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Chapter 9: Troubled Times

For the next several days at Hogwarts, Lily was uncertain at how she felt toward her fellow classmates.

The moment she had came back to the castle after the 1st Task, her classmates everywhere have been hailing her like they did Cedric when he was chosen as champion and all hostility they had toward her, had vanished, except from the Slytherins. Even Hermione, Ron, and Ginny seemed to warm up to her, but she had continued to ignore them.

Why you may ask?

Stubborn like her mother or so McGonagall had told her before, she couldn't help but want them to apologize to her first, before they even attempt to try and make a friendly conversation with her.

So she waited for a few days, hoping her ex-friends would come up to her and apologize after the 1st Task, but they did not.

Hermione did however, walked by her after class and congratulated her on the first task, but nothing else was said.

To Lily, for some odd reason, she really didn't mind not wanting to make up with them yet.

She knew that, should she make up with Hermione, Ginny and Ron, her old friends, she would have to eventually tell them about Harry Evans: her supposedly boyfriend.

No doubt they have been really curious as too late on whom this Harry Evans was and how come she had never even told them about him when she had been spending lots of time at the Burrow.

Fate was actually fair to her when she began thinking about her life at the current moment. While she was friendless and had no one to talk to, she had Harry, someone whom she could share her feelings with and someone whom she knew she had feelings for.

To her mind, it was kind of a bit of a trade off…

While losing her friends, she gained someone whom she could trust with all of her heart, someone who she could depend on, and someone who had actually been in her shoes and knows how complicated her life was…

The only thing she could not trust Harry with, was knowing her true feelings for him. She was unsure as to how Harry would return her feelings. Would he return her feelings with the same feeling she had for him or would he reject her feelings, considering that she was way too young for him.

While Harry was mentally twenty two years old, but physically eighteen, she was a fourteen year old girl, someone who was still in the beginning stages of having her physical attributes growing.

Thanks to the potions that Harry had given her, she was a little bit more developed them those her age, as if she was possibly fifteen or sixteen already.

Shaking herself out of her thoughts about her growing figure and her love interest, Lily began to think about the other things that have been running around her life.

Cedric seemed to not only resent her for not accepting his apology after the 1st task, but for threatening to remove his special manly parts. Not only did he lose a lot of respect and face at Hogwarts when he failed to achieve his task, he was humiliated with the fact that the green eye girl who was a 4th Year, had completed the task and was currently first place in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

The looks he gave her these days, was a mixture of anger or disgust. Sometimes, even predatory, but Lily didn't quite care what Cedric held against her nowadays, she was to busy trying to sort out her feelings toward her classmates.

At one point, she was relieved and happy that all of her fellow classmates no longer showed hostility against her, but at the same time she was angry at how quickly they had changed toward her after the first task.

That was when she started to believe that everyone around her had never really treated her like a real friend. They all seemed to just want to get buddy-buddy with her because they either wanted to get in her pants or just be friends with: Lily Potter, The Girl Who Lived.

She sighed again for the hundredth time today.

"Thinking hard Lily?" Hagrid said offering her a cup of brew tea. (1)

Lily nodded. Harry was currently off to destroy the 2nd to last piece of the Horcrux, the Crown of Rowena Ravenclaw. He wouldn't really destroy the artifact, just the soul spirit of Voldemort which was inside of it.

"I'm confused Hagrid," she said softly. "I'm not sure who to trust anymore. The way all my classmates had just changed their opinion on me instantly, really ticks me off. At once point, they are all calling me a show-off and a liar, the next, they are treating me like a Queen. It's so frustrating." The red head said nearly in tears. She did bother to mention to Hagrid about how many of the Ravenclaws was begging her to tell them the types of spells she used against the Dragon. The Golden Shield of Terra and the Ice Bomb Attack were known to be forgotten and forbidden spells that Harry had forbidden her to ever teach or explain, not to mention cast, unless she was in a desperate situation. She was a bit confused as to why Harry had not scolded her yet for casting spells in which he had forbidden her to cast.

The huge half giant that was sitting across the table from the red head could only smile at her sadly. He knew perfectly what the red head meant as he could remember the year he was framed for opening the Chamber of Secrets and many people who he called friends, distrusted him.

"I really don't know what to say Lily. The only thing I can really do say, is that I am impressed and proud to hear that you haven't broke down yet from the stress. I'm sure your parents would have been proud to see how strong you are. I heard about your yelling match against McGonagall and let me tell you, you left her horrified and shocked for hours on end after your words."

Lily winced at the memory of herself telling McGonagall off about how unfair she and the Hogwarts teachers were acting. She had lost Gryffindor a hundred points and a few detentions with Filch for her disrespect.

Curse Filch and that trophy room, how the hell does it get so dirty every few days and why did it had something to do with Fred and George Weasley?

"Anyhow, what's this about a boyfriend I hear? I remember seeing him in Hogsmeade with you."

Again, Lily winced. Lately, everyone seemed to be asking her about Harry. First it was her former friends, then her housemates whom seemed crazy about Harry, then the girls from the other houses, and now Hagrid.

Though Lily didn't voice it or didn't risk using Legimency, she had an awful feeling that Dumbledore had put Hagrid into questioning her. Lately, she had noticed that all the portraits in the castle seemed extra attentive to her and there was always teacher or a prefect nearby her, as if waiting to catch her in the middle of a scheme.

"His name is Harry Evans and yes, he's really my boyfriend."

Hagrid chuckled.

"No kidding, I saw you kissing him on the lips after the 1st Task. If I hadn't seen it myself, I say your fellow classmates are quite jealous of you."

Lily giggled at how true that was. The kiss she had given Harry absentmindedly at the 1st Task told everyone that he was hands off and taken off the market.

"Yes, Parvati and Lavender has been bugging me daily about him. It's not just them either. It's the older sixth and seventh years. They are all asking me how I was able to catch such a handsome person."

Hagrid didn't look like he wanted to talk about boys and handsome teenagers, but he had a determined look on his face, as if Dumbledore had begged him to do something.

Lord knows Hagrid would do anything for Dumbledore.

"Speaking of that, how did you meet him and how old is he?"

Lily cocked her head to the side.

"Did Dumbledore ask you to ask me this Hagrid?" She said innocently and if she had to admit out loud, a bit too bluntly.

Hagrid began to visibly sweat.

"Err… of course not," He said not doing a good job lying. "I was just curious."

Lily raised an eyebrow. Hagrid had actually managed to lie to her straight in the face by looking at her in the eye. She wasn't the only person who had been training lately.

"Well, Harry's a good old child hood friend of mine back from Surrey. He's seventeen-years-old. He was home schooled and I doubt the Ministry has any records about him. I forgot his place of birth, I remember he told me once, but I forgot. Anyway, he and his family never stayed at places for long, Harry was raised in many places, including Surrey when I met him." The red head said, lying so smoothly, she could understand why the Sorting hat wanted to put her in Slytherin. She was using the atlas story Harry had long given her.

"How did you meet him?" Hagrid said anxiously and a bit relieved that the red head was not suspicious of him.

Lily inwardly rolled her eyes at how 'discreet Hagrid was when it came to getting information.

"When we were kids," She said smiling slightly. "When I was getting picked on by my cousin and a bunch of her friends, Harry came and rescue me. That's all you need to know Hagrid." She said looking sharply at Hagrid as if to say, don't ask anything else.

"But… how did you two wind up boyfriend and girlfriend?" He said testing the red head.

Lily's eyebrows rose sharply at the bravery that Hagrid showed.

"I always had a crush on Harry since we were kids, because to me, he was my knight and shiny armor," Lily said glad that Harry wasn't in listening range. It would be so embarrassing if he heard her now! "Before I went to the Weasleys this past summer, I met up with Harry again and we discovered we were both Magical. And let me tell you, he was quite surprised that I was The Girl Who Lived, he had always thought my name was Lily Dursley." She said shivering for Hagrid to believe her.

The red head hated to lie to the half giant, but Harry had insisted that should anyone ask him about, she was to use any story she deemed good.

"Before we knew it, we were going on a few dates and things went on from their," said Lily hoping that Hagrid wouldn't ask her more questions.

She was indeed surprised when Hagrid questioned her again.

"Why didn't you tell Hermione and Ginny of this? I heard from a few of your classmates that not even Hermione and Ginny knew that you were dating with this boy name Harry."

Lily shrugged, a bit suspicious as to how this conversation was going.

"I was going to tell them, but the Quidditch World Cup and the Tri-Wizard Tournament popped up. When I became Champion, it just slipped my mind." She said lamely.

Luckily enough for her, Hagrid fell for it.

"Anyhow, I got to go now Professor Hagrid," teased Lily. "It's been nice talking to you again."

Hagrid had only waved it off.

"It's good to know that you are still visiting me. Hermione, Ginny, and Ron haven't visited me since you were all together as friends. I only see them during lessons now."

Lily didn't blame them. Hagrid had just introduced them to the Blasted Ended Skrewts and she didn't fancy getting near them during Care of Magical Creatures. Also, she didn't mention, the only reason she came down to visit Hagrid, was because of Hermione staring her campaign for House Elf freedom and she did not want to be asked to join. She mentally thanked her possible future boyfriend for the heads up.

"Later Hagrid," Bidding her first friend in the Magical World goodbye, she went straight back toward the Hogwarts castle.

On the way to the Gryffindor Tower, Lily bumped into her former friends who seemed excited at something.

When the three of them saw her, they froze mid-step and stared at her.

Seeing her former friends cease walking and staring at her, Lily stopped walking as well.

"Hi Lily," The first person to speak was Hermione.

The pretty red head nodded her head in greeting.

"Hello Hermione," She replied back politely.

"How's it going?" A hesitant Ginny asked.

Lily shrugged. She was wondering why Hermione, Ron, and Ginny was doing hanging together. Last time she heard, they had gotten into a huge fight about something and they weren't talking to each other.

"Not bad, just came back from visiting Hagrid. I haven't been able to talk to him in a while with the Tournament around the corner."

She noticed briefly that all three of her former friends looked guilty at the mention of Hagrid. Most likely, they felt bad for not visiting Hagrid in a while.

"Anyhow, I got to go now, later." Lily said turning her back to them and walking off before they could say another word.

When she rounded the corner, the path toward the Gryffindor tower, Lily shivered in disgust. Ron was giving her the same look he was giving Fleur Delacour these days.

Ever since she had started taking those health modification potions and started exercising, she started to attract a lot of attention towards the opposite sex.

Though she had tried her best to not wear anything revealing, short, or tight to reveal her figure, they were still staring at her like a band of hungry wolves.

She hated the way guys looked like her, as much as Parvati and Lavender may like guys ogling at them, she really wasn't that type of girl.

"The only person I want to stare at me is Harry." The red head girl said not minding if Harry looked at her like that.

"Excalibur," said the red head, to the portrait of the Fat Lady.

Entering the Gryffindor Common room, Lily was about to go up to the Girl's dormitory, but one of the Gryffindor prefects stopped her.

"Lily, the Headmaster wishes to see you. The password is pumpkin fruit." The female prefect said seriously.

Twitching, Lily turned around and headed back out the Gryffindor Common Room. On the way out of the portrait, she saw her former friends again approaching.

They were chatting amongst each other, not even noticing that she was walking toward them.

"I'm telling you Hermione, the House-Elves don't want their freedom! They're happy as it is. Why do you insist that they need to be free?" Ginny said heatedly to the bushy hair girl.

Hermione twitched.

Speaking of House Elves, Harry had requested her to ask Dobby if he wanted to work for him and Dobby had accepted when she informed him that he would also be serving her: The Great Girl Who Lived and the one who had freed him.

However, in recognition of doing this, Dobby had requested her if they could take Winky as well.

So now, both elves had proclaimed her as their mistress and Harry, as their master.

Speaking of Harry, it was quite a shock for Dobby when he discovered who Harry really was.

However, that story would be told another day…

"How can you and Ron be so cold? Their being treated like slaves Ginny! Do you understand? I can't believe Dumbledore would keep slaves at Hogwarts!" Hermione said glaring at Ron who was no longer paying attention to her.

"Hi Lily," Ron said no longer paying attention to Hermione and noticing the now pretty red head. He began to ogle at her, much to Hermione's disgust.

Lily inclined her head in greeting and continued to walk right past them.

Taking a turn, the last thing she heard before she headed up the stairway, was Hermione talking in a sad voice.

"She's so cold nowadays."

A little bit later…

"Greetings Ms. Potter, how are you this fine evening?" Dumbledore said greeting the red head.

Lily shrugged rudely in response.

"I was doing fine, until I was called to your office," She said not bother hiding her hostility against the old man.

Dumbledore didn't even flinch at her words. Though Dumbledore did not reprimand her, the portraits in the office were shaking their head in disbelief.

"Would you like a lemon drop Lily?" asked Dumbledore.

She shook her head in response.

"No sir," She said accepting a seat which appeared. "Can we get to the reason why I was called here? Please, no mind games. I'm a busy girl and I'm really not in the mood for trick questions and answers."

Again, Dumbledore didn't even flinch or show any emotion at her words. On the contrary, the twinkles in his eyes dimmed slightly.

"Lily," Dumbledore started, but the red head interrupted him.

"Call me Ms. Potter sir, only my friends can call me by my 1st name."

"Very well Ms. Potter," Dumbledore said, the twinkles in his eyes were gone. "I want to question you on your attitude lately. Though you have not said it, why have you showed such hostility towards me and your fellow teachers?"

Lily narrowed her eyes together.

"That's really none of your business sir," She said icily. "We are here for school related subjects, aren't we?"

"On the contrary Lily," Dumbledore began, but Lily interrupted him.

"Ms. Potter," The red head corrected.

"My apologies Ms. Potter," Dumbledore said looking a bit uncertain as to why the red head was showing plain hostility. "Ms. Potter, what I mean to say is, it really is my business as to, it is related to school. You have showing a powerful display of magical power at the 1st Task, you have been showing hostility against your teachers as of late, you've seemed to snap at your friends a lot, and if I may so myself, I am curious as to what is going on with you Lily. I am only trying to look out for you."

Lily twitched again at how Dumbledore seemed to forgetting to call her Ms. Potter on purpose. She knew he was trying to get her angry enough, so she could make a mistake in saying something.

"First off Headmaster, I said it before, I will say it again. It's Ms. Potter and you may not call me Lily. Only my friends are reserved to call me by my first name, which there really isn't a lot of people on my friend list right now." The red head said in an emotionless face and her face was blanked out into a mask. "As to answer your question since you have some view points. Since I have no friends and I'm not really in any clubs. What's there to do but to study and improve your self in class? Are you saying it's wrong for me to study and get high grades in class?"

"No Lily, I did not mean it like that. What I meant was…"

"Again," Lily interrupted calmly. Harry's cold side personality was really rubbing off her as of late. "It's Ms. Potter. As to answer the second part of your view point, the reason I am showing 'slight' hostility against my mentors, is because they are being unfair and they allow other students to tease me and insult me."

"I apologize, but your teachers…"

"Are not doing their jobs," Lily said inserting her sentence for him.

Dumbledore began to get annoyed. His student was interrupting him every time and inserting his sentences for him. If he could only use Legimency, he would gladly find out the answers he was looking for.

"About me snapping at my friends, I have no friends. I began to realize that no one had really did care about me, most had only cared about The Girl Who Lived and they wanted to be friends with me because of my reputation."

"That's not true Ms. Potter," Dumbledore said hastily interring her. "Plenty of people care about you. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley care about you as much as you are a daughter to them. Though you may not know it, your former friends miss you and they really do care about you deeply."

"Friends Headmaster," hissed Lily darkly. "Don't betray their friends or their trust. I am beginning to realize that the Wizard World is really not worth it. Yes, learning and studying about magic is fun, but having to put up with people whispering and pointing at you behind your back can get frustrating. How am I supposed to enjoy my childhood when I have to put up with dangers every year at Hogwarts, relatives who hate me, and people who I cannot even trust?"

Dumbledore was speechless. Lily Potter had a big point. Before he could even say anything, Lily spoke again.

"I'm leaving your office Professor, whether you are dismissing me or not. You are my teacher, not my guardian. You have no right whatsoever to demand answers out of me. So stay out of my life." Lily said turning to leave.

Before she could even touch the door handle, Dumbledore spoke, but this time, he didn't speak in his kind or calm voice, but in a slight angry voice.

"You will sit down Ms. Potter, we are not talking yet."

Lily shivered slightly at the cold tone in Dumbledore's voice, but she did not want to show weakness.

"I Lily White Potter, the last descendant and true Heir of the Gryffindor line… Command's you to open this door!"

Immediately the door slid open for her.

Dumbledore, who was surprised at this, couldn't help but stand up and spoke in a thundering voice.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor. Ms. Potter, sit down. I will not repeat myself!" He thundered out, not knowing why he was losing control. He had yet to talk about the mysterious Harry Evans that had appeared in the red head's life.

Lily turned around with a dark look over her face.

"Our conversation is over Headmaster, you are asking questions that aren't any of your business. I will be taking my family heirloom by the way." She said flicking her wand at the Sword of Gryffindor which was placed in a case.

The case that was protecting and holding the Sword of Gryffindor vanished and the sword immediately floated toward her.

"By the way, for taking twenty points away from me like that. Proves my point at how unfair you command and control this school." Lily hissed coldly.

"I… I…" Dumbledore said speechless for the first time.

"Have a good evening Headmaster," said Lily, turning to leave with the Sword of Gryffindor hiding in her robes.

"You are walking a dangerous path like Tom Riddle, Lily," Dumbledore said halting her from leaving his office.

Not even turning around, Lily spoke in a dangerous voice that sent shivers down Dumbledore's spine.

"I told you before Headmaster, it's Ms. Potter. As for the path I'm walking on, it's the path that I chose, not you. Didn't you say it is the path we choose which makes us who we are? You seemed to be forgetting that. You allowed Tom Riddle to walk the path of darkness and you are just repeating the same mistake over by leaving me at a place I hated like him, keeping secrets from me, and claiming that I am too young to know things. You made the mistake of turning Tom Riddle into Voldemort, not himself. You could have stopped him from turning dark, but foolishly believed in some belief that he would one day repent for his crimes by himself."

Taking a small breath, Lily spoke again, this time, her voice was so cold, the temperature in the room began to get colder and Fawkes had released a small pitiful thrill.

"I will never walked the path that Tom Riddle went through and don't you dare mentioned you are doing what is best and for my parents sake." She said turning around, her face pissed and her eyes were full of tears. "I know that Snape was the one who lead my parents to their deaths and you hired him to be a Potions master, believing that he was truly repented! You kept that a secret from me and you are a god damn fool for doing it! I saw the future, I saw you being killed by his hands! So don't lecture me about things you don't fucking even understand you old bastard! You were equally responsible for my parent's death and hiding their true Will from everyone! My parents never did wanted me sent to the Dursleys, but you sent me their anyway! So don't you go telling me I'm walking the same path as that bastard Voldemort when you are the reason why he walked that path in the 1st place!" She screamed at him.

Without another word, she ran out the Headmaster's office in tears, leaving a shocked and shaken Dumbledore behind.

"How could she had known that I… no… what did she mean by she saw the future?" Dumbledore said to himself hoarsely. Though he wouldn't have admitted it, Lily Potter's words hurt him deeply.

"Headmaster," The portrait of Godric Gryffindor, who hadn't spoke in a decade. "If what my descendant saying is true about you hiding my great grandchildren's Will, you had better leave her alone or I will make sure you will not have much authority in Hogwarts then you suppose to have."

The other three founders, who were portrait next to him, nodded in agreement. Salazar Slytherin, who was known to not speak in possibly three decades, spoke in a cold icy dark voice.

"You are playing a dangerous game Albus Dumbledore. The girl is well informed and she knows the truth. It is best if you start telling her whole truths and no longer half truths if you want to keep her trust and prevent her from walking a dark path like Tom Riddle. She may not be my Heir, but she is my last true living magical Heir. I will make you life a living hell if you try to mess with her."

Dumbledore said nothing but sat down on his seat exhaustedly. What Lily Potter had said to him, disturbed him greatly, especially her comment about how she saw his future and seeing him die in the hands of Severus Snape.

The fact that the child knew that his Potions Master was the reason why the child lost her parents, made his heart ache.

No one was supposed to know that Severus Snape was the reason why the Potters were targets and the person who heard half the Prophecy, except for him and Severus Snape.

When he had taken Severus in as his Potions Master, he had truly believed that the man had repented, but seeing and hearing Lily Potter call him a fool for believing and trusting the former Death Eater, stricken his heart. Did Lily knew what the Prophecy had said and how did she know that Snape was the person who was mainly responsible for the death of James and Lily Potter?

The looks that the Founders, the past Headmasters and Mistresses were giving him, had suddenly made him feel slightly unwelcome in his very own office.

Deep within his mind, something told him that this Harry Evans had something to do with the Lily White Potter he once knew.


Lily began to curse at herself for losing her cool. How could she have been so dumb to tell Dumbledore about the things that she wasn't even supposed to know about?

She was currently in the Room of Requirement alone.

The only people who were suppose to know that Severus Snape was the real reason why she had no parents, was only Snape and Dumbledore. She had almost jeopardized her and Harry's mission in defeating Voldemort because she couldn't control her emotions.

"I wish Harry was in Britain, I can't seem to concentrate without being able to talk to him." Lily mumbled to herself, not even realizing that sometimes, she couldn't even think straight when Harry was near her anyway.

While Harry was in Germany, in search for the Crown of Ravenclaw, she was unable to contact him because the distance was so far, she would have depleted her magic should I try using her mental mind link.

Once he destroy the magical essence of Voldemort in the Crown of Ravenclaw, he would then move on to the Ring of Slytherin, which Harry found out that Dumbledore had yet to find.

In all appearances, that meant he would be gone for a few days and she was left alone and unable to talk to anyone for that long period of time.


"I miss him," She said wanting her heart to stop thumping in pain. If it weren't for the fact that she met Harry, she would have long broken down and went insane in mere weeks she was Champion.

She began to curl up against her seat and wishing the room would provide her a cup of cocoa, in which it did provided for her.

"Thank you," Lily said to the room. For some reason, she could feel the castle smiling down at her and telling her no problem.


Shrugging it off, the red head asked the Room of Requirement to provide her some reading material, mainly the Witch Weekly magazine.

What she saw on the front cover of Witch Weekly made her spill her cup of hot cocoa on the ground.

There was a picture of her looking scrawny and weak a few months ago and a picture of her now looking extremely healthy and sexy at the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Lily White Potter: Just how does she do it?

By: Lilith Cervantes

Lily White Potter, 14-year-old, The Girl Who Lived had grown into a beautiful young woman! Not wanting to sound mean or cruel, but the mysteriously 4th Champion of the Tri-Wizard is no longer considered small and puny anymore!

Though we are not sure how young Lily Potter has grown from a ten-year-old small little girl into a beautiful normal 14-year-old girl, we are amazed at the changes.

Just how does she do it?

Many of us girls working at Witch Weekly is dying to know her secret!

Parvati Patil, a pretty 14-year-old girl and roommate of The Girl Who Lived quoted: "I don't know how she does it and she won't share it with us. Not wanting to badmouth my roommate or anything, but at the beginning of the year, she really didn't look all that at first, but after she was chosen as Champion, she grew up and her curves seemed to grow up at such a pace, I'm jealous."

Just how does Lily Potter do it? How could she have developed her body so fast and make it look so luscious, without making her face look old?

Another Hogwart's student, who share remain nameless says, "Though I hate to admit it, I'm jealous at her pretty figure. She didn't even look all that at the beginning of year. She looked like skin and bone! I think she's using some illegal potion or possibly…"

But there are no potions that could do that. Many of out top researchers claim that performing such a spell or using a Potion is impossible without increasing one's entire physical appearance.

Another nameless student tells us they had seen young Ms. Potter wake up every working and seen running around the lake to stay in shape.

One of our researchers claims that it is possible that young Ms. Potter is taking some kind of advance nutrient potion. And by working out, her body is developing with the potion to give her a pretty figure.

Is that even possible? Can someone's body have really changed from a child's body into a desirable body in just a few months?

Stay tuned loyal readers. We will solve this mystery as quick as possible. Maybe even have an interview with Ms. Potter herself.

For the second time that day, Lily blew up!

"Ooh, when I see Colin Creevey again, I'm going to hex him from here to oblivion. How dare that little bastard take my picture and give it to Witch Weekly." She said recognizing the person who took the picture. She remembered seeing Colin taking pictures of her and as much as she had tried to get him to stop, he didn't stop.

Ooh… he was going to pay!

She was disgusted and angry to see how people were still talking about her behind her back.

Turning the page, Lily's eyes bugged out when she noticed yet another picture. This time, there was a picture of her running up to Harry and kissing him after the 1st Task on the front cover. The two of them looked like they were madly in love as they didn't let go of each other for a while, she had to admit as the pictures were moving and both of them did not let each other go while they were hugging.

Lily White Potter: Is she taken or not taken?

By: Lilith Cervantes

It seems that our little Lily is experiencing the joys of woman hood ladies and gentlemen. This picture, taken by a student named Colin Creevey, has provided us with a picture of young Ms. Lily Potter kissing an extremely handsome young man after the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

We apologize ladies and gentlemen that we do not have much information of this young man who we can only identify as a hot and sexy teenager. The only thing we can tell you folks is that he calls himself Harry Evans and he currently lives in Hogsmeade.

Just how did Lily Potter go with this young Harry Evans and is their relationship and romantic one or just a friendship relationship?

Word around Hogwarts claims that he is Lily Potter's boyfriend and that he and Lily has gone quite…

Lily couldn't help but throw the magazine to the ground and stomp on it. There was no way in hell she was going to finish reading the rest of that crap.

"When Harry gets back, I'm going to pull a huge lawsuit on them nosy bastards. How dare they try to interfere with my private life?" She snarled out loud.

First thing's first, tomorrow, she was going to have a long talk with Colin Creevey.

"I wonder how Harry is going to take this." Lily said out loud. She knew Harry was going to be mad. He was trying to avoid being put on the Daily Prophet and that idiot Colin had managed to hook a picture of them two together.

She preyed Harry wouldn't kill Colin before she did…


Harry sneezed out loud.

"Are you alright sir?" A German officer, who was passing by asked.

"Yes, I'm fine." The messy hair teenager replied back in German and at the same time wondering if he caught a cold.

Shrugging it off as if it was a fluke sneeze, he went off toward the old abandoned manor that held Voldemort's soul.

The Next Few Days Later…

"Ms. Patil! Ms. Brown! Please leave Ms. Potter alone!" McGonagall barked to the two gossiping children at the back of the class.

Lily couldn't help but sighed in relief at McGonagall getting rid of the two gossiping girls. Ever since that article in Witch Weekly came out about her using some weird kind of potion or spell to make her look like what she was now, she had been approached by girls all over Hogwarts, including some that she did not know about.

People were offering her money, objects, and many other things should she give them some information of what she was using to make her look as gorgeous as she was looking now.

Rudely enough, even Cedric and Malfoy had came up to her and asked her if what she was using, would work on males.

She all gave them the cold shoulder telling them to leave her alone and why were they trying to be nice to her, when before, they were all treating her like shit and treating her like trash?

Embarrassed, Cedric backed off silently, not wanting to lose his privates. Malfoy, on the other hand, had left her alone as well, but not without throwing some insults at her like usual.

Well, more like the fact that she insulted him back, hexed him, and sent him to the hospital wing for a few days.

A detention was worth putting Malfoy in the hospital wing.

Again, when he had left the Hospital wing, he had insulted and tried to piss her off once again, this time, he had insulted her dead parents. With a flick of her wrist, she had him pinned upside down on the ceiling and tied up.

He missed a whole day of class as teachers had tried their best to take him down. In the end, McGonagall had 'politely' asked her to release the spell.

Since Malfoy was the instigator, she received no punishment except for some subtracted points, because she had used her wand against him.

After the yelling match she gave McGonagall, the teachers have been extra nice to her lately.

It was like the whole school had turned a 180 after the first task and after her loud complaint.

"Now that Ms. Brown and Patil are giving me their full attention," The Deputy Headmistress said sending a glare to the two girls who blushed. "I have something important to say to you all."

Everyone gave the Transfiguration teacher their most utmost attention.

"The Yule Ball is approaching. The Yule Ball is a traditional part of the Tri-Wizard Tournament in which gives us the opportunity for us to socialize with our foreign guests. Now the ball will only be open to fourth years and above. Although you may invite a younger student if you wish…"

Lily was annoyed that Lavender and Parvati was giggling. Just what was so funny and interesting about a Ball anyway?

"Dress robes will be worn," Professor McGonagall had said not even showing that she was paying attention to them, "and the ball will start at eight o'clock on Christmas Day, finishing at midnight in the Great Hall. Now then…"

This time, McGonagall took the moment to stare deliberately around the class.

"The Yule Ball is of course, a chance for us all to… err… let our hair down," she said, in a disapproving voice.

Lily couldn't help but roll her eyes as both Lavender and Parvati giggled harder then ever. She knew why they were laughing and she found it immature that they were laughing about it.

Professor McGonagall, with her hair in a tight bun, looked as though she had never let her hair down in any sense.

"But that does NOT mean," Professor McGonagall went on and glaring at the giggling girls, "That we will be relaxing the standards of behavior we expect from Hogwarts students. I will be most seriously displeased if a Gryffindor student embarrasses the school in any way."

This time, the Deputy Headmistress turned her gaze to Lily, knowing full well that she was most likely to raise hell with her latest attitude and angry temper problem.

Lily was tempted to say, "Why are you looking at me for?" but had desisted. It would be a dumb question in which anyone could answer. She knew she had a temper problem and she heard from Hagrid, she had inherited it from her mother.

The bell rang and there was the usual scuffle of activity as everyone packed their bags and swung them onto their shoulders.

Professor McGonagall called above the noise, "Ms. Potter, a word, if you please."

Making sure she had everything in her shoulder pack, she began walking toward the Transfiguration teacher who immediately began to speak.

"Ms. Potter, as a Champion, you and your partner…"

"I know Professor. I know that I am required to have a partner for the dance. As a Champion, I must go correct?"

The Transfiguration teacher blinked.

"I read about the Tri-Wizard Tournament in Hogwarts, A History." She said answering the old woman's question.

The old woman nodded at this, not surprised that her student knew. She had been showing a higher in understanding in magic as of late. It would not surprise her if young Lily had begun studying and reading everything she could get her hands on.

"Well, if you understand, know that you will be unable to return to the Dursleys for Christmas break and…"

While the Transfiguration was nagging away, Lily couldn't help but give the old woman a look of disbelief. Go back to the Dursleys for Christmas break? Hah! That would be the day she proclaimed herself as Voldemort's daughter.

"Professor," said Lily, when the Transfiguration teacher had asked her if she had any questions. "Will it be okay for me if I stay in Hogsmeade for Christmas break? I'll return to the castle and of course, I will be present for the Yule Ball, I promise."

The Head of Gryffindor raised an eyebrow at this.

"Why would you want to stay in Hogsmeade for child?"

Brushing off the child comment, Lily spoke in a serious voice.

"I need some privacy. As you can see and tell, I'm not a social person at Hogwarts these days," She said, not hiding the fact that she was indeed an anti-social witch the past few weeks. "A lot of people tend to annoy me because of my fame and reputation, so I was wondering if it was possibly for me to stay in Hogsmeade, where I can find peace and quiet during vacation break."

By the time that Lily had finished talking… McGonagall's lips had thinned out into a straight line, meaning she disapproved of this very much.

"And just where are you planning to stay in Hogsmeade? The Three Broomsticks are quite expensive during Christmas time."

Lily blinked.

"Well… I was going to stay at one of the homes my parents left for me in their Will, which is located in Hogsmeade. I want to see if I can find anything about them. I was never told much and I was planning on taking the time to find anything about my parents." Lily lied smoothly. She really wanted to stay at Harry's place in Hogsmeade for a while.

McGonagall's eyes softened at the mention of the girl's parents.

"I will talk to the Headmaster of this, if it was up to me Ms. Potter, I would give you permission, but sadly, I do not have permission."

Lily bowed to the Transfiguration teacher.

"Thank you Professor." She said in a thankful voice.

Before she could even leave, the teacher's voice had spoken again.

"Ms. Potter, I must refrain you from threatening Mr. Creevey next time. He really means no harm and I'm pretty sure he would not even dare attempt to do something foolish again."

Lily was thankful McGonagall couldn't see her roll her eyes. A few days ago, the first thing she had done to Colin Creevey when she found out about the article photo he sold to Witch Weekly, was drag him out of his dormitory and threaten to chop off his manhood should he ever sell a picture of her again or even try to sell or give it away to someone. Should she even find out he took another picture of her and sell it to anybody, even would be wishing he was facing the Hungarian Horntail instead of a certain red head.

"I can't guarantee his survival." Lily responded back while leaving.

End of Chapter 9

(1) I'm not really good when it comes to talking like Hagrid, so you will all have to bear with me.