Chapter 50: Ice Packs, Tickles and Decisions

Elena still felt the incredible throbbing in her right cheek as she headed back to her room. It was worth it to see Stacy smiling with Triple H, at least he's got some common sense. He knows not to piss me off, she chuckled in her head. She finally got back to her room and was about to grab some ice when her phone started ringing. Elena looked at the caller ID and smiled at little, "Hello?" she answered.

"Hey Elena," Dave replied. "Sorry to bother you but I think I may have left my wallet at your place by mistake. Do you see it or anything?" he asked her.

"Um, let me see. Yep! It's right here on the couch, I guess it fell out of your pocket or something." Elena told him holding the wallet in her hand.

"Great, you're a life saver. Mind if I come down and get it?" Dave was already on his way down, but he thought it'd still be a good idea to ask.

"Sure come on down. I'll see you in a bit," Elena replied and hung up. Literally one minute after that there was a knock at her door. "Wow, I didn't know the Animal was that fast," she chuckled opening the door.

"Well you know I...Elena what happened to your face?" Dave asked, his cheerful smile vanishing from the face of the earth.

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, it's nothing to worry about, there was just a little miff downstairs that's all," Elena said, passing it off as nothing.

Dave took Elena gently by the arm and brought her with him into her room. He brought her under the light and softly brought his hand up to the bruised cheek. When she winced at the touch he seemed even more upset, "Who did this to you?"

"Dave, please don't get so upset, it's really not a big deal." Elena tried to tell him.

"Come here," Dave told her and took her by the hand and set her down on the couch. "Wait here and I'll get some ice." Elena didn't even argue this time and watched as he gathered some ice in a towel. When he came back over he knelt beside her and asked her to lay down. Dave then placed the ice gently on her cheek, "Now just keep that there."

"Yes sir," Elena saluted.

"All right smart guy, tell me what happened." Dave said. Elena gave a heavy sigh and explained to him everything that had happened in the lobby. "Orton actually slapped you?" he growled.

"Yeah, but don't worry, he's been taken down a notch. I got my own shot in too you know," Elena said proudly, trying to lighten the mood.

Dave looked at her a bit sternly, but it slowly turned into a smile and shake of the head. "You're crazy, you know that?" he asked.

"And don't you forget it," Elena laughed, wincing at the ice on her cheek. "So how are you feeling Mr. Party Animal?"

"Well after a nice shower, nap and some aspirin, I'm still regretting it," he chuckled.

"Oh, did you ever remember what brought you up here last night?" she asked him curiously. Dave looked at her, fighting whether or not to tell her what he had tried to tell her last night.

"I uh..." he stopped to clear his throat. "I came up here tell you something."

"Really? What was it?" Elena asked sitting up on her elbows.

"I...told you that I..." Dave couldn't continue, trying to think of a way to get out of this. "I really appreciate what you did for us last night." I hope that works, he thought.

"Oh, well you know me, I'm willing to do whatever it takes for you guys even if it means a few bruises. Just like you guys have done for me," Elena told him. "Anyways, I'm sorry I didn't hear you last night, I had my ipod on to help me sleep."

"Were your injuries bothering you?" Dave asked in concern.

"No it's mind was trying to think of a thousand things at once, and then I get a crazy phone call and I couldn't–" Elena was cut off by Dave's question about her phone call. "Oh...uh...yeah I got a phone call last night."

"From who?" Dave asked. Elena wasn't sure if she could tell him just yet, and tried thinking of something else to tell him.

"My brothers called me about my birthday and trying to get a birthday present for me," Elena chuckled.

"So your birthday is coming up soon?" Dave asked with a brow raised.

"Yes it is, it's a week from Tuesday. I will be 22 and getting older by the minute," she laughed.

"Hey, 22's not that old, I'm old," Dave replied.

"How old are you?" Elena asked him.

"Don't worry about it," he said, making her laugh again. "So what are you doing for your birthday?"

"No idea. I'm happy with some cake and hanging out with my friends. I enjoy the simple things," she replied shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh come on, that's all?" Dave whined, making them both laugh.

"Yes! What, did you think I was one of those 'Super Sweet Sixteen' brats? Hell no!" she exclaimed.

"So you don't want a new car? To make an entrance on an elephant? Get the hottest band and invite 3,000 people, and–" Dave was cut off by a hand over his mouth. It took all his strength not to kiss her fingers.

"No, absolutely nothing like that." Elena told him, keeping her hand over his mouth. "Just seeing my friends and some cake. Got it?"

He tried to answer her, but his voice was muffled. Elena pretended to understand what he said, and just played along. That is until he took her hand off his mouth and said, "Got it. So are you leaving it up to me to make something happen?"

"No! No, no no. Don't you do it Dave," Elena warned him, sitting up completely, being much closer to his face.

"So that means I can?" he asked, only to get a weak hit in the arm, which made Elena slip over the edge of the couch. "Whoa!" Dave exclaimed and tried to ease her fall onto the floor, but he missed her completely. They both heard, and one felt, the loud thump on the floor. "Oh man! You okay?" he asked trying not to laugh. He crawled over so he was pretty much on top of her, seeing her cover her face with her hands.

"Ow!" she whined. Dave started laughing, making Elena roll onto her side away from him, "Shutup!"

"Oh come on, let me see," Dave told her. She shook her head again before feeling his hands on one of her arms to turn her over. "Don't make me do it," he warned.

"You wouldn't!" she gasped, but suddenly burst into laughter, feeling him tickle her. "Oh my god! Stop it! Hahaha! I hate you!" she laughed loudly, trying to fight him off. Dave caught both her hands and pinned them down on the floor. "No fair!"

"Well you were the one being stubborn," Dave justified smiling at the young woman beneath him. Both of them just ended up staring at each other, suddenly aware of the position they were in. However, neither one of them moved, with Elena's hands held to the floor and Dave hovering over her, staring at her. The blush was apparent on Elena's face, and to him it was beyond adorable. He loved seeing her like this, but he could tell she wanted to get up. "Come on you little punk," he said lending her a hand and helping her to her feet.

"Little Punk, huh?" she asked when she stood up.

"Care to argue that fact?" Dave replied with a smirk, her hand still in his. Elena just laughed and grabbed the now soggy towel to wring it out in the sink. However after a few steps, she found herself caught on something. Elena turned to see that it was Dave's hand still holding hers.

Despite how nervous she was getting, Elena let out a chuckle. "Either you're walking with me to the sink, or you're giving me my hand back," she smirked. Dave took a step closer to her, his eyes never leaving hers. "Dave this towel is dripping all over my carpet," she told him shakily, yet unable to move away from him.

"It'll dry out," he replied quietly. His hand was now on her cheek, "I'm glad to see that the swelling has gone down." Dave said it with a husky tone, with his hand leaving her bruised skin only to be replaced with the back of his fingers. Elena was so entranced that all she could do was lean into the touch.

Both of them barely noticed Elena's phone ringing. "Oh," she gasped, "I better get that. Hello? Yes. Oh, hello again sir. Yes I've thought a bit about your offer, but I'm afraid I haven't made any decisions yet. I should have one for you by next week if that's all right. Yes. Yes that's fine. This Friday? 5:00 sounds good. I'll see you then. Thank you very much sir. Goodbye." Elena hung up and put her phone away. Now that Dave had let go of her hand, she was able to take the towel to the sink and wring it out.

"Who was that?" Dave asked her, watching her back from where she left him.

Elena stopped what she was doing, knowing there was no turning back now. "It was Mr. McMahon." she replied bluntly.

"Oh yeah?" he made his way over to one of the stools and sat down. "What did he want?"

"He uh...just asked me a question, that's all." she said, trying to look busy.

"And? The question he asked you was...?" Dave egged on.

Elena put down the towel and looked down, using the counter to hold herself up. "He offered me a place on RAW. He was calling to see if I had made my decision yet."

There was complete silence in the room, leaving Elena too frightened to turn around and see his reaction. "I see." was all he said. Elena slightly turned to see him looking down at his hand, where hers was before.

"Dave I haven't made a decision, I get another week to decide," Elena tried to reassure him.

"Yeah." Dave said, looking everywhere but her. "Well I better get going," he told her getting out of his seat to head to the door.

"Dave?" Elena called out, seeing him about to open the door. She ran in front of him and didn't realize she was blocking his way. "Dave what is it? Did I do something wrong?" she asked in a slight panic.

"Not at all. It's your life and your career, you have the right to make a bigger name for yourself. I'll call you later," Dave stated neutrally and tried to open the door again.

"Dave I told you, I haven't made my decision yet!" she told him.

"I've gotta go," was all he said, gently moving her out of his way.

"Why are you so mad at me?" Elena cried grabbing his arm. Dave didn't look at her, but he took her hand in his and made her let go. "Damnit Dave look at me!" she begged, grabbing the front of his shirt and turning him towards her. "Why are you mad at me?"

Dave finally looked down at her, and it wasn't a good look at all. Before she knew it, his hands grabbed her arms and she was against the wall. It didn't hurt, but it shocked the hell out of her. "Goodbye Elena."

Elena watched as he let her go and left the room completely. All she wanted to do was sit down and cry, but the way he acted ignited a different feeling in her. Elena hurriedly opened her door again and ran after him. He was waiting for the elevator to open, "Dave!" she called out running up to him. He didn't look at her, nor acknowledge her, a scowl on his face. "Dave you had better tell me what your problem is or I swear I'll–I'll–" the ding of the elevator cut her off as she watched the doors open and Dave step on. He pushed the button and stared straight ahead, right through Elena. "Fine you asshole!" she screamed and ran back to her room. Dave watched her, but didn't say a word, and simply let the doors close. Elena slammed her door and collapsed onto her bed crying. She screamed different vulgar things to call him into her pillow. Meanwhile Dave slammed his own room door and paced back and forth, unable to understand what had just taken place.

"She could be going to RAW," he growled to himself. The anger built up until he ripped off his jacket and threw it across the room. He continued to pace, wondering what how she could even consider going to RAW. That meant leaving where she knew everyone to be with total strangers. She'd be leaving Smackdown, Stacy, Rey, Matt and...him. She'd be leaving me, he thought fearfully. Dave sat down on the couch with his head in his hands, "She could be leaving me." The very thought of her leaving Smackdown for RAW, made him...he couldn't even think about it. He decided to release his frustrations out on some gym equipment, so he changed and headed down there.