in and out of her body, making her grip his shoulders and wrap shivering legs around his waist to keep from getting swept away.

She couldn't believe the sensation of having him buried so deeply within her. The feel of Ryuho's fingers inside her had driven Mimori to near insanity, but that paled in comparison to having his thick erection pounding into her core like this, retreating from her embracing walls only to plunge forth again with a renewed vigor. His plowing girth stretched her wider than she thought possible, but the pain and pleasure intermingled so well that she found herself tilting her hips downward to allow him an even greater depth to plunder. Her entire body jerked and rocked beneath his powerful thrusts and she begged for more. "Oh please… faster… Ryuho!…" The sound of her own desperation shocked her, but she soon abandoned her embarrassment for elation when Ryuho quickened his pace, plunging stronger and even further into her depths, maximally dilating and filling her as though intent on hitting bottom. His increased efforts tore ragged wails from her throat and reality slipped away, replaced by a world of clenching muscles and hypersensitive nerves.

She was lost in the rhythm of his jolting thrusts as they steadily elevated her towards an all-consuming euphoria. The friction of their sweat-slick bodies ignited a burning fire in the pit of her stomach that soon crackled and blazed to life inside her womb. Her juices flowed down like a river, drenching Ryuho's pistoning length as he drove relentlessly into her shuddering core. Slamming harder and faster, his tip finally brushed against her deepest point, causing an instantaneous mini-seizure that convulsed her whole body, and he made that his target from then on. Pulsing into her wet sheath to the time of his hammering heartbeat, Ryuho felt the barreling approach of both of their summits and throttled up, pushing himself to his limit, intent on simultaneous climaxes.

Delirious with her titillating anticipation, Mimori suddenly felt her pinnacle finally surge up and seize her, exploding like a volcano inside her core and then splashing through her entire body like searing lava. Every muscle locked up, capturing Ryuho's manhood deep within her as he crushed her beneath his solid frame, body wracked by a concussive spasm. His hot seed surge into her willing body and he clung to her for dear life, tangled in her jerking limbs, powerless to do anything other than wait out the paralyzing intensity of their passionate sex.

Exhausted from their strenuous efforts, Mimori went limp beneath him, arms and legs falling away from his body as she rode out the crashing tide of her drowning orgasm. Every inch of her skin itched and tingled even though they were both completely still, and she found that she never wanted that sensation to end. Recovering a small fraction of his mobility first, Ryuho folded his arms completely around her and closed his lips over a spot high on her neck, placing a gentle kiss on her skin. Still buried to the hilt, he rolled over onto his back, pulling her on top of him, hoping to make her more comfortable. She sighed a silent thank you and pulled her arms up to tuck them against his warm chest, legs still straddling his thighs.

Ryuho tried to snake a hand between their groins without disturbing her, but she felt him; with her slowly renewing energy Mimori obligingly lifted her hips, allowing him to steadily guide his now flaccid length from her tight sheath. His withdrawal from her body left her feeling strangely empty, but his searching mouth soon found hers, and his delving tongue did wonders to distract her from her peculiar loss. They kissed slowly and deeply, unhurried now that they were both secure in the other's adoration and devotion.

A tiny shiver ghosted down her naked spine, but Ryuho felt it and sent out a long arm in search of her sheet. With a kick of his legs he was able to free it from beneath them and pulled it over her body, dropping it up around her shoulders. He did the same with her comforter, tucking it until both she and her blankets were draped heavily on top of him. He pulled her pillow under his head and then folded his arms around her nude back and bottom, letting her skin slowly warm his fingers and palms. Mimori wriggled on top of him to get comfortable and then gave his lips a last lingering kiss before ducking her head and tucking her crown beneath his chin. He gave a satisfied sigh that sank her deep into his torso and then he closed his eyes, listening to her breathing and waiting for her to fall asleep.

However, after only a few moments, Mimori's tiny voice floated up to his ears, "How long can you stay? I don't want to get you in trouble."

The corner of his lip twitched at her thoughtfulness. "I'll stay all night. I want to sleep with you wrapped in my arms."

He felt her slowly exhale and knew she was smiling against his chest. "You'll have to leave early in the morning. Will you wake me and kiss me goodbye?"

"I'll kiss you, but I won't wake you. I've kept you up late enough as it is…"

Her head stirred as she began to protest, "But I don't mind…"

However, he dragged a heavy hand up the back of her neck and rubbed placating circles into her nape. "I do. Don't fight me on this. Let's just worry about the morning when it comes."

"Alright…" He felt her neck muscles slacken beneath his touch and soon her head grew heavy on his chest again. However, she still wasn't quite done with her questions, "…Ryuho?"

"Yes Mimori?"

"I'm glad you bumped into me today. I'm glad you're here and I'm glad that we did this…"

Both corners of his lips were now twitching like an epileptic, threatening to break out into a full-fledged, honest-to-God, real Ryuho smile. "Not as glad as I am…" He wrinkled his brow at his own stark honesty with her again, suspecting that he might already be starting to change for the better under her captivating influence. His fingers continued the lazy circles against her neck as sleep tugged at the edges of his consciousness. Satiety and contentment curled up next to him and he reveled in daydreams of what the future might hold for them both after tonight. Strangely enough, daydreams no longer seemed so haunting.

Meanwhile, Mimori was happily floating away on the security of a love requited. She had taken so many risks tonight, had laid her soul bare and pushed herself farther than she'd ever thought possible. However, the reward had been equally fantastic and unbelievable and she was tempted to fight her lethargy just to linger in its presence a few moments longer. The soothing knell of Ryuho's heartbeat beneath her ear as she lay upon his chest denied her that wish, slowly lulling her towards a restful slumber. But before she fully yielded, there was one more matter to address:

"…And Ryuho?"

The smooth timbre of his voice found her amidst her clouding thoughts, "Yes, Mimori?"

A small yawn escaped from her mouth, the tail end tickling across his skin before she finally finished her thought, "When we're alone, don't call me 'Ms. Kiryu' ever again…"

She felt his chest vibrate beneath her head with the rumble of his laughter and smiled to herself, knowing he was doing the same. "Yes Mimori…" Eyes closing in delight, she finally surrendered to the beckon of a blissful sleep.

:The End:


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