The Price of Love

Disclaimer; I do not own Freedom Fighters or Electronic Arts. The ideas incorporated in this story were originally invented by Electronic Arts but all new characters and scenarios are of my own invention blah blah blah.

Now to the fun stuff

Chapter 1

The second explosion that hit Bill sent him reeling clutching what he thought was a broken rib. The first had sent him sprawling across the floor, with his foot pointing the wrong way. "So this is it?" he thought. "My death certificate will read:

Name: William Piper

Age: 18

Cause of Death: Being a dirty traitor to Britain."

He knew it was not his fault. God how his foot hurt! They however, would never understand. The Russians had forced him to do it. He had no choice in the matter. They had Kitty, they would kill her if he didn't do what they said. He mostly felt sorry for Al, it was him he had hurt most. Why couldn't they all just leave him alone? If only he could get to the door, then he could escape but his damn foot was weighing him down. "That bastard Oli, I will make him pay. Somehow. If only I can get out of this God forsaken place."

A third explosion made the roof collapse, taking away his only exit through the door. Bill groaned. "Shit, its over now then….. I will always love you Kitty."

It was strange, just before the darkness overtook him, he was sure he heard Rob's voice calling to him.

"Gimme your hand you fat bastard."

Bill chuckled, and then everything faded to black.