Track 19: Summerbreeze.

It might have been a while
Since you've been loved
Like you should be loved
It might have been a while
Since you've been kissed
Like you should be kissed

Usually Momiji didn't consider him unlucky, even with the curse. Yes, there were sad parts in his life but he also thought that every family, every person had sadness to carry on.

It also wasn't as if he was all alone. Yes, he might not have a mother or a little sister (and even a father, if he was to be completely honest) but he had cousins and people that worried about him, like Tohru, of course.

Tohru, who didn't mind hugs even if he ended up being a fluffy white bunny and who'd smile at him all the time, who'd hold his hand.

It was easy smiling around Tohru, and being truly, completely happy was too. A sweet word from Tohru's lips, a smile, a shared giggle over a shared candy, hands holding each other.

Momiji usually didn't think he was unlucky. After all, how many got the chance to hold the hand of the girl they loved, knowing that, no matter what, the girl loved them back? He could be certain of that. Tohru loved him. Not as he loved her and she wasn't in love with him, but he was loved by her and that, that couldn't be considered unlucky.

The day of his birthday, after giving him his present (a homemade yellow and red scarf), Tohru left a kiss that lingered upon his cheek and Momiji smiled back before hugging her, chirping a happy thank you, soon feeling Tohru's warm hands petting his fur.

That night he played the first part of Brahm's Violin Sonata 3 and, after he finished, when Haru hugged him almost tight enough to bruise (Haru was always the only one to ever do so, the only one to consider him strong enough to handle even hugs that could hurt) he just quietly returned it.

Perhaps he wasn't unlucky, but Momiji wouldn't consider himself lucky either.