I almost forgot my disclaimer. I don't own OTH. If I did, it would be renewed for many years to come on the new CW network. RIP Keith. I loved you, man! This was going to be two parts, perhaps it will be. Let me know if I should continue. I'm still playing with a few ideas.

That Fatal Day Part II:

"Nate? NATE!" Lucas screamed at the top of his lungs forgetting his own injuries. Forgetting the man lurking that could easily put a bullet into him. The intended target. "No Nate, please... why... why did you have to go and do that?" He cried out putting his bare hand over the wound. Blood oozed out between his fingers. His own sobs caught in his throat as his stomach convulsed uncontrollably. He swallowed the bile down and looked up at Dan. "You sonfuvabith," his low growl mixed with agony was barely audible.

Dan stood with his own mouth wide open, the look of horror evident. "I... I didn't mean it," he pleaded looking at his bleeding son's form then down to the gun in his hand with much disgust. Instantly he dropped the gun to the floor as if the action would reverse what he had just done. He took a hesitant step towards them. "Nathan? I'm so sorry!"

"You happy now? You fuckinasshole!" Lucas yelled, easing his under shirt up and over his head with his good arm. He wished now he had his blue dress shirt that he had carelessly left in the library. His under shirt reeked of Peyton's blood and his own sweat, but it was all he had to offer right now. He balled it up and stuffed it into the bullet hole in his brother's back. "He needs a doctor! Don't just stand there! If you are truly sorry DO something about it!"

Dan stood dumbfounded. Clearly he didn't mean to shoot Nathan, but he couldn't exactly run out to the waiting squad team and confess he had fatally and purposely shot his own brother and now accidently shot his own son in the back while trying to tie up one last loose end.

"I um..." Dan held his hands up to his head, thinking out loud. "I..."


"Shut up, I'm thinking... this could work," Dan paced around in little circles.

"THEN DO IT!" Lucas screamed between sobs.

"Why did you shoot your Uncle, Lucas? He wanted nothing more than to be a father to you. What's Karen going to think? And oh God, why Nathan too? Your only brother? This all has to end." Dan took a few more steps towards them.

Lucas looked up at Dan, confusion in his eyes. "WHAT?"

"It's all over. Time to surrender. Make your mother proud by giving up. You don't want to end up like Keith here do you? Or Nathan? Or your little psycho partner in crime here?" He kicked Jimmy's dead to the world leg for emphasis. "You don't want to end up like him. Give up now and we'll get Nathan the medical assistance he needs. I'll even forget about your little confession of trying to kill me." An evil smirk appeared once again on Dan's face.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Lucas exclaimed, pushing his shirt further into Nate's wound, a small whimper escaping Nate's throat. "Luc...s?" His voice sounded tiny and weak.

Choking on the snot that was flowing from his nostrils and feeling suddenly guilty for screaming so loud, he suddenly changed his tone, "It's okay, Nate, I'm going to get you out of here," Lucas soothed, patting his brother on the shoulder for reassurance. "Just hang in there. I promise you. I always keep my promises."

Lucas eased himself off the ground, wincing as his arm dangled uselessly to his side. He could feel the pounding in his head and the warm flow of blood running down the side of his face. Blinking a few times to clear his blurred vision he then locked eyes with Dan, challenging him.

"Okay, Dan, you win," he complied taking a few steps towards him, his good arm raised he waved his hand in defeat.

Dan nodded his head. "Walk straight out the front doors and surrender. Admit you and Jimmy did this." He waved his arm, "All of this."

Lucas' eyes trailed down to the gun behind Dan, hopefully unnoticed.

As if reading his mind, Dan spat, "Don't even think about it. You're injured. You'll never make it. Oh and you better make that confession damn believable boy, or I'll be paying your mother a visit later this evening." His eyes and grin dripping with sarcasm, he added, "To give her my condolences on her fiancé, of course."

Lucas looked at Dan with so much hate. Never in his life was he more consumed by it than now. He wanted to kill the man before him. The man that made all their lives miserable in One Tree Hill on almost a daily basis. He meant what he said in the time capsule video about making Dan pay for the hell he'd put all his loved ones through. A hell he was now experiencing first hand with his Uncle... his father or the closest he ever had to one... dead and his brother bleeding all over the floor behind him.

Lucas seemed dazed and confused and Dan didn't appreciate his delayed reaction. Speaking up, "I promise you, if I get detained, I have sources that will do the job for me."

"You're going to forget about me trying to kill you?" Lucas repeated Dan's prior words, staggering towards him. The boy seemed out of it.

"Already forgotten, son," Dan agreed folding his arms across his chest.

"Just one more thing?" Lucas asked, motioning towards his future outside the walls they were enclosed in. The walls that would keep all these secrets contained.

"And what would that be?" Dan raised an eyebrow in interest.

"Don't ever call me son," he answered and in one swift motion closed the distance between them, tackling Dan to the ground.

Arms and legs flailed as Lucas swung his good arm at Dan with all his strength. Dan easily blocked the blow and Lucas hurriedly followed up with another violent swing, this time meeting his mark. The pair exchanged punches as they rolled around on the ground, both grunting with their exertion.

Forcing another roll Lucas ended up pinned underneath the much larger man's body and Dan's fist collided with his jaw. Momentarily dazed, Lucas felt his arms pinned beneath Dan's kneecaps as he straddled his chest. His busted arm grinded between the hard floor and Dan's knee and he couldn't suppress the cry. "AAARRRGGHHHHH!"

"Dumb move, dumb fucking move," Dan spat, delivering another fist, this time to Lucas' lip. His head rocked to the side as blood sprayed from the fresh cut. "I gave you your chance," he screamed as he punched Lucas again, this time the blow connecting with his nose. A gargling noise escaped Lucas' throat as stars swarmed around him, threatening to pull him into darkness.

"You are dead, you hear me? Dead!" His strong hands wrapped around his throat and Lucas instantly felt all oxygen being cut off. Dan continued to squeeze his neck as he pounded his head over and over into the school's tiled floors. More blood sprayed as he continued the assault, screaming words Lucas could no longer make out. His legs kicked weakly trying to force Dan off of him but it was to no avail. His vision started to tunnel out as a loud buzzing noise took over his hearing sense.

"You know the old saying don't you Lucas? I brought you into this world and I can take you out?" He squeezed his throat one final time, yelling in rage, "You killed Keith, you shot Nathan, but I'm going to save him." As if someone slapped him in the face, he remembered his son bleeding to death and let go.

"No you killed Keith," Nate stated from his standing position over Dan. Dan turned caught off guard, looking up to his son who was swaying heavy on his feet, a baseball bat raised over his head.

"Son? I... are you okay?"

"No... nothing will ever be okay," he replied looking at his father with glazed yet sad eyes. "And one more thing, I'm not your son either." With that he brought the bat down hard, connecting with the top of Dan's skull.

Nate dropped the bat and collapsed ungracefully next to Lucas.