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Chapter 1: The Beginning…

Harry couldn't help but groan as he had just woke up with a terrible headache. You would think, after a year of camping out in the open, your body would have gotten use to it.

'Damn it, I may be one of the strongest Wizards in the Wizard world, but I can't handle a simple headache.' Harry thought, grabbing his head.

It had been two years since he defeated Voldemort and a year since he broke off from his once called family and friends.

For an entire year, he had traveled the world and learning new things. For once in his life, while he was traveling, he was truly happy.

There was no war he had to worry about, no people who would nag at him on how to rule his life or smitten girls who annoyed him.

He was truly happy now.

This past year alone, he learned about many different cultures and types of magic in his travels. What was suppose to be a vacation, turned out to be adventure as he was able to improve his dueling skills and expand his knowledge in magical spells.

When he had defeated Voldemort and destroyed all of his Horcruxes with the help of the Order of the Phoenix, he was proclaimed as the most powerful wizard in Europe.

That was two years ago when he was twenty-years old.

Now, after a year of traveling and learn about new things, he was probably one of the strongest Wizard in the Wizarding World.

For someone who is currently twenty-two years old now, that was considered an impressive feature.

That was when his senses told him something was terribly wrong.

Looking down at hands, he began to wonder: Why did his hands look to be younger and not scarred?

Not even realizing what he was doing, he sat up from the ground in which he was sleeping out, not even noticing that the sleeping bag that he was suppose to be sleeping on and his camping gear were not their.

With a wave of his hand, a magical ice mirror appeared floating before him.

Harry couldn't help but gasp in shock.

He looked to be seventeen or eighteen years old! Just how the hell did that happened? Standing up, Harry looked at his body more closely. Though he looked to be seventeen, his appearance seemed to be slightly different then his original seventeen year old self.

Pushing himself up from the ground, Harry began to wonder where his sleeping bag and all his camping gear had went off to. Also, by the looks of his surroundings, what was he doing back at Hogwarts?

'Don't tell me I've been sleeping walking and apparating again.' Harry thought to himself.

Before he could even observe his surroundings more closely or apparate back to his campsite, he heard the familiar noise of someone sniffling and sobbing near him.

Putting the thoughts about returning back to his campsite away for a few moments, he turned his attention to the person who seemed to be crying.

Who he saw sitting several meters away from him, was a small girl with long red hair.

Without even realizing it, Harry began walking toward the little red head who was continuing to cry. Harry knew he was never good with girls that cry, but one thing was certain, he was a big softie for girls that cried.

"Hey there, are you ok?" Harry asked standing near the young girl.

When the red head girl turned her head to him in surprise, Harry was shocked to see what he was seeing: A miniature copy of his mother…

The red head girl gasped when she saw him.

"Dad, is that you?" She whispered in a state of shock.

Harry would have been shocked to hear her call him dad, hell he would of called her mum if it wasn't for the fact that she looked to small to be his mother. It was only thanks to his training he did not show any surprise on his face. His face had only showed a mask of cheerfulness.

"I'm sorry, you must be mistaken, and I know I look old. I doubt I have a child that's your age." Harry laughed trying to the cheer the girl up.

She smiled and giggled a little bit sadly. Of course, he looked no older then seventeen or eighteen.

That was when Harry saw something on the little girl's forehead. It was a familiar looking lightening bolt scar that he had once possessed.

Two years ago, after he had destroyed Voldemort during the final battle, his scar had disappeared the exact same time, but the Parseltongue ability that Voldemort had given him since birth, still remained.

Before Harry could even ask the girl in front of him on how she had gotten her scar, the girl who was giving him a curious expression, spoke.

"Umm… who are you? I have never seen you here at Hogwarts before." The girl said giving him a curious look while she was slowly edging her hand near her wand. He wasn't wearing Hogwarts robes and so she was immediately suspicious.

Harry saw her 'discreet' movement and had wandlessly called her wand to his hand before she was even close to touching hers. She gaped at him and gave him a horrified look. He knew that look. It was a look people had when they had no wand and were helpless. Why would she look at him like that? Doesn't she know who he is? He would never attack an innocent person, especially a girl.

Actually, he would attack and mostly kill a girl, if that girl was a real Death Eater or sent by Death Eaters…

"Sorry, you were edging for your wand. I don't mean you any harm, here, take it." Harry said giving the girl a warm smile that told her he wasn't a dangerous person.

The girl took her wand and sighed in relief.

"I'm sorry, it's just… I just have been through a lot lately. I'm not sure you heard, but my name had just been pulled out of the Goblet of Fire, for the Tri-Wizard Tournament."

"Tri-Wizard Tournament," Harry said in a confused voice. What the hell was she talking about? Did she just say the Goblet of Fire? What Tri-Wizard Tournament? The Tournament hasn't been held since his 4th Year. He was pretty sure if the Ministry of Magic was planning to hold the Tournament again, he would have been notified by word at least.

Thinking that this girl maybe not right in the head, he decided to get up to leave, but she had quickly grabbed his arm back.

"Wait, please don't leave. I… I feel safe… when you're close… for some reason." She trailed off blushing while twirling her fingers together.

Harry gave a genuine smile and sat next to her.

"So… what is your name?" asked Harry.

She gawked at him.

"You don't know who I am?" She asked.

Seeing his look of confusion, she knew he didn't know as he looked simply lost.

"My name is Lily, Lily White Potter." She said quietly while expecting a reaction. She wasn't disappointed.

Harry froze. Did he hear right? No… it can't be… He gave her suspicious looks in which she returned confused.

"By the look on your face, you really don't believe me?" She asked again while blushing at his handsome face. He was more handsome then her crush Cedric Diggory! (1) Heck, he was the most handsome person she had ever seen! No doubt any normal girl would be swooning and feeling like jelly if they were in her position.

Harry did nothing but nod.

"I'm," She began to look uncomfortable red. She took a deep breath and spoke again in a shy voice. "I'm Lily Potter, The Girl Who Lived, how could you not know about me?" she asked quietly and confused.

Harry couldn't help but loose his cool composure at the sound of her name. She giggled at his funny expression. Snapping out of his thoughts he jumped back away from her in a blur. Usually he would follow Auror procedure and that was to shoot and talk later, but for some reason he felt no malice or deceiving feelings from the red head.

Something told him to not attack…

The messy hair boy's quick movement startled the girl named Lily. She had never seen anyone move that fast before.

"Umm… what's wrong? Is there something wrong with me being The Girl Who Lived?" She whispered looking hurtful that someone who was genuinely kind to her a second ago was now reacting different to her because she was The Girl Who Lived.

Harry quickly reassessed the situation.

"No, it's not that," Harry said trying to evaluate the situation. It was either this girl was crazy or he just didn't know. Her name was Lily Potter? That had to be a joke. "My name is Harry, a pleasure to meet you." He said changing his expression into a kind one to put the girl at ease.

"Harry…" Lily said testing out his name. "That's a nice name."

Harry could only nod as his mind was thinking on overdrive.

"Timera," said Harry as he had summoned his wand and had conjured the time.

November 1, 1994


11:45 A.M.

Harry couldn't believe it… He was in 1994! The Year of the Tri-Wizard Tournament and the year that Voldemort had been reborn.

His mind, running quickly on theories had one solution to what was going on…

'Merlin's beard, that explains why this girl says she's The Girl Who Lived and is participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. I'm in an alternate reality where I was born a girl!' Harry couldn't help but grab his head as a headache was being formed.

Nothing was ever normal being Harry Potter…

"Do you go to Hogwarts Harry? Sorry, stupid question. Of course you're not from Hogwarts. You're not wearing a uniform and I know I wouldn't have missed a nice looking face as you." She said turning pink as she realize what she had just said. "Are you from Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?"

"No," Harry replied back as he had fought down the headache that was coming and at the same time, was trying to get his act together. He needed information at the moment, where he was, what was going on, and what to do now, but that would come later. First, he was going to try and extract information from this girl named Lily, The Girl Who Lived. He took note that parts of the castle that should be destroyed from the war against Voldemort were still standing, meaning that he really was in an alternate reality. "I don't belong to any school. I've been home schooled most of my life."

"Oh, what brings you to Hogwarts?" Lily said smiling at him as her blush had finally died down.

"To see the Tri-Wizard Tournament and to meet someone," Harry said using her line against her, as he was busy looking observing his surroundings. There were so many things that shouldn't be standing… yet it was standing. The Hogwarts Lake wasn't dried up. Parts of the castle were still standing and the ruin parts of the surrounding part of Hogwarts looked undamaged. It looked like Voldemort had never tried to march toward Hogwarts and attacked it. He was pretty sure the Hogwarts grounds and the castle did not look like this yesterday.

'I'm definitely in an alternate reality,' thought Harry.

Lily said nothing of this.

"So," said Harry, seeing how Lily had gone silent. "You said you were picked as Hogwarts Champion?"

"Not quite," replied the red head looking at him uncertainly. "I was picked by some nameless school. I don't know how, but someone had snuck my name into the Goblet of Fire and my name had come out right after Cedric Diggory as the 4th Champion. You believe me right?"

Harry nodded to the girl.

"You don't seemed surprise that I am champion," spoke the green eye girl as she noticed that he was staring her thoughtfully.

"Oh no, I am surprised," he lied smoothly. "It's just that you don't look like the type that would lie. You look too nice and act so kind, so I doubt you would lie. So if you say you didn't put your name in the Goblet, I believe you."

Smiling, Lily couldn't help but think the teenager standing before her was kind.

"Thank you, you are the only person who seems to believe me. My friends had all abandoned me thinking I was lying to them."

Harry nodded again. He knew how the red head felt, he was in the same position as her when he was chosen as Champion in his old universe, but Hermione was on his side.

"I'm the only one?" Harry asked in confirmation.

Lily nodded to the messy green eye teenager. "Yes, even my friend Hermione did not believe me and she was the most likely person who would not turn against me." She said in a hurt and sad voice.

"What of your guardians?" Harry spoke in a quiet hoping voice. He did not want to think of a girl being raised by the Dursleys, but the look of her petite and malnourished form told him everything. "Did you try and talk to them for any advice?"

Lily gave him a bitter laugh, if only he had only known her whole story.

"My guardians don't like me. They hate me and detest my very existence. I doubt they would give me advice."

It was confirmed. She was living with the Dursleys.

"Sorry, by the sounds of it, I guess you don't get along with your guardians. Well, you're not the only one." Harry said smiling at her comfortingly.

Looking at him in confusion, Lily could only give him a questioning glance, but Harry had ignored it.

"Say Harry, you didn't tell me what your last name was. Would you mind telling me?" she said in a small voice as she was looking at his eyes and hair closely.

"Harry Potter," Harry said deciding to play it smooth and make him self an identity. "I'm your cousin, from your father's side. I had always wanted to see you and I was not disappointed. It's nice to meet you cousin."

Lily looked surprised and shocked at what he had just said.

"Is that why you were asking for my last name? You wanted to know why I resembled your father. That's because, I'm your cousin. I'm surprised you didn't figure it out that I was a relative earlier. Your father is the younger brother of my father." Harry lied smoothly.

Lily continued to stare at him in shock and surprise.

"As to why you never heard of me, that's because at an early age, my father was disowned by the Potters because he was discovered to be a squib. He was your father's older brother." Harry said enjoying the shocked expression on the girls face.

"But, what about your eyes, their green. I never heard of any Potter's with green eyes." Lily said hesitantly as his father's background made sense. She had heard about Hermione about Pureblood families disowning their children when they discover that their children were squibs.

"Like yours, from my mother's side. Yes, I'm pretty sure my mother is not related to yours."

Lily stared at him in disbelief.

Harry was taken by surprised when the red head had blurred in front of him and had hugged him tightly.

Confused and worried as the girl in his arms was now crying, Harry began to wonder why was it girls were so emotional? Shrugging, Harry returned her hug.

She had later explained that the reason why she was hugging him and crying onto him was because she was happy to hear that she still had family left.

They had spent hours outside talking to each other by the lake, getting to know each other better.

While they were talking, Harry had told her about his entire 'life' story about how his parents were killed as well as hers during Voldemort's reign. He explained it to her on how he was raised by his grandmother, from his mother's side. The reason why James was never notified that he had an older brother was because he was only four-years-old and at that time, his older brother, Harry's 'father' was kicked out of the Potter family since he was a squib. That was when he explained that he was taught how to control his magic by his grandmother and grandfather until both had pasted away recently, leaving him every single thing, as he was the only child.

Harry couldn't very well explain it, but after getting to know her, he had felt an odd connection with her. At first, he had thought it was maybe because it was his alternate side, but it was quickly squash down as he notice it 'could be' a sibling love. It wasn't a one hundred percent feeling, he was still uncertain.

"You know, I can't explain it, but it feels like I've known you all my life," Lily whispered in a soft caring voice. She couldn't help but smile at him warmly. Today was the happiest day of her life, not even the thought of having to put up with the entire jealous and envious school could have dampened her feelings.

"As do I," said Harry as he couldn't help but feel guilty for lying to the little red head.

As the two sat next to each other silently by the lake, they continue to watch the giant squid swim across the lake in silence. The sky was turning dark and the sun was at the brink of the horizon, about to disappear.

Neither had said a word for an hour while both were comfortable just sitting next to each other. While Lily was snuggled against Harry's shoulder, Harry was busy thinking about what Lily had told him about her life.

Surprisingly, she had told him everything. From the day she received her Hogwarts letter till today. Almost everything of his life was the same for the young petite red head, except for a few certain facts.

Such as, instead of Lily having a cousin name Dudley Dursley, she had a cousin named Rachel Dursley. Her cousin Rachel was as big as a whale and she had always picked on Lily since they were children.

Another thing was that she had natural talent in Quidditch, but had not participated for Seeker regardless of everyone had practically begged her, even McGonagall!

Surprisingly, there was no Golden Trio at Hogwarts. Their group was faintly made up of four people: Lily, Ron, Hermione, and surprisingly Ginny. It was a surprise for Harry when he found out that Ron, Hermione, and Ginny had turned against Lily after finding out that she was named the 4th Champion.

During Lily's first year, she had saved the Sorcerer's stone with her two friends Hermione and Ron. In her second year, while both her friends Hermione and Ron was petrified, she had went inside the Chamber of Secrets, saved Ginny and slay the Basilisk.

As for Lily's third year, she seemed uncertain and unsure to tell him about everything about Sirius, but she had relented when she noticed how honest and understanding Harry was about her situation.

To Harry, everything was the same as his dimension as she told him about her 3rd year, except this time, Ginny had accompanied the group to the Shrieking shack. Lily had stopped both Sirius and Lupin from killing Pettigrew and Pettigrew had gotten away when Lupin had transformed.

Not surprisingly, the Quidditch World Cup appeared. Only this time, it was not The Girl Who Lived's wand which was used to conjure the Dark Mark…

It was Ron's…

You would think, someone would be worried and distraught the thought of their wand being used to conjure the Dark Mark, but Ron was not. He actually seemed happy with the attention and seemed 'prone' to tell others about it.

Harry was sure yet, but at the moment, he had an awful feeling that things were going to be worst for the red head in this dimension.

Compared to the world he had just disappeared from, he really didn't mind living in this one where no one would bother him because he wasn't The Boy Who Lived anymore. He was just some everyday wizard.

In his original world, almost everything around him was in ruin. After succeeding in destroying the Horcruxes and Voldemort, his best friend Ron was dead because he joined the Death Eaters due to jealously. Hermione was raped and murdered by Ron when he discovered that she did not have any feelings for the red head. Instead, she had feelings for the green eye, messy hair wizard.

It was horrible…

With the betrayal of Ron and death of Hermione known to the Order, Harry's relationship with Ginny had quickly ended the moment she had accused that everything was his fault. She even had the nerve to say that his parents and Sirius deaths were his entire fault as well.

When things had finally calmed down, she had tried her best to reconcile their relationship, but Harry did not want to put up with her excuses. He knew she had only said those mean words in a fit of anger and stress, but her words were really painful.

Not even wanting to think about Ginny, Harry thought on about his old world.

He had nothing left of that world…

Before he could ponder about his past, his thoughts were interrupted when his stomach had growled…

He was hungry…

Looking down at his shoulder, he noticed that Lily had fallen asleep on his shoulder.

'Poor girl, I met she was not able to sleep well with the thought of being friendless.' Harry thought remembering how the red head had black rings around her eyes.

"Hey Lily, wake up." He said in a soft whisper. "I think you might need to go back to the castle."

Harry couldn't help but give an amused look at how Lily had rubbed her eyes cutely with the back of her hand.

"Whazzat?" she mumbled as she continue to snuggle herself closer to him.

Harry did not blame her for being comfortable with him. If he was in his 4th Year, he would have been happy to hear he had a living relative who was a Wizard. He would not want to part with a relative who he had just met for a short while.

"Lily, come on, wake up," said Harry. "You got to get back to the castle."

"Don't want to," she whined softly as she had pulled away from him and began stretching.

Harry could only stare as he noticed that she was skin and bone.

'Was I really that skinny and bony her age?' thought Harry as he noticed that she should be at the age where she was starting to grow her womanly curves. 'Then again, she was malnourish for so long, she is probably going to remain skin and bone all her life unless I…'

"Hey Lily, how often do you eat at the Dursleys?" He said as he looked at her with a raise eyebrow. He already knew the reason why, but he had to ask as to not draw suspicion when he helped her. Since he was apparently stuck in this alternate reality and was unsure when to return, he would help his alternate female self get stronger and probably help her defeat Voldemort.

Lily gave Harry a nervous look. She noticed he was looking at her up and down. Not in a perverted way, but in a way Mrs. Weasley would check her up and down to make sure she was eating well or not. Deciding to be truthful, she spoke in a soft voice.

"I told you before, the Dursleys don't like me. So they don't really feed me that well and I am treated as..."

"I understand," Harry said interrupted her words. "How about this, how about we get your body back to shape?"

Lily looked startled at this.

"As in working out?"

"Something liked that, but what I'm talking about is if you follow my directions closely, in a month, you'll be as healthy as your everyday fourteen-year-old girl, maybe, even prettier then the rest." Harry said as he realized what he had just said. "Of course, you're pretty beautiful now cousin, but what I'm trying to say is you look a bit underfed and malnourish. If you follow my directions just right, you'll fill stronger and less tired whenever you run to your classes."

Lily could only blink at his words as the two were walking up to the castle.

"You said in only a month? How is that possible?"

"Easy," said Harry as he had stopped her from entering the castle. He did not want to draw attention of himself to the public. "I have these potions that are filled with vitamins and minerals. Should you eat properly at the right time and exercise daily, you'll be looking so beautiful, you'll put that Veela Fleur to shame."

Giggling, Lily had immediately agreed. She was a bit tired of looking like some small ten-year-old when she was rightfully fourteen-years-old.

"I'll do it, when do we start?" said Lily as she was looking at him hopefully.

"Starting tomorrow possibly," Harry spoke in a serious voice as he was trying to think of a place to stay and where to get some money. He was stranded here with only his wand and weapons that were strapped to his inside robes. Luckily, he had shrunken his trunk with him and it had managed to travel along with him to this dimension. "I'll contact you tomorrow before you go to class."

"Okay," she chirped to him in a warm voice as she gave him a big hug. "Thank you Harry."

Harry returned her hug back.

"Lily, can you do me a favor?"

"Sure," shrugged Lily.

"Don't tell anyone about me," Harry said softly and seriously. "Not even Dumbledore or Sirius. Speaking of Sirius, don't forget to send him a letter about someone had sabotage you into participating into the Tri-Wizard Tournament."

"Why?" questioned the red head girl.

"What do you think would happen once everyone finds out that The Girl Who Lives has a cousin who is a Wizard? They are going to hound you and me for questions on where I came from and I really don't want to be annoyed. You should know it feels to have admirers coming up to you and bothering you with questions or pictures." Harry said thinking about some of his former classmates in his old dimension.

Lily had a look of understand when she heard his words. A picture of the Creevey brothers popped in her head.

"Yeah, now since you mentioned it, it makes sense," Lily grumbled softly at the memories of Valentines day and how so many guys had tried to ask her to go out with them because she was The Girl Who Lived. She had received so many letters last year, almost all the Owls in the Great Hall that morning was their for her.

"Now, for the reasons why I don't want you to tell Sirius, is because he has a knack at being a bit to curious and should remain in hiding, not wandering around in broad day light when all of the Aurors in the Wizard World are given Aurors are to kill him on sight," Harry spoke softly at the thought of being able to see his godfather alive again. Even though it had been years since his godfather's demise from the Veil of Death, he had still missed him terribly. "You are probably wondering why I am asking you to not tell Dumbledore, well, the reason why is because I have a feeling he would not trust me. Not many know that your father James had a brother. I get the feeling that he would mostly likely try to separate us should he find out about me. I'll be honest with you Lily… I had always wanted to meet you. My only living cousin, but I was unable to thanks to my stupid guardian. Now that I met you, I don't think it'll be easy for me to just abandon you after hearing about those Dursleys, not to mention, how lovable you are."

Lily had only responded by giving him a big hug. Like Harry, she felt the same way. After being able to meet the last surviving family she had left, next to Sirius, she did not want to let him go. If she had to, she wouldn't give him up without a single fight.

"I promise I won't tell them anything," Lily promised.

"Good, because if you do, I won't be able to help you become an Animagus." Harry said tempting her, knowing that it would definitely make her consider not telling anyone.

"Really," Lily said excitedly. She had always wanted to be an Animagus after hearing about how her father was an Animagus and her godfather was one.

"Yes," said Harry. "When you told me your father and godfather was an unregistered Animagus, I decided to let you, my dear cousin, become one to."

"Oh Harry! I promise I won't tell anyone! I so swear it!" she said practically strangling him.

"Yeah," said Harry as he had tried to pry the excited red head from suffocating him. "But first, I need to get you back in shape. You can't turn into an Animagus if you're skin and bone."

Lily nodded brightly to her cousin. Not only was she able to meet her cousin today, she was going to be an Animagus!

"Now off you go," Harry said softly as he pushed her slightly. "I'll contact you soon."

"Okay!" she said so full of excitement to even question him how and what kind of animal he could transform into.

"Lily?" He said getting her attention as he had just realized something.

Before she knew it, she was hit with a blue beam of light to the forehead and a glowing red rune had appeared and then disappeared.

"What…" Lily said unsure how to react.

"That spell gives me the ability to speak to you in your mind and you, to talk to me back whenever you need to talk to me." Harry said to her mentally. He did not mention to tell her that it prevents Legimency readers to read her thoughts and gives her an automatic Occulmency barrier without her knowing. It was a powerful forgotten spell he had read in the Room of Requirement. Only the strongest of Wizards could only cast the spell and there was only a handful of people alive that can still perform it if they knew the spell.

"Wow!" She almost shouted out loud.

"Harry, can you hear me?" Lily said testing out the mental link.

"I hear you," He said out loud.

"Wow, that's so cool," Lily spoke in an excited voice, unable to control her emotions. "So I can contact you anytime I want?"

"Yes, the only problem is that you will have to see me every two weeks so I can renew the spell on you. This is perhaps the best way to cheat on a test, don't you think so?"

"You're right," said Lily as she couldn't help but think of the possibilities of being able to work her way through any test. Maybe Harry would help her on her exams and possibility her O.W.L.S. next year!

"Anyhow, another thing is, the spell also has its special uses. Should you give me permission, I will able to read some of your thoughts or if you want, I can even see and hear things from where you are standing and looking, Vise Versa."

Lily blinked at the description of the spell. She had never heard of such a spell.

"The only bad thing about this spell is that it takes constant magic should we try and contact each other. Whoever opens the link first, the spell will automatically drain that person's magic until they are exhausted and the link will close, causing the person to fall asleep right away. So make sure you turn off the link right away when you notice you are tired. Here's an important note, the farther we are apart, the more magic is drained. So makes sure you use it only when you are in desperate need for advice or something important needs to be said, okay?"

Her only reply was a nod and a hug.

"Now, I think it's time we part," said Harry as he gave her a kiss on the forehead goodbye.

Lily couldn't help but blush a bright shade of red from the contact of the kiss.

Though Harry was her 'cousin' and he had only kissed her on the forehead, she couldn't help but feel tingly excited feeling all over her body. She had tried her best to ignore the feelings she knew was a crush, but it was ignored as she couldn't help but admire how handsome her cousin looked to be.

She found it disgusting that she was looking at her cousin that way.

"Bye Harry," Lily said waving him goodbye glumly as he had walked away. Though it was only for a few seconds, she missed him terribly already.

End of chapter 1

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