Chapter 49: Look Who Came Slapping Back

Elena was happy that Stacy was finally going on a date after Randy had treated her so poorly. Stacy admitted to her that it took her a long time to get over it. Pretty soon Stacy's phone started ringing, and speak of the freaking devil, it was Randy.

"Why would he be calling me? I haven't spoken to him in over a year," Stacy said with a bit of a quiver in her voice. She looked up at Elena, the phone still ringing, "Should I answer it?"

"See what he wants," Elena said, knowing that if anything was going down, she was there.

Stacy hesitantly put the phone up to her ear and pushed the 'Send' button. "Hello? Hi. Yeah, it really has. Uh, how are you? I'm fine, great actually. I can't stay on the phone too long, I'm getting ready for a date tonight–yes a date. How did you know that? What do you mean? Oh I see. Um, yeah I guess. Sure I'll, I'll be there in a few minutes. Bye." Stacy hung up and looked at Elena in disbelief. "He's in the lobby right now."

"What?" Elena exclaimed. "Well what did he say?"

"He uh...he heard about my date with Triple H and he says that he wants me to meet him down in the lobby." Stacy told her, looking down at her phone, her fingers tracing over the buttons.

"Are you gonna go?" Elena asked.

"I told him I would but...I don't know, I'm not sure." she sighed, obviously uncomfortable with the idea.

"Well I don't like this at all. How about I come down with you and if things get out of hand I come to your rescue," her friend suggested.

"As much as I love you Elena, I don't think that after last night you should be taking on Randy Orton," Stacy chuckled. Although Elena agreed, she didn't want Stacy going to meet him alone. "I guess I should start heading down there. You'll really come with me?"

"Of course I will. I'm not leaving you alone with that arrogant jackass," Elena scoffed as they both got off the bed and headed down to the lobby. Once in the elevator they discussed their plan: Stacy would walk up to Randy and see what he wanted while Elena would sit on a bench and secretly listen to their conversation behind a magazine. It was pretty lame, but it seemed to work for both of them.

"Just remember, if anything starts feeling wrong, just bolt out of there, okay? No excuses," Elena stated sternly to Stacy, who simply nodded and took to deep breath. The doors opened to the lobby, as Stacy stepped out and Elena gave her a head start to keep Randy from being suspicious.

When Elena walked out onto the scene, Randy was standing there with a bouquet of white roses. She sneakily grabbed the closest newspaper and held it up as she sat down on a bench just close enough to hear their conversation.

Randy handed the flowers to Stacy who took them with a small smile. "Wow, you look really great Stacy," Randy said.

Psh, amateur. Elena scoffed in her head.

"Thanks, so do you. Congrats on your victory this past Monday." Stacy replied.

"Why thank you, I appreciate that." Then there was a very awkward silence between them, before Randy spoke up. "All right, I don't see any reason to be beating around the bush about this. Now I already told you about hearing about your date with Triple H, and that's cool, it's your life you can do whatever you want. However, I think that you should reconsider, and go out with someone more...more right for you."

What in the hell is he thinking? Elena wanted to scream.

"More right for me?" Stacy repeated quizzically.

"Yeah, you know someone" Randy added, slowly taking her hand in his. "Stacy I made a huge mistake in letting you go, and I can't apologize enough to you. I want to make it up to you, and to start I'll take you out for a nice dinner tonight. What do you say?"

Stacy thought a moment, leaving both Randy and Elena in suspense. "Randy...I really appreciate the gesture, but I don't think that would work."

YES! You go girl! Elena cheered.

"Wait...what are you saying?" Randy asked her.

She's saying she's got better stuff to do than deal with your bullshit, Elena replied mentally.

"I'm saying that I don't want to go out with you. I would like to go on my planned date with Triple H." Stacy stated, with more confidence in every word. Elena chanced a glance overtop her newspaper and saw that Randy did not look happy.

"So let me get this straight; I come all the way out here, buy you flowers, apologize and even ask you out for a nice dinner and you still say no. Have I got that right?" he asked a bit irritated.

"Yes, I'm afraid so. I'm sorry you came all this way but...Randy you're the one who ended our relationship. Not only that, but you did it by RKO'ing me in front of the whole world, and humiliated me. Instead of just being a decent man and telling me it was over, you…! And what's sad is I didn't leave you the first time you hit me!" Stacy exclaimed.

"He HIT you?" Elena shouted, jumping out of her seat. She knew now that her cover was blown, but that didn't matter anymore.

"Listen sweetheart this isn't any of your business. So why don't you skip on home and leave this to the adults okay?" Randy asked in a condescending tone that wasn't taken lightly be either of the women.

"Don't talk to my friend like that!" Stacy said shoving the flowers he had given her into his chest.

"Who in the hell do you think you're talking to!" Randy shouted stomping right up to her. When she didn't answer he repeated the question even louder in her face.

"Get the hell away from her!" Elena yelled, pushing him away from her friend. "Now why don't you just get out of here? You're not wanted here!"

"This is none of your damn business you little slut!" Randy roared, shoving her away.

"Randy why are you doing this?" Stacy cried, tears ready to fall as he backed her into a corner.

"Because you're mine! I'm not letting you go!" Randy spat. Just then he felt someone grab his arm and turn him around. Randy was then met with a hard smack to the face, by the hand of a very pissed Elena.

"She's not yours asshole! You haven't spoken or contacted her in over a year, and now when she's finally ready to move on and be happy you come to shit all over it. Well I'm not having it! You've hurt her once and I'm not going to let you do it again." she growled intensely.

Randy wasn't even looking at her as she was speaking. He slowly brought a hand to where she had smacked him, and eerily turned to face her. He let out an arrogant chuckle, "Here I thought Mark Henry had taken care of that smart mouth." Randy then smacked Elena across the face, sending her to the floor.

"You bastard!" Stacy shrieked and started hitting Randy herself. Elena looked up, feeling her cheek swell and the side of her lip bleed. Randy simply grabbed Stacy's wrist and pulled her close to him.

"You had better let her go!" Elena threatened, standing up.

"And just what are you gonna do, perform your Flying Angel on me?" Randy asked sarcastically.

"How about a good old-fashioned ass-whooping?" a new voice asked. Randy was grabbed by the back of his neck and thrown face first into the closest wall. Stacy, now free from Randy's grip, ran to Elena. They both watched as Triple H punched Randy several times in the face and stomach.

"That's enough!" Stacy cried, done with all the fighting. Triple H took a glance back at Stacy, and quickly took Orton to the door.

"If you ever so much as try to call her again, you're really gonna be sorry." Triple H growled menacingly into a half-conscious Orton and tossed his sorry ass to the sidewalk. He then ran back to Stacy and Elena, "You two all right?"

"I'm fine, but Elena–" Stacy started.

"I'm fine too, nothing a little ice won't fix." Elena chuckled. "Well this is one hell of a way to start a date, huh?"

Triple H chuckled a little, "I agree. Are you sure you're okay? Should we take you to see someone?"

"No, I'll just head to my room and get some ice. You might need to get Stacy looked at though," Elena said, sending a wink her way. Stacy caught on, but she was still unsure.

"Well let's go get you checked out and then you can tell me what happened," Triple H told her. "You need us to get you back to your room?"

"Nah, you two crazy lovebirds go on and have a great time getting patched up," Elena chuckled and started walking off. But not before sending a 'Call me' hand signal Stacy's way, who gave her the thumbs up.

A/N: I can't give Elena a break, can I? I feel like if she were a real person she'd kill me lol. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!! :)