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Chapter 1: Wings of a Butterfly

Melina, followed by her assumed lawyer, walked through the curtain to the ring. She seemed to be upset, which everyone could tell was an act. Especially one diva looking up at the monitor, with her arms crossed. Oh great, now what does she want? She thought irritably. She was so engrossed into what rubbish Melina was going to spill, she didn't even notice Stacy and Christy say hello to her.

"Last week, I was sexually assaulted by Dave Batista," she started.

"Are you kidding me?" the diva yelled.

"What I admit, started as innocent flirtation, turned into harassment! I told Batista to stop, but he refused! So I'm announcing that I will be suing one Dave Batista for sexual harassment." Melina stated with 'tears' in her eyes.

"Oh this is bullshit," the diva muttered and watched Melina leave the ring. The diva shook her head in disbelief as she walked outside the dressing room into the hallway. As soon as she turned her head, she found the man being charged with the ridiculous accusation. Dave Batista, the World Heavyweight Champion. The diva started to blush greatly at the sight of him, with his broad and muscular body, and the title held confidently on his shoulder. Of course, along with the newly won Tag Team title on his other shoulder. She watched from a distance as a reporter came up to him and asked him his thoughts on Melina's charges against him.

"Well right now, I'm not really worried about that. Because tonight me and Rey Mysterio, Mr. 619 have some business to take care of with MNM in defending these titles," Batista replied. The diva smiled at his confidence, knowing that Batista wouldn't let this kind of crap get the better of him.

Maybe if they beat the shit out of MNM tonight, Melina will learn to back off. The diva thought and walked off toward the curtain for her match. She was supposed to against one of her friends, Christy Hemme. She waited for her music to hit before she walked through the curtain to meet the cheers of the audience. As soon as her music hit, the diva smiled and stepped onto the ramp. Time to bring a little hell, she thought.

As soon as 'Wings of a Butterfly' by H.I.M. hit the speakers, a young woman, about the age of 21, came through the curtain. She was 5' 3", with light brown hair and natural highlights, barely going past the shoulder blades. Her dark brown eyes showed that she was here to do what she did best. She marched down the ramp with a smile, loving her job more than anything.

"And making her way to the ring from Queens, New York City, weighing in at 155 lbs., ANGEL!" the announcer cried out into the microphone. Once her name was said, the audience went wild. Angel slipped into the ring and waited patiently for her opponent to come to the ring. Christy's music hit the ring as she skipped to the ring, excited for their fight. Angel and Christy had been friends since she came into the business, and they both always looked forward to their matches.

Once Christy was in the ring and ready, the bell rang, signaling the match to start. Both women high-fived before getting the match on the road. They both locked up in the middle of the ring, Christy getting Angel into an arm lock. Angel turned it on Christy, who in turn elbowed Angel in the stomach to release the hold. Christy then charged the ropes to give Angel a clothesline to the mat. Before Christy could do a leg drop across Angel's chest, Angel rolled out of it and got to her feet. Angel got Christy onto her feet and threw Christy into the ropes, with a clothesline of her own. As Christy laid on the mat, Angel got a smile on her face, and pointed to the ceiling. The audience cheered, knowing what she was going for. Angel climbed to the top turnbuckle, performing a Flying Angel (moonsault) perfectly, pinning Christy for the win. Angel helped Christy to her feet and asked if she was all right. Christy just smiled and held her wrist in the air. Both gave each other a hug as Angel helped Christy backstage. Once she got Christy to the medical room, she started heading off to her own dressing room.

Right after turning a corner, she ran smack into someone and started losing her balance while falling to floor. At least until she felt two arms wrap around her waist and bring her to a very broad chest. "Are you all right?" a strong voice asked. Angel looked up blushing to find her face to face with the one and only, Batista.

"Uh...yeah, yeah I'm fine, thanks. Sorry for running into you," she chuckled nervously, feeling his arms around her.

"It was my fault, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," he chuckled in reply as he helped Angel to steady herself on her own two feet. Angel avoided his eyes while tucking some hair behind her ear. "Congratulations on winning your match, I really enjoyed watching it," Batista smirked.

"Thank–thank you," Angel stuttered without being able to look him directly in the eyes due to her intense blush. "Well I better get out of your way, you've got a big match tonight," she said and started walking away. Angel walked quickly in the opposite direction before Batista could talk to her some more.

Batista suddenly felt a friendly hand on his shoulder, finding that it was his Tag Team partner, Rey Mysterio. "What's up Holmes?" Rey asked. Batista motioned with his chin towards the exiting diva. "Oh man, ese. She's something isn't she?" Mysterio chuckled, noting the look on Batista's face.

"She sure is," Batista smirked as he and his partner got ready for their match. Batista couldn't help but take one more quick glance over his shoulder to the shy diva walking further and further away.

Meanwhile, Angel was walking as quick as she could to the locker room. She quickly showered and changed, still blushing from her encounter with Batista. I can't believe he actually talked to me! He was such a gentleman too! She thought to herself as she continued getting her things together. Angel stopped when she suddenly heard the announcer state that the match for the Tag Team titles was about to start. She couldn't help but set her bag down and waited for the superstars be introduced to the ring. This is definitely going to be interesting, Angel thought as she waited anxiously to watch Batista–the match. At least, that's what she told herself.

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